9 Things You Should Know About Ebates Cash Back Shopping Portal

Are you familiar with the Ebates Cash Back Shopping Portal? If not, you will be after reading this article.

If you do a lot of your own shopping online you are not be surprised at all the great deals available to you. When you can take advantage of these deals and discounts as you shop from various high-level online shopping stores, the savings can really add up.

These added incentives will not only help you to find great deals but also assist in keeping you up-to-date on special promotions that you may not know about. In fact, as you shop around you may find discount programs from some of the top retail stores that offer you a chance to benefit greatly from a wide variety of ways to save money.

Of course, just the advantage to research something before you buy makes it easier to save money. That is if you want to take the time to do the research.

It is much easier to do this online than to drive around from store to store or walk in a mall looking for deals. However, even this can become tedious in my opinion. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of pop-ups and other things being thrown at me when I just want to shop and compare products and prices.

There has to be a better way right?

To start you may want to look at sites that sponsor partnership merchant deals like Ebates Cash Back Shopping Portal. This is one of the top shopping portals offering rebates.

That being said here are 9 things you should know about this Ebates cashback online shopping review.

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1. What is Ebates Cashback?

spend money online with Ebates Cash Back Shopping Portal

When you spend a lot of your money online buying different things you should attempt to get some type of credit for the volume that you buy. This is especially the case for those of you who frequent the same online stores all of the time, and you want that special consideration for being such a great and loyal customer.

Unlike the retail stores that you visit in your local neighborhoods, this loyalty may not pay off if you do not know where you can find what you are looking for today. Keeping this in mind, this is one of the main reasons Ebates is considered a good deal for those who want to put money back in their pocket and save on the purchases that they make as well.

You can find out more about what they offer by visiting their site to see which merchants are partnering up, and those that offer special incentives on Ebates to keep patronizing their stores by constantly buying a lot.

2. You Can Sign up for a Free Membership

Even though you have the potential to save a lot of money, and have access to extra discounts on the products that you love and need, there is no need to pay for these great benefits because they are available to you for free.

All you have to do is go to the official site that sponsors Ebates to open up an account. For instance, you can visit Rakuten.com to create your own account. Once your account is open you will also have an opportunity to earn $10 for just signing up.

3. Ebates Cash Back Offers An Unlimited Referral Program

Also, if you tell others about Ebates and the program they are offering to the other shoppers, you may be able to earn $25 in credits from their signing up too.

Recently, Ebates was purchased by Rakuten, and some of these same terms may have changed based on the new ownership. So, it is important that you keep up with the latest changes so that you can reap the benefits of these types of great promotions.

4. Merchant Coupons Available for Access to Bigger Deals

In addition to receiving cashback for the purchases, you have made you need to be on the lookout for coupons you can use. Based on the promotions by the companies that offer these discounts, you can always save a considerable amount of money on the items you buy.

To keep this community happy these coupons can be a lifesaver to moms who want to stretch their budget. For instance, these coupons can save more for those who seek out savings on this portal.

This is especially true compared to the deals that the buyer can take advantage of by going directly to the merchant’s official website. For instance, when members monitor this site for the best deals they may be able to snatch a discount that earns them 2X the points.

This is because some merchants may sponsor a Daily Double program to make their deals more appealing and profitable for their loyal customers. Therefore you can save more in a number of different ways in addition to getting cash back.

5. Free Gift Cards For Signing Up

free gift card for signing up with Ebates cash back shopping portal

When you sign up for your free account you get a $10 sign-up bonus then you can start putting money back in your pocket right away. In fact, if you like receiving gift cards you can use to make purchases, you will like this bonus that comes with your membership.

Most people like this type of bonus since it does not require any immediate out-of-pocket expenses to receive this card. It is important however to understand that the gift card will be sent to you after your purchases add up to $50 or more.

In short, your first $50 in purchases will give you a 20% discount on the things that you buy for yourself and your family. As you already know spending $50 is not hard to do online these days!

What is EBATES? Step By Step Tutorial On How To Earn Money When You Shop!

6. Rakuten Owns EBates — Company Partners

As I mentioned earlier, Rakuten is the new owner of Ebates. You should also know who some of the big partners are with this online Ebates venture and how many members to date.

