eCosway MLM Review – Is It a Scam Or Legit?

ECosway is a company that sells organic food supplements. The company claims to sell high-quality products at affordable prices. They also claim to offer their customers a way to earn extra income through a network marketing program as you would view in this eCosway MLM Review.


Please keep in mind as you read my eCosway MLM Review, that I am not a member or an affiliate of eCosway MLM. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any opinions and conclusions may not apply to all persons or situations. So read this review in its entirety and you make your own decision. It might even be helpful to read other eCosway MLM Reviews.

What is eCosway MLM?

eCosway is a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 1979, it has grown into a global brand with operations in over 50 countries around the world. Its products include skin care, hair care, body care, and cosmetics. They are sold online and through independent distributors known as “smart earners.”

The company claims to be one of the oldest MLMs in existence today. It began as a small family business selling beauty products to friends and relatives. Today, the company sells over 500 different products, ranging from skincare, makeup, hair care, and even candles.

Is EcoSway MLM legit?

The company was founded in 2011 by Michael and Jennifer Jones. According to their website, they are based out of San Diego, California. They have been featured on several television shows including NBC’s “Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

How Does EcoSway Work?

According to the official website, EcoSway offers its members an opportunity to make money online with a business model called Network Marketing. This means that you will be able to recruit other people into your downline who can then do the same thing as you. You get paid for recruiting new distributors and for each sale made by those people.

What Are Some Of EcoSway’s Products?

According to their website, EcoSway has more than 50 different products available. These include vitamins, protein powders, energy drinks, weight loss pills, and even coffee.

Who Can Join EcoSway?

Anyone over 18 years old can join this company. However, there is one requirement: you must live in the United States. If you meet this criterion, you can sign up for free.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join eCosway?

eCosway is one of Malaysia’s most popular online shopping sites. They sell everything from electronics to accessories, beauty items, clothing, and much more…

The site offers free delivery within Kuala Lumpur city limits, and some suburbs. However, for deliveries outside KL, customers must pay a flat fee per item. This fee varies based on where the customer lives. For example, the cost of delivery for a package sent to Penang is RM30, while the same package delivered to Johor Bahru costs RM50.

There are also hidden charges you might not have thought about. For instance, there is an RM5 charge for every call made during checkout. Customers must also provide their credit card numbers over the phone. I

f the transaction fails, the customer must wait 30 minutes for another attempt. In addition, there is an RM1.50 surcharge for each successful payment.

Another hidden charge may also be the shipping, taxes, and handling fees. Depending on the size of the package, these fees vary. For example, a large box weighing 20 pounds will cost RM20. A small box weighing 5 pounds will cost RM10.

Are There Any Requirements To Become An EcoSway Distributor?

There are no requirements to become an EcoSway distributor. However, if you want to start making money right away, you should consider joining the company’s affiliate program. In order to qualify for this, you need to purchase at least $25 worth of products from them. Once you reach this amount, you will receive a commission check every month.

Can You Make Money With EcoSway?

eCosway is one of the most popular online shopping sites in Malaysia. They offer discounts of up to 90% on products like shoes, handbags, watches, electronics, cosmetics, etc. If you are looking to make money with eCosway, here are some things to know.

The site offers a commission-based incentive program where you earn commissions based on how much you sell. In addition, there are bonuses and incentives based on monthly sales. These include cashback, gift vouchers, free shipping, and even special promotions.

Yes, you can definitely make money with EcoSway. As long as you follow all of the rules, you can expect to see results within 30 days.

Are eCosway Products Worth Their Price?

eCosway sells a large number of products ranging from dietary supplements, personal care items, and kitchen and cookware to household cleaning supplies. They are sold in many countries around the world, including the United States, but they all originate from Malaysia.

In the case of the SE pendant lamp, this product was banned in Australia in 2010 because it exceeded the permissible limit for radiation exposure. This product was found to contain levels of radiation that exceeded the legal limit set by Australian law.

The hand lotion contains ingredients such as paraben, propylene glycol, and fragrance. It costs just under $13.90 on It has a 4.4-star rating and seven reviews.

The eCosway Opportunity

To become a member of eCosway, you must submit a membership application form, provide your sponsor’s ID number, and pay the membership fees. Once approved, you are automatically considered a Smart Earner and a part of your sponsor’s Downline.

eCosway is a global network of independent distributors offering high-quality products at competitive prices. They offer a variety of products including cosmetics, health & beauty aids, personal care items, fashion accessories, kitchenware, home decor, stationery, toys, gifts, pet supplies, jewelry, art, books, music, DVDs, games, and much more.

To become a member of eCosway, you must submit a membership application form, provide your sponsor’s ID number, and pay the membership fees. Once approved, you are automatically considered a Smart Earner and a part of your sponsor’s Downline.

You can also complete your membership via the Internet. In addition, you can open a physical store and sell your products online.

Commission ChartThe commission structure varies depending on the type of product sold. For example, if you sell digital products, you earn 10% of the sale price. On the other hand, if you sell physical products, you receive 5% of the list price.

If you accumulate RM1,500 ($359.65) in sales during the calendar year, your membership renewal fee is waived. You are also eligible for a discount of up to 20%.

What are the pros and cons of eCosway?


  • The company is legit.
  • It is easy to join.
  • It provides a wide range of products.
  • Products are affordable.


  • Not many reviews about the company.
  • No customer support.
  • Any negative or Lawsuit on eCosway?

There have been no lawsuits filed against eCosway. However, there have been some complaints regarding the quality of their products. Some customers complained that the products were not delivered on time. Others reported that they did not receive refunds after returning defective products.

Final Thoughts

eCosway is an international distributor of high-quality products that has the MLM business model. If you want to start making money right away, then this may be the best opportunity for you. The company offers a wide selection of products, which makes it easier for you to find what you need.

However, there are some drawbacks to joining eCosway. First, there are very few reviews about the company. Second, there is no customer service available. Third, the products are expensive. Finally, the company does not offer any incentives or discounts.

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