American Bill Money Review – Make Money Selling Postcards!

Does American Bill Money make its money by recruiting people who have to recruit more people to sell postcards? Would this be a pyramid scheme? There are many Multi-Level Marketing companies that mostly offer very lucrative income opportunities that knowing whether it is good or bad becomes a challenge for anyone. You may have heard of an MLM company that involves no selling and you just need to send postcards to recruit other members and earn commissions.

This is what American Bill Money offers. You are probably wondering if it is a pyramid scheme or a legit way of making money. Read our in-depth analysis of American Bill Money and check out whether it is good or bad to be involved with this type of MLM.

  • Product Name: American Bill Money
  • Founder: Paul Korzeniowski, 2003
  • Product Type: Multi-level marketing
  • Price:

The available plans have monthly, 6 months, and every 12 months subscription.

$125 Basic Monthly Subscription:

  • 150 Monthly Leads on labels
  • Includes 3-Up Pay Plan
  • Pays $75 monthly to the sponsor

$250 Deluxe Monthly Subscription A:

  • 300 Monthly Leads on labels
  • Includes 3-Up and Uni-Level Pay Plans
  • Receive 33% discount on all postcard orders
  • Pays $150 monthly to the Upline
subscribe online

$250 Deluxe Monthly Subscription B:

  • 150 Monthly Leads on labels
  • Includes 3-Up and Uni-Level Pay Plans
  • Receive 33% discount on all postcard orders
  • Have a personalized overview video
  • Get access to the Internet Marketing Training Site
  • Pays $150 monthly to the Upline

All the monthly subscriptions have the following:

  • Generic Company Website and Capture System
  • 800# Overview
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Not inclusive of postcards
  • Leads follow up by the staff
  • Access to 24/7 Automated Marketing System

$750 Basic 6-Month Subscription plan:

  • All the inclusions of the Basic monthly plan
  • 6 Months prepayments needed
  • Inclusive of 1,000 postcards
  • Pays $450 every 6 months to the Sponsor

$1,500 Deluxe 6-Month Subscription plan A:

  • All the inclusions of the “A” monthly plan
  • 6 Months prepayments needed
  • Inclusive of 2,500 postcards
  • Pays $900 every 6 months to the Upline

$1,500 Deluxe 6-Month Subscription plan B

  • All the inclusions of the “B” monthly plan
  • 6 Months prepayments needed
  • Inclusive of 2,500 postcards
  • Pays $900 every 6 months to the Upline

$1,500 Basic 12-Month Subscription plan:

  • All the inclusions of the Basic monthly plan
  • 12 Months of prepayment needed
  • Inclusive of 2,500 postcards
  • Pays $900 every 12 months to the Sponsor

$3,000 Deluxe 12-Month Subscription plan A:

  • All the inclusions of the Basic monthly plan
  • 12 Months of prepayment needed
  • Inclusive of 2,500 postcards
  • Pays $1,800 every 12 months to the Upline

$3,000 Deluxe 12-Month Subscription plan B:

  • All the inclusions of the Basic monthly plan
  • 12 Months of prepayment needed
  • Inclusive of 2,500 postcards
  • Pays $1,800 every 12 months to the Upline
  • Best For: People looking for income opportunities without selling anything
american bill money

American Bill Money is a residual income opportunity where you can potentially earn anywhere between $75 to $100 commissions from your recruits. You simply have to sign up for a membership and receive your leads and postcards from the company. Then send these postcards to the people on your list. After that, you just need to wait for someone to sign up and become a member too. You don’t have any product to sell and you also do not need any computer or internet to recruit other people. American Bill Money designed each postcard to do all the advertising for you.

  • Ratings: 40/100

What Is American Bill Money Checks?

American Bill Money is an MLM company that provides you with “fresh leads” and postcards for you to send to recruit other people. When people sign up to become a member, you have the possibility of earning commissions from them and their referrals too. It is founded by Paul Korzeniowski in 2003 and the company is based in Phoenix, Arizona. American Bill Money uses a Direct Mail marketing strategy with the traditional use of postcards instead of online marketing.

Aside from managing American Bill Money, Paul Korzeniowski has also authored several publications and books. He also has accumulated 35 years of experience in other income-related opportunities. Based on his biography, Paul started being an entrepreneur when he was 18 years old.

Unlike other MLM companies, American Bill Money does not have products to sell. The idea is simple, you only need to stamp the postcards and send them to the leads or addresses of random people. This quantity of leads depends on the membership you sign up for. The higher plan you have, the more leads you will receive. According to ABM, they source their leads from “Industry Sources”. The leads are from the people who have purchased or enquired about money-making opportunities within the calendar year.

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How Does American Bill Money work?

American Bill Money (ABM) will provide you with postcards and leads to send the postcards to. You will spend money on the stamp postage and other costs of sending these postcards to your leads.

You will earn $75 monthly for every person you refer to ABM. However, the 3rd, 7th, and 12th are not included. You will receive about $900 annually if you successfully refer people to American Bill Money regularly.

