My Ultimate Beachbody MLM Review

Let’s cut to the chase and ask the difficult question in this Beachbody MLM Review. Is Beachbody a scam? It is probably one of the first questions everyone asks when approached to join an MLM company.

The question gets a little more consideration when the company is named after one of the hottest ’60s bands, The Beach Boys. It is not hard to imagine people getting confused and thinking that the members of that early rock band are affiliated with the company.

To put your mind at ease, as far as we know, Beachbody MLM does not have any endorsement from any of the surviving members of the original Beach Boys rock group. Nor is it a scam.

To find out why we came to that conclusion, you just have to spend a few minutes reading our article. It explores the Beachbody MLM program, so you get straight information.

What is Beachbody?

Beachbody is part of the health and wellness industry. It has gained a lot of traction over the years. People want to be fit. The founders and owners Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon saw the upcoming trend and took advantage of it.

Beachbody MLM Review

They started Beachbody back in 1998. It sought to develop top physical fitness workouts to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. These programs are called, Insanity, P90X, 80 Day Obsession, Body Beast, Shift Shop, and they are designed to help you tone and shape your body the way you want it to be.

On top of those fitness programs, these two men also got their company to develop many nutritious supplements called, Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, Shakeology. The last one is supposed to be a healthy protein shake that replaces some of your meals.

Both sets of programs are designed to work with different fitness goals. They leave those goals up to you. They supply fitness programs and supplements to get the job done.

The company uses natural ingredients, yet those elements do not seem to stop the many side effects you can get when taking their supplements.

How Does Beachbody MLM Work?

Beachbody works like any other company. It has a product that they want to sell, so they use a business plan to help them achieve that objective. In this case, it has gone to the MLM business plan to help them market and sell their products.

So far, they have been able to get 23 million customers using this method. The company did not adopt this strategy until 2007 when they created what is known as Team Beachbody.

Besides using their own website to sell their products, including fitness programs, supplements, and workout equipment, they enlist people to become coaches and do the marketing for them.

These coaches buy their memberships and go around making direct sales to their friends, family members, and anyone who will listen to them. It may be hard to take fitness advice from a ‘coach’ who is overweight and out of shape.

However, that is the company’s problem, not anyone else’s. Then the company works in a simple MLM fashion and raises the price of their products to cover their expenses and compensation promises.

If you want to know how Beachbody works, all you have to do is look at any standard MLM corporation as they all work the same.

Is Beachbody An MLM & Can You Make Money?

This is a loaded question. On the one hand, if you hit the market at the right time and place, then yes, you will make money selling these products. They are designed to work, at least at the fitness program levels.

You should be able to sell the fitness program to a motivated customer who has tried everything and has not found fitness success. The supplements may be another story.

Not only are they overpriced they also come with some known side effects. Those issues include but are not limited to diarrhea, headaches, upset stomach, bloating gas, dizziness, itchiness, and more.

If you can overcome that difficulty, then you stand to make a 25% commission as you get to buy the products at wholesale, and your customers pay retail. The 25% difference is yours to keep.

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To make money, you need to be an expert salesman and be in good physical shape. Plus, you have to beat the competition of your fellow coaches along with the company.

That makes it very difficult for you to make enough money, although it has been said that good coaches can make about $1,000 if they are lucky. Of course, you have to pay a $40 sign-up fee and $16 a month for website maintenance which adds to your burden along with buying the products you have to sell

You may not reach that low $1,000 figure at all.

Examples Of How To Make Money With Beachbody

The main way you can make money at Beachbody MLM is to buy the products wholesale and resell them at retail prices. That difference gives you a previously mentioned 25% commission.

Beachbody MLM Review - Can you make money here?

If your customer purchases a Body on Demand membership, you earn a 40% commission. An extra $20 can be made if you sell a Shakeology Home Direct Starter Pack. If you do that 5 weeks in a row, you get $100 on top of the $100 you just made.

There is also a chance to earn a one-time bonus when one of your sponsored coaches buys a Beachbody Challenge Pack valued between $140 and $300. Then there is the standard MLM money-making option.

You have to recruit and recruit as you have 2 legs to fill to make more money and move up the chain of command. On top of that, you and your team need to get 50 PV points a month to qualify for payment.

Those points come when you make a purchase. And it goes on from there. There are lots of ways to earn money and lots of requirements to meet to be paid that money.

It will not be easy to make money at this company, and roughly 92% do not.

Beachbody MLM Review Pros & Cons


  • It is a motivated market
  • A large audience that wants to get fit
  • Chances to make money through large commission splits
  • Established company
  • Lots of products to sell, including workout equipment
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • You have to pay to play
  • Overpriced products to sell
  • Lots of competition, including your own employer
  • Monthly fees
  • The large failure rate of the ‘coaches.’
  • Side effects of the supplements
  • You need to recruit and recruit
  • Complicated compensation plan

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

As you can see, there are a lot of negatives that are attached to this company. While the idea may be good, there are too many negative hurdles to overcome to make a real go of it.

The monthly website maintenance fee is just the tip of the iceberg to what is wrong with this company; when you have to buy products to sell them, that sets you back and hinders your chances of becoming financially free.

Beachbody Review

Then there are the lawsuits and there seem to have been quite a few of them. The years 2015,2016, and 2017 have not been good for the company as the last lawsuit cost them over $3 million to settle.

That last judgment also called for the company to reform its practices. In other words, they were doing unethical things that cost their members a lot of money. The bad news about these lawsuits is that those few mentioned are just that, those few mentioned.

The company seems to have faced many more lawsuits that do not bode well for anyone working. It would be a good idea to investigate how many lawsuits and what they were about before signing up and spending your money on their products.

Is Beachbody Legit?

As a business entity, the answer would be yes, they are. But then, almost all MLM corporations are legitimate. They produce a product, and the people who buy that product are getting what they paid for, even if it is overpriced.

Being overpriced is not a sign of an illegitimate company. Not paying their people or not sending the product to their customers would be such a sign. In this instance, could make a case that something is wrong with the company as their products produce too many side effects.

An inferior product tells everyone that the company is only out to make as much money as it can. It also states they do not care about its people and its customers.

My Final Thoughts

While Beachbody is legit, you probably take a big risk if you sign up to work as one of their coaches. The lawsuits indicate that all is not as it appears with this business.

You are paying a hefty monthly fee and trying to sell overpriced products in a highly competitive field. That is not a good indicator that this is a good business to get involved with.

As always, the choice is yours, of course. Could you not take our word for it? Do your own research. See if you can find more positives that outweigh the negatives that are attached to this business, like the body shop MLM.

There are just too many concerns for us to recommend it outright. Instead, we will say, be careful and watch your step as you never know which landmines you will step on.

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