Backlinks Are Roadblocks – How To get Backlinks!

Many years ago I heard a famous Internet marketer say the way to get more traffic to your blog is to put up roadblocks that lead to backlinks to your website.

He called these backlinks which were a new term for me. That is what a backlink is, a roadblock.

Flash forward to blogging today. We all still need backlinks.


Because a backlink is a way for someone to find your blog. You have to guide them to your blog or they will never be able to find it.

It is kind of like having a restaurant out in the middle of nowhere. You may have the best food, but who cares if no one comes to eat it?

The same thing is true= with a very high-quality blog.

You may have the best content, but if no one sees it who cares? Even worse if you are trying to make money with your blog and no one comes to buy your stuff you will go broke.

In this article, I want to look closer at the idea that a backlink is a roadblock that people run into and how these roadblocks are really just redirection to your blog.

Backlinks Are Really Just Roadblocks!Buy Traffic With Google

I’ll bet you never thought of paid traffic as a roadblock, but it is. Google is still the number one name in the game of paid traffic, especially for blogs.

You can buy traffic in strategic places and get blog traffic almost immediately if you can afford it. This is why Google Adwords works so well.

Does Google Make Money?

You can be on page one of the largest search engine in the world today for keywords people are searching for. This is Google’s primary income source and it works for them and it works for you if you do it right.

Do a Google search for a primary keyword phrase in your niche and look at the ads at the top of the page and down the right-hand side. Those are pay-per-click ads where the advertiser only gets billed when someone clicks on the ad.

You And Google Make Money

The other place you see these ads is on the blogs and websites of Google Adsense affiliates.

These are also Google Ads.

The difference here is Google bills the advertiser when their ad is clicked on, and they turn around and give 68% of the click price back to the publishing affiliate.

In both scenarios, these ads have a URL in them that gets clicked on. These are also roadblocks in their own way.

Why Backlinks are Important

If you do not want to pay for clicks you need to get your blog URL out on the World Wide Web where people are constantly running into it. That is a backlink for you and a roadblock for them.

The more of these you have online, the more your traffic will increase because more people will be clicking on your link because of increased exposure.

Are they really free?

Not so long ago the number one way to increase backlinks was to do article marketing y placing articles in online directories. At the end of the article, you could have a bio box where you put a link back to your website.

These directories were free to be in. All you had to do was write the article and publish it.

Today blogs are a similar concept. You can write a guest post and find a blogger to publish it for you in exchange for a short bio box with your blog URL at the end of it.

If you value your time in terms of dollars this is not really free, but it is still a great way to get backlinks. All you do is trade your time for the link which is a roadblock the reader bumps into.

animals causing roadblocks on streets same as the internet

Organic Searches Are Free Roadblocks

The Holy Grail, so to speak, of free roadblocks, is a ranking in the organic results on Google for keywords people are typing in.

This should be your long-term goal. Start by using SEO to rank for long-tail keyword phrases. Set a goal to develop your blog into an authority blog in your niche.

This takes time and doing things in the right way. Brian Dean did a post on his blog titled “Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List“. He even breaks it down in a free PDF you can download that shows the Top 10 Google ranking factors.

Work on this list and your blog traffic will increase because you will have a lot of roadblocks out there that people can’t help but run into them. At that point, Google will be ranking you for all kinds of keywords!

Final Thoughts

Once I wrapped my mind around the concept of backlinks as roadblocks I could not get enough of them. Although Google places a value on a backlink in terms of its quality of it there really is no such thing as a bad backlink.

Here is one more thing to keep in mind as I wrap this article up. These backlinks or roadblocks stay up for years into the future. You never know when someone is going to run into one of them and end up on your blog.

I am always amazed when I look at my blog traffic stats to see where my traffic is coming from. People do not always end up on my homepage.

Most times it is an old post someone has found somewhere and clicked on the link. This is a great source of long-term traffic that you put the work in one time for and continue to reap the benefits for long after the backlink was created.

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