You will receive earnings from the 3rd, 7th, and 12th person you referred to as ABM. This process is called “pass-ups” in the American Bill Money’s 3-Up 60% monthly residual compensation plan. The same process repeats like a cycle for each person you refer. This means each referral gives you 3 potential earnings, which increase in number as you refer more people.

can you make money with american bill money

Here’s an example of what you could be earning according to them:

  • 3-Up pay plan
    • 10 Referrals (including Pass-Ups) =$750 monthly
    • 40 Referrals (including Pass-Ups) = $3,000 monthly
    • 112 Referrals (including Pass-Ups) = $8,400 monthly
  • Uni-Level Pay Plan (Deluxe members under you)
    • $75 Fast start commission
    • $25 for each referral
    • Includes 3-Up commissions

Both the Basic and Deluxe subscriptions participate in the 3-Up pay plan. And if you subscribed to a Deluxe plan you will also be receiving commissions on the Uni-level for all Deluxe referrals. There’s software in place to keep track of all your referrals and provides you with a genealogy report.

American Bill Money will do the selling and the follow-up using their 24/7 automated capture system. Prospects will be asked to provide their email address or their postal mailing address. When they do, their email or address will be forwarded to a generic website or your personalized website, if you have one.

They are sent the website link and follow-up emails are sent for about 90 days. The prospects will also receive a complete info pack with your ABM number as the sponsor, as well as samples of all the postcards and drop cards.

There is additional follow-up via emails or phone calls if the prospects have not responded yet. If you already have commissions from the people who signed up, you will receive your commissions via checks mailed to you weekly for the 3-Up pay plan, monthly for the Unilevel pay plan, while daily money orders for pre-pays.

Make Money Selling Postcards

Can You Make Money with ABM?

Some people have reported receiving some earnings from American Bill Money. However, it appears that they have to pay for memberships and stamps for several months before actually earning commissions. The income may not be as big as what American Bill Money advertises you will get.

To receive a higher commission, you will need to spend a lot of postcards to increase the chance of getting more people to sign up. The problem with American Bill Money is that they use an old way of marketing. What do you usually do when you receive postcards in the mail? Exactly, they go straight to the bin.

American Bill Money Pros and Cons

The inclusions in the membership and the stunning amount in the checks can be enticing. But let’s talk about the pros and cons first before you decide.


  • 24-hour automated earning system
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • 17+ in operations
  • Good rankings in Better Business Bureau
  • Remain anonymous while marketing
  • Pre-set company website
  • Get paid commissions within 24 hours of referral
  • Uses priority mail services


  • You need to recruit more people, like a pyramid schemeamerican bill money lawsuits
  • Not everyone can make money
  • Some leads are already deceased
  • Outdated marketing strategy (postcards in the mail)
  • Slow responding website
  • American Bill Money is only available in the US
  • Not a real business since there’s no product or service to sell
  • The company has 3 employees according to BBB

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

Although you can find quite a few complaints online, you will not find any lawsuits filed against American Bill Money or the founder himself. And when you go to the BBB website, you will find out the company has an A+ ranking.

Is American Bill Money Legitimate?

Despite having huge similarities to a pyramid scheme, ABM appears to be a legitimate company that pays commissions to its members. It has been operating for more than 17 years. If it was a scam, it may have been exposed and closed down years ago. Despite being legit, you may find yourself spending more than what you can earn. And when you realize that, it could be too late.

Final Thoughts

If you have money to spare for their membership, perhaps you can try American Bill Money and see for yourself how it goes. The issue with ABM is that its marketing is outdated and there are reports that some of its leads are already deceased. Aside from paying for your membership, you could also be spending about $50 for the postcard stamps you need for the 150 leads on labels you will get from the basic monthly plan.

That’s around $200 in total for the price of postcard stamps and the plan each month. And if you’re lucky you’ll get someone to sign up under your sponsor number. But then again, expect that you will be doing this for a while before successfully getting anyone to sign up.

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4 thoughts on “American Bill Money Review – Make Money Selling Postcards!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your honest review and opinion. I honestly will not be signing up for this. I don’t like MLMs for one and I find it interesting that a Con can be some of the leads are already deceased. That’s a big red flag for me. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together! Thank you

    • Yes, the same came to mind when I took my first look, why use deceased leads? Surprise that they still in business and recruiting new members from time to time. you made the right choice by staying away, and I hope all reading this post do the same.

  2. Wow! What a great review! You have literally saved me from getting involved with this program. I was super close to getting involved with it, but you brought up that they are MLM and that is ALWAYS an immediate red flag for me. I cannot deal with MLMs no matter what. I hate them and you have really done me service with this article. Thank you so much for this

    • It surprises me that people still sign up for these MLM programs. the average person has no recruiting skills and if that is the way to earn a living, you will be broke for a long time, that is the reason the failure rate is so high with these MLM companies.


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