For instance, if you want to know which companies will you receive discounts from, here’s a shortlist that can help to get you started.

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  • All Stores
  • Accessories
  • Auto & Tires
  • Baby & Kids Gear
  • Books & Media
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Events & Activities
  • Flowers & Florists
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Gifts & Occasions
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home Decor & Furniture
  • Home Improvement & Appliances
  • Office Supplies
  • Pet Supplies
  • Shoes & Handbags
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Subscription Boxes & Services
  • Toys & Games
  • Travel & Vacations

Some of their biggest partners are:

  • Amazon
  • Banana Republic
  • Best Buy
  • Dell
  • Home Depot
  • Hotels.com
  • Kohls
  • Macy’s
  • Pep Boys.
  • Wal-Mart

All told they have over 2000 partners they represent. For what it is worth I did not see Apple on the list. I guess they are so big they do not need Ebates to sell their products.

7. Ebates Is An Affiliate

The logical question after you read this article is how does Ebates make money? If they are giving you a rebate when you make a purchase from one of their over 2000 stores what’s in it for them?

As you know on my blog here I talk a lot about affiliate marketing. Ebates is really an affiliate on steroids in my opinion.

Let me give me an example of exactly how they make money as an affiliate for the vendors they represent.

Let’s say you buy a $1000 computer from Best Buy. You earn a $20 rebate from Ebates.

Chances are Ebates is getting a 4% rebate of $40 and giving half of that to you. In effect, Ebates is an affiliate and if they wanted to they could keep 100% of the commission.

However, that would defeat the whole purpose of what they do. They have created a win-win situation for both them and yourself. You might even add a third person into the equation and make it a win-win-win situation.

The merchant wins, Ebates wins, and you win. What’s to prevent you from doing something like this? Nothing if you wanted to try and take it to this level.

I’ve often wondered if Ebates were to have its own affiliate program if that would work. It might not be because you’re starting to cut the pie into many pieces.

Using the same example if Ebates had its own affiliate program how would you divide up a 4% commission?

The merchant is making money and giving $40 to Ebates. If they were to keep $20 for themselves, give $20 to you, and give 10 to somebody purchasing off your link it continues to get diluted. In some ways, it almost becomes like a network marketing program because there are so many levels of commissions being paid.

Ebates has done a brilliant job as an affiliate. We know it works or otherwise, but Rakuten would’ve never invested it in purchasing the company.

8. Pros Of eBates

Ebates cash back shopping portal

As you can see so far I have become a fan of Ebates. Here are some of the pros summarized for you.

1. Cashback. This is really the main point. You get a rebate on something you were purchasing anyway.

2. Easy to sign up for. They make it easy to join. It is explained in simple instructions that even a third-grader could do.

3. Easy to use. Install the Ebates cash back button and you will forget you are even using them when you buy something.

4. No confusion. You know exactly what your rebate is when you earn it.

5. Longevity. Ebates is almost 20 years old. They are an established online business that is here to stay in my opinion.

6. Customer service. If you have a problem they take care of it plain and simple.

9. Cons Of Ebates

1. Limited categories. Pay attention to the categories retailers offer Ebates for. Some companies such as Amazon do not offer rebates in every category.

2. Missed payouts. They pay 4 times a year. In my research, if there is one main complaint it is about a missed payment to you.

I have to say for a company this size on the Internet, Ebates is remarkably efficient. They have this down to a science that explains why they have so many long-time customers.

Summary of Ebates Cash Back Shopping Portal

If you want to make the most out of the money that you earn you may want to sign up for Ebates Cash Back Shopping Portal today. Once you sign up you will have access to a wide range of great deals and discounts that you will most likely not find on these companies’ official sites.

This is because Ebates offers deals that have been negotiated for you as members. Therefore you can take advantage of online promotional code discounts, referral bonuses, and double discount daily offers.

All you have to do is create a free account and start saving by buying from top companies like Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depot, and many more.

You can and you should take advantage of savings when you buy online using a great program like Ebates. What if you want to make more money online?

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16 thoughts on “9 Things You Should Know About Ebates Cash Back Shopping Portal”

  1. Thanks for the clear explanation of how Ebates might be splitting the commission as an affiliate with 50% of the commission going to them and the other 50% being given to you. That’s very possible as an affiliate marketer in the world can do this type of money-making. Personally, I would not join Ebates if I want to make money. It goes against my logic that I have to spend a great deal of money on shopping just to make a few bucks. I’d rather sell something like $1,000 worth of products online and earn 5% commission so that will be $50 in commission.

