Advantages Of Working Online From Home

Let me list some of the top 5 advantages of working online from home and you can think about whether it is for you or not.

I will say right from the start that working on the Internet from the comfort of your own home is not for everybody.

It sounds good, but some people are better off getting up every day and going to a job.

So what are the advantages?

1. Family Time

This is probably the #1 reason people choose to work from home over going to work. Many moms decide to be a career mom after childbirth is more important than a career outside of their home.

Stay at home dads is a trend that has taken off recently as well. In some cases the mom makes more money at a job then the dad does so he comes up with a way to make money at home and balance that with handling the kids.

2. Control Your Schedule

When you work online often you can work whenever you have time. If you use the Internet to make money it is always open 24 hours a day.

This is great for people with busy lives. Plan your work around whatever else needs to be done that day or that week. Most of the time you can not say that with a job.

3. Increased Productivity

Studies have been done that show people who work from their homes are more productive than when they go to the office to work. According to a study conducted by Ctrip, a Chinese travel website, and published in Harvard Business Review, employees were not only more productive they also stayed their jobs longer.

Consider your own situation. Are you self-motivated? If you are you the type of person that can sit down and work at home without a boss looking over your shoulder.

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You will also focus more on fewer interruptions. That fact alone can increase productivity.

4. Save Time And Money

I have always loved the phrase “the 30-second commute”. You get to work much faster walking to your desk then driving to work.

If you were to spend 30 minutes one-way driving to work you will save 1 hour every day, 5 hours a week, and 250 hours a year. That is the equivalent of over 6 weeks’ time on a 40 hour week you are not commuting.

When you work online from home you save money on gas, clothes, and food eating out. All of these savings can really help pad your savings account if you were to save it.

working online from home

5. More Advantages Of Working Online From Home

There are more opportunities to stay and work online from home than ever before. Your current employer might be willing to consider it for you. If not here are a couple of options.

a. Telecommute. Many employers offer what is known as telecommuting to their employees. This is a benefit to both the employer and employee. is a good place to start looking for telecommuting jobs. You still apply for a regular job, but if you are hired you work at home.

b. Get paid to programs. These are a legitimate way to work from home online getting paid to perform functions such as taking paid surveys, reading emails, typing, and so on.

Although you won’t make a lot of money on anyone’s program, completing the actions, combined with referring new members can earn you several hundred or even thousands of dollars per month part-time.

c. Affiliate marketing. If you’ve looked at my blog at all you know that my favourite way to make money working online from home is to do affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid by the affiliate merchant to perform specific actions. These can include selling products, getting paid by the lead, or getting paid by the click with programs such as Google AdSense.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to start making money on the Internet and can easily turn into a four or even a five-figure income per month for people who learn how to do it correctly and implement what they learn.

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d. Start a business. There are many ways to start an online business.

As I just mentioned affiliate marketing is a great way to start an online business. Because there are so many ways to make money you can start with one and then branch out to others.

Another popular business opportunity is to use a business model such as network marketing. There are thousands of these companies available all around the world. Many combine direct selling with recruiting that allows you to make money selling products as well as building your own sales team.

ebay businessOne big way that people are working online from home making money is to start their own dropshipping business. You can start small using the eBay platform.

You can branch into other methods such as drop shipping with the Amazon fulfilment program. With this program, you purchase products and store them in an Amazon warehouse.

You then sell them on Amazon and they collect the money and ship the products to you. They keep a percentage of the sale for their part, and you keep the rest.

Amazon is the largest online retail website in the world. It’s an excellent place to start your own business if you want to get into selling either physical or digital products.

In Summary On Advantages Of Working Online From Home

Let me say I think these are the top 5 advantages of earning an income online from home.

The opportunities are never-ending and anyone can do it with a little knowledge and hard work!

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PS: No credit card needed!

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