An Honest Ambit Energy Review | Business opportunity?

There are many ways to make money today. In this Ambit Energy Review Selling Ambit Energy. One way is to do what many are doing today. Another tried and true way to do it is to start a business of your own.

There are options you can pursue from scratch, or there are solutions that allow you to latch onto an existing model. Multilevel marketing is one of those options. It is also known as network marketing and MLM.

One such solution in the multilevel marketing world is that of Ambit Energy. You will find talk online by searching for an Ambit review, but that’s only going to give you half of the picture.

The following review reflects honestly on the opportunity, so you can make an educated decision about this money-making solution.

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building a website for your ambit energy businessAmbit Business Opportunity

First and foremost, you need to know that AE is a multilevel marketing solution. However, unlike many others, there’s a legitimate product being sold.

Ambit Energy was started in 2006. This is important because statistics have shown that most new businesses fail in the first 2-5 years due to a lack of money or lack of knowledge in running a business.

Ambit Energy has surpassed this first crucial test. It has not only survived, but it is thriving. With over 400,00 distributors and annual sales of over $1.5 Billion Dollars, it is a growing MLM business in a market where there is a need for the products they offer.

The product line is something that is necessary for everyone, electricity, and natural gas. In the United States, several states have deregulated energy.

That means anyone can jump into the marketplace and offer natural gas and electricity to consumers. Small companies have jumped at the chance to do this, which is where Ambit comes into play.

Individuals that sign on to work with Ambit Energy will start a business in which they sign others onto the Ambit Energy platform. By becoming a distributor people can build a team of sales members to promote lower-cost energy solutions.

The business is simple. You will be selling an Ambit membership and helping lower the energy costs of those in your community, friends, and family members.

With Ambit Business, you are known as an Independent Consultant. You can join as a marketing consultant or as an affiliate marketer.

As a marketing consultant, you pay a one-time membership fee of $399 to get started. This gives you a starter kit, your own online back-office communication with a downline management tool, and real-time business monitoring/reporting tools.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer you will be selling to schools, faith-based organizations, sports teams, bands and other extracurricular groups, civic organizations, homeowner associations, and apartment complexes and housing groups.

You earn money on personal sales, instant bonuses, residual income, and leadership bonuses. These are explained in detail in the Ambit Power Compensation Plan.

ambit energy review - electricity and power

A Product People Need

Millions of people have tested multilevel marketing options and failed. AE is similar in that it is a multilevel marketing company.

You will need to recruit others to join your sales team. At least 3 people need to be recruited to make decent money, and each individual will need to recruit others as well. However, while other companies go into a “pyramid scheme” territory, Ambit doesn’t.

The reason why is simple. They are providing energy.

Electricity and natural gas are items that people in various states need. The next thing they need is money.

Saving money on necessary utilities is the name of the game here and Ambit Energy allows consultants to make money through the sale of this service. Ambit lowers the cost of energy, distributes it through those that sign up through consultants, and the savings then get transferred to the business owners.

Simply put, you’re giving people something that they already buy, and need, at a lower rate than others. This is helpful in selling the product as well as in sponsoring new members into your group by helping them start their own Ambit Business.

home businessThe Bottom Line

Ambit is a legitimate company and business model. Consultants can sign on and get lower rates, earn free energy, and sell contracts and services to others.

They also allow consultants to simply sign up for the energy service, earn free energy, earn travel rewards, and lower their light bill outright. Even if you don’t make sales, it’s possible to lower your energy rates, which means that you can win on both ends with Ambit.

You can save on energy and you can make money by starting a business with their help. It’s worthwhile compared to other multilevel marketing energy opportunities based solely on the fact that you’ll be using and selling something everyone needs and pays for already. This is just cheaper in nearly every instance.

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Final Thoughts

As people look into making money online in network marketing many are struck with the thought they do not want to build their own team, but would rather be compensated at a higher rate. For this, I suggest joining a direct sales company or more specifically becoming an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate merchants do not have to layer their compensation plans with ways to earn for building their own group or team. This means the commissions are often higher which puts more money back in your pocket.

This is great for people who want to focus on selling and not on sponsoring or team building. The only exception to this in affiliate marketing is a 2-tier program where you can earn money only on the sales of people you personally recruit and not in-depth with a team of several layers.

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