    • Many people shop online to buy things for their family quite often and some don’t. My take is that if you are frequent online shopper as I am, I would definitely take advantage of Ebates cause I know there are many people who shop online as I do.

      I would love receiving cash back on my purchases if these are purchases that I would make anyways. Using it as a sole income would be another thing, but the savings will be gain changer for anyone who shops online. In my view, I see it as a plus because online shopping is increasing at a rapid rate today. Just my take on things with Ebates.

  2. I’m a big fan of Ebates so I was looking forward to reading through this post. I never thought of Ebates really being a big affiliate marketer and passing on the earnings to the customer. It’s truly a great business model for them and everyone does win in the end as you said. I love the company and it’s truly been worth it all these years. Great post!

    • It is a plus for online shoppers and the savings is a game-changer for both the shoppers and the companies who are taking part with Ebates. They are a great business model and their affiliate program is a huge success. If they can share 50% of their rebate to their affiliates, it is definitely a win-win situation. Happy that your experience with Ebates is a positive one. Thank you for the feedback.

  3. Thanks for the very detailed review of Ebates.  I signed up with them years ago and forgot I had.  I recently reactivated my account.  They offer a wide variety of offers as you noted above.  My Points and Ebates are some of the best for rebates.  The main con is forgetting to sign in through them first and my desktop and mobile are not always linked.  Otherwise pretty easy to use Ebates.


    • For a company at this magnitude, there are very efficient thus the reason for having customers over a long period of time. I definitely love their business model and more companies would be adapting to this form of shopping to attract more customers in the future. 

      Ebates has been a great experience to many and is only a matter of time more people would catch on to this form of online shopping with huge benefits. Thank you for your take on things here.

  4. Your review of Ebates cashback Shopping Portal is really very enlightening to me. I have never really viewed all the pros and cons of using the program. I will definitely join. 

    When you mentioned the longevity of Ebates stating that it has been operational for almost 20 years, you just got me hooked in. It shows that it is a very solid established online business. 

    Thanks for a beautiful blog post. Keep up doing a good job.

    • Hi Chris, thank you for the feedback on my Ebates cashback review and the huge savings are available to anyone that joins and take advantage of their products.

      You are making a wise decision by joining and I hope that your experience would be nothing less than profitable in the long run.

      All the best.

  5. Thank you for creating this much-needed awareness about the Ebates shopping platform, I have been shopping online for quite some times now and no online shopping bay offer such benefits, I will surely sign up and see how things go from there, thank you so much. I will surely share this with my friends 

    • Hey Charles, you and many others are seeing the value with this shopping platform, and as we all shop online anyways, while not reap the benefit as well. Thank you for taking the time to read my review, and joing was a great decision you have made.

      When you do see the value with this service, by sharing with others you can earn money as well by referring others. Hope your experience turn out to be a good one.

  6. Hi! It’s impossible not to have heard about Ebates. But I hadn’t read all the details you mention here about this program. It’s nice that you can join free. And the affiliate program is also cool.

    I didn’t know that Rakuten bought Ebates. In my book, that makes Ebates even more attractive. And it has encouraged me to give it a try! Thanks for this post.

    • Henry, you are welcome. yes, Rakuten did see the value here and that is why they’re all the buzz about this service. The affiliate is a good way that anyone can earn a few bucks to offset some bills.

      Thank you for taking the time to try out this service and if you need help to take full advantage of the affiliate program, please reach out to me, I would be happy to help. Talk to you soon.

  7. I was excited to come across your article. I am an avid online shopper and to realize there is a reward system through the Ebates program got me really excited. Not only is there a discount offered on goods you also have a vast number of quality brands and products. How can you not win? Online shopping just got even better.

    • Hey Sam, that is exactly my point, shopping online is happening in many households today than ever before, this is a great way to take advantage of this Ebates program. And as you mention, they do have great products because of the various retail companies that they work with.

      It is a win-win situation for anyone who sees the benefits, and those who take advantage of the referral program as an affiliate. Thank you for the comment.

  8. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post.
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