Using Google Adsense To Make Money

Without a doubt, using Google Adsense to make money is one of the best and most controversial ways that ever exist on the Internet and still does today. I will show you why in this article.

This is Google’s popular affiliate program that pays out billions every year in commissions to its affiliates.

Yes, Billions with a B and not millions with an M.

When I say popular billions of dollars in commissions prove that. When I say controversial I am primarily referring to affiliates who have had their Google Adsense account cancelled with little more than a 24-hour warning.

If you are making money with Google having an income is taken away does tend to make you mad, but Google

doesn’t care because they have very strict guidelines designed to protect their advertisers.

Google brought in $80.4 Billion in revenue, and most of that came from their advertisers so you can not blame them.

I have said all of this so far to get to this point. Google Adsense is big money to Google and its affiliates when done correctly. It is also just about the easiest way to make money online once you have it coming.

Let’s talk about using Google Adsense to make money on your blog!

How Does Google Adsense Work

making money with your ad can grow over-time

You join Google as an affiliate. You can do that here, but before you apply make sure your blog is ready.

Once you are approved you go to your account and set up your ads. Read about that here.

You place a code on your blog and this code tells Google what ads to run on your site. You can affect that by doing some SEO so Google is matching the right advertisers to the content of your post.

This is key to understanding how to make money with Google Adsense. When a visitor lands on your site they will find ads.

These ads will closely match what the visitor is looking for. When they click on the ad you earn 68% of the click being billed to the advertiser.

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Translated you earn .68 cents on the dollar, $6.80 on $10 worth of clicks. That is a good commission rate but it may not seem like a lot to you.

Remember this. All you have to do is get people to your blog and play the numbers. Google sells advertising for you.

You just need people to come to your blog and click on the ads. That is what you are being paid for.

people clicking on your ad will make you money

Adsense Tricks and Tips

Maybe tricks aren’t the best word to use. Anybody who tries to game the Google AdSense system is going to pay for it eventually.

1. Be honest. Google is smarter than you and I and has seen just about everything. That’s the first thing I really want to say to you. Just be honest when following the Google AdSense program and you will make money.

2. Maximize your ad units. You can have up to 3 content ad units, 3 links, and 2 search boxes. You may as well maximize this because one way to get more clicks is to present more ways for people to click on the ads.

3. Use Text and Image ads. When setting up your ads you will get to choose text ads only or add image ads. People click on image ads, but text ads give Google more advertisers to choose from. This is important when you are maximizing yours to a number of ads.

4. Ad sizes. You have choices here, but the most common sizes to choose are 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600. Use all 3 which again will give you a deeper number of advertisers showing up on your page.

5. Where to place ads? This is probably the most talked-about subject I have seen over the years. First of all, get ads above the fold because people are lazy and may not scroll down. Getting your ads scene is the first way to get more clicks.

6. What colour? Google’s default colour is blue. I read once where a blogger earning over $25K a month with Adsense said red text got more clicks for him than any other colour. I suggest testing to see what works best for your niche.

7. No competing ads. Google does not want you to have ads from their competitors showing up on your pages. If you are going to use Google Adsense plan to be 100% with them.

8. Getting approved. It is easier than it used to be.

– Start by making sure you have a Gmail email account.
– If you are using a WordPress template be sure it is a responsive design.
– Get at least 20 high-quality posts of 500-1000 words published before you apply.
– Have an about us page.
– Be sure you have a contact us page.
– Have a navigation menu.

google adsenseDoes Adsense Hurt My Affiliate Income?

This is a fair question to ask and one that you should carefully consider. However, remember one key thing and this is something I learned a long time ago.

Everybody that comes to your blog is going to leave. Your goal should be to get at least one positive outcome from that visitor.

It could be getting them to subscribe to your email list, getting them to leave a blog comment, purchase a product, or just click on the Google ad. You will lose the visitor once it clicks on the Google AdSense ad, but you will have at least earned some income from that visitor.

If you are selling something on your blog do not be afraid to add another income stream which is what Adsense is. Place the ads and forget about them

Then focus on increasing your blog traffic and let the visitors decide what they want to do once they have arrived!

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