World Wide Dream Builders Review – Amway Training Platform?

You may have heard about Amway and how you can earn thousands of dollars of commissions just within a year. Well, they are not alone in that claim; enter the World Wide Dream Builders, which supports Amway distributors and will train you on how to achieve that. In this review, we will be unravelling the truth behind these claims and if joining them is an excellent opportunity to earn an income or not. Let’s check it out.

  • Product Name: World Wide Dream Builders
  • Founder: Ron Puryear and Georgia Lee
  • Product Type: Amway MLM support
  • Price:
    $54.95 monthly WWG membership
    $38.99 monthly CommuniKate voicemail system
    $25 monthly digital downloads with CDs, podcasts, and book recommendations
    $75 to $250 per event functions together with travel and accommodation expenses
    $168 Amway membership costs
  • Best For Advanced network Marketers
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World Wide Dream Builders was established to help Amway distributors make a higher income and become successful business owners. They have training and development programs to upskill their members to be effective in marketing products, recruiting other people, and becoming mentors themselves.

An Amway distributor can join by paying a monthly membership and other fees for tools and materials. There are also seminars and events that you can attend to develop your leadership or business management skills further.

  • Ratings: 70/100

What Are World Wide Dream Builders?

World Wide Group is also known as WWG, WWDB, World Wide Dream Builders, or Word Wide Group LLC. The company is officially known as the World Wide Group or WWG for short. It was founded by Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear in 1978 and is based in Spokane, Washington.

The couple started as Amway’s distributors or independent business owners. They decided to form a group to provide business mentorship to other Amway distributors and encourage them to become mentors. Hence the World Wide Dream builders were established, and it became the only accredited group that provides training and education for Amway independent business owners.

Amway offers people the opportunity to own a business with a wide variety of products. At the same time, the World Wide Group supports thousands of Amway independent business owners or IBOs worldwide. They do the training, mentorship, and leadership training so you can integrate them into your business, empowering you to succeed and grow. They help you succeed in your business every step of the way, just like other online training programs claim.

In 2016, Ron Puryear sadly passed away. But the company continued its operations and has been operating for around 40 years now. The company’s number of employees has grown over the years. And the WWG building already houses many departments, including accounting, marketing, event coordination, publications, IT and live support, etc.

In 2019, WWG was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and they also have a building remodelling done, adding their WWG Museum. And in 2020, WWG will expand to Australia, starting with the first summer conference in Sydney. Doug Reichel is the current President of WWG.

How Do World Wide Dream Builders work?

If you want to join WWG, you need to join Amway first. This means paying for their membership and products that you can sell. Amway has the following product categories, namely:

  • Nutrition
  • Personal care
  • Beauty
  • Home living

At the moment, Amway has more than 350 products that you can sell. It is also essential to know that their products are not new or unique since you will find other MLM companies that offer similar products, such as Arbonne, Pruvit, LifeVantage, Bellame, and many more.

Can You Make Money with World Wide Dream Builders?

World Wide Dream Builders teaches you how to market Amway products more effectively and how you can encourage more people to join as your downline. In this way, you have a better opportunity to earn more income by being an independent business owner of Amway.

But you should also know that this will require hard work, intense dedication, and commitment to earn with Amway and WWG. You can consider yourself as Amway’s full-time sales manager. So, in other words, you can’t achieve if you only do this part-time.

There are two main ways on how you can earn an income:

  • Market and sell Amway products to earn commission
  • Earn bonuses from the sales of your IBO recruits

Amway has a complex and elaborate compensation structure that makes it difficult to understand like other MLM. But here’s a basic understanding of Amway’s compensation plan:

  • You get a 15-25% commission from retail sales.
  • You can get bonuses of up to 25% from the sales your team makes

Amway’s commission earnings may not look bad, but you also need to consider the money you will be spending to keep your membership active. Here’s an example computation:

  • $69 Amway registration fee
  • $99 Amway starter kit
  • $220 for Marketing ($20 x 12 months)
  • $900 for the production costs and maintain active membership ($75 x 12 months)

These will sum up to $263 per month or $1,228 per year. Then to join WWG, you will be needing the following:

  • $659.40 for the WWG membership ($54.95 x 12 months)
  • $467.88 for the CommuniKate membership ($38.99 x 12 months)
  • $300 for Digital downloads costs and other materials ($25 x 12 months)

These will total $118.94 per month or $1,422.78 per year. All in all, the total cost of joining Amway and WWG is $381.94 per month, while for the year, it will be $2,650.78. This does not include the costs of training, travel expenses, and any out-of-pocket expenses during the life of your membership.

world wide dream builders - trainingWorld Wide Dream Builders Pros and Cons

While the memberships could be too expensive for an average person, some people will think that the income you will receive will eventually cover that. But before you finalize your decision, let’s first take a look at the pros and cons of WWG to see if joining them is worth it or not.


