The 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For UK Bloggers.

This guide to the three best affiliate marketing programs for UK bloggers and beginners will help you to distinguish the good from the bad when it comes to making valuable affiliate connections.

From the largest multinational corporations to the smallest start-ups and grassroots ventures, almost every successful business has links to an affiliate program these days.

These innovative advertising schemes allow independent and collectively based marketers to earn a profit on every new lead, sale, or conversion they drive towards a partner company.

Some affiliate programs are small and may only work in a targeted area. Others are large and can be accessed worldwide, so it makes sense these would work well on the World Wide Web.

Digital products are an example of this. You access them online so they can be sold to anyone no matter where they live.

Physical products have to be shipped. It would help if you considered whether these products could be sent to your marketing area when you join that specific affiliate program.

amazon affiliate for the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For UK Bloggers.Amazon Associates

As the single biggest online retailer on the planet, it certainly makes sense to think that Amazon would also have the largest and most popular affiliate program in existence. At present, it offers affiliate marketers a profit of as much as 10% in return for the direct sale of specifically selected products.

Of course, the one glaringly obvious advantage to working with Amazon is that the retailer can be trusted to honor commissions, no matter how extensive or how regular.

You need to decide if you are selling physical products or digital products with Amazon. They are the largest ebook seller globally, so this presents a great opportunity if you are selling information products.

Become U.K.U.K. Amazon Associate here.

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eBay Partner Network

The eBay affiliate program is very similar to Amazon Associates. It pays out profits to a vast number of affiliates based on direct sales.

However, the critical difference is that the eBay scheme provides a percentage of the eBay fee to affiliate marketers rather than a percentage of the price-based profit. This makes it a good choice for bloggers and website owners, as does the whopping 200% bonus paid out if affiliates manage to gain sales from new customers.

You can join the eBay Partner Program here.


The Clickbank service is another well-known affiliate network, but this one focuses on electronic and digital products. It deals primarily with things like software, membership forums, electronic texts, and literature.

Clickbank offers as much as 75% profit on thousands and thousands of products, brands, and lines. It can end up being one of the most lucrative affiliate networks available if used correctly.

The platform is excellent for rookie bloggers as it is easy to use, secure, and pays well. With one i.d. number, you can sell any product in the Clickbank Marketplace.

Clickbank pays out over 1 Million Dollars a month in commissions. If you are U.K.U.K., you can get your share of the pie with this fantastic affiliate program.

Join the Clickbank Affiliate Network here:

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For UK Bloggers.Other Opportunities

Digital affiliate marketing will open up many opportunities for affiliates in the United Kingdom to make money out of it.

Let me give you an example!

1. Google Adsense. They are the most effective pay-per-click affiliate program paying out over 1 Billion Dollars a year in commissions. Anybody can join this affiliate program, including people in U.Ke U.K.

Nothing is sold, and you get paid whenever somebody clicks on an ad that Google sells for you. The great thing about Google is that it will match ads to the audience searching for them and the content that the ad is placed on.

This works well for affiliates in the United Kingdom because you can start a niche blog on anything and begin making money the minute you are approved for the Google AdSense affiliate program. Google will sell ads to U.K. advertisers or to people that would be interested in clicking on those ads based on the type of advertiser and their location.

Sign up for Google Adsense here.

2. Offer Vault. This is a fantastic website for training on cost-per-action affiliate marketing.

You will also find affiliate networks to join merchants who want you to get leads for them. Often these leads can be for local products specific to your market or for digital tips that the merchant does not care where the people live.

Join Offer Vault for free here.

Final Thoughts

In summary, finding the three best affiliate marketing programs for U.K. bloggers is essential to understand that such a search should always be tailored to the individual or marketing collective in question. In other words, the affiliate program which is best for you will depend entirely on your specific needs and objectives.

However, you are advised to make security a top priority and choose a program that offers a reasonable degree of scope and flexibility.

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