  • Supports distributors of Amway
  • Extensive decades of experience
  • Provides empowering training and education


  • Expensive membership and Amway products
  • Other expenses or fees are not disclosed
  • Focused on recruiting more people like a pyramid
  • Hard to earn money
  • Many other new competitors in the market

Beware of Lawsuits

I found no lawsuits filed for World Wide Dream Builders, but there are plenty of stories and complaints going around online. You can spend hours reading about stories of people and how being a member of WWG has affected their lives, mostly negatively.

Since both Amway and World Wide Dream Builders have been around for decades, you will find complaints online and even YouTube videos of anti-Amway and World Wide Dream Builders influencers. There’s only one complaint about WWG in Better Business Bureau. The protest was about being unable to cancel their membership, being locked out of their account to remove their payment method, and being continuously charged.

They resolve it, but it is good to know that cancelling World Wide Dream Builders membership is separate from withdrawing CommuniKate, which is the membership that the complainant is getting charged with. CommuniKate is an affiliate company of WWG, and its membership should be cancelled via their company and not with WWG. So, this information is not made clear when you sign up.

While World Wide Dream Builders may be lawsuit-free for the time being, Amway has been making headlines with lawsuits here and there. In 2010, Amway agreed to pay $34 million in cash and provide $22 million worth of products to settle the class-action lawsuit filed in 2007. The lawsuit alleges that the company and some top-level distributors are operating an illegal pyramid scheme. It was not finalized until 2011, and there was an estimated $155 million final settlement.

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And recently, Amway faced another class-action lawsuit filed by Justice Catalyst Law, Towards Justice, and Leonard Carder LLP on behalf of a former distributor. In this lawsuit, it was alleged that Amway illegally misclassified their distributors as independent contractors instead of employees that are entitled to benefits and pay under California law.

The plaintiff also mentioned that Amway is heavily focused on recruiting new distributors to get more memberships and annual fee payments. Distributors are also required to pay for the tools necessary to do their jobs and their time records were not adequately maintained or recorded.

Moreover, they are always encouraged to attend frequent training and coaching sessions, resulting in distributors being heavily involved with the company operations; therefore, they should be treated as employees. This lawsuit is still ongoing as of this writing.

Is World Wide Dream Builders Legitimate?

World Wide Dream Builders is a legitimate company that mentors and supports Amway IBOs. They have a vital education and training structure to help Amway IBOs improve their marketing and business management skills. So, technically, they are not a scam.

World Wide Dream Builders Review final thoughts.

After reading many stories about people who joined WWG and Amway, I can conclude that it is not for everyone. Attending seminars, coaching sessions, training schedules, events, and many others could make you invested in Amway and WWG full time. You also need to have enough money to keep yourself going. Besides keeping your membership active, expect to spend money on other expenses when you attend their events.

Joining Amway or WWG could be a demanding job for an average person. Chances are, you will spend more than what you earn. There are several reports showing figures that more than half of distributors made nothing. If people reached anything, it could barely cover their membership fees. In this case, it is more sensible to save that money instead.

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4 thoughts on “World Wide Dream Builders Review – Amway Training Platform?”

  1. Hey David. Very interesting article. I’m just beginning my adventure with online marketing and posts like this are extremely useful. I was reading before about Wide Dream builders program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. Looking on your review I believe it’s not worth spending time and money on their platform, there are much better opportunities online to earn money in less risky way.

    • Thanks for the feedback on this post. World Wide Dream Builders did a great job by training Amway distributors on marketing their products and recruiting. The problem I have is with their fees and need to recruit. Most MLM companies emphasize a great deal about recruiting which most distributors have a hard time doing just that and that bis why their failure rate is so high. You made the right choice on not going that way.

  2. I love your recommendation at the bottom more than I enjoy the thought of selling Amway. Although their products are great, I think that there are already too many people doing this and the competition is cut throat. I will be one of those who ends up spending more than I make.

    Great review though, but I prefer to sell an array of products rather than just one type of product.

    • I can see that you are on the right track, and I do think that affiliate marketing is the best way to go. That is why more people are finding success through an affiliate network. Amazon is one of the most popular at the moment. That is the reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate so that one can get the training, tools and support to help them fulfil their goals and work at home at their own paste.


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