Best Selling Products By Amazon – Build Your Website To Sell!

Amazon is a buying and selling website. Sellers go there to sell things, and buyers go there to buy things. Here I will give you some of the best selling products by Amazon to consider.

Internet marketers think of it as a buyer and selling search engine. This is because people use it that way.

No longer do they mess around with Google or Facebook trying to find things to buy. They just go to Amazon and do their research there.

I call this a BIG clue if you are trying to make money online and considering e-commerce as a way to do it. Amazon is easily the largest online e-commerce business. Only Walmart can rival them and they still do most of their business offline.

So, since this blog is about money-making tips, let’s approach it from the angle of buying and selling on Amazon. We can use the data provided to us by Amazon as a seller to come up with ideas for things we want to sell and make money with.

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selling on amazonTop Best-Selling Products By Amazon

I just want to quickly give you specific products so you can see what Amazon is making the most money shipping. We will broaden it out into categories after that.

1. The Kenneth Cole Reaction Ladies Handbag

2. Men’s Leather Zipper Wallet

3. Ladies’ iPhone case

4. Men Stay Longer in the Bedroom

5. home office Desk and Chair

6. Apple Watch Screen Protector

This Apple Watch screen protector with DataShield and BodyArmor is one of the best-selling products on Amazon right now. The screen protector has some amazing features such as self-healing technology, extreme durability rate, and unique design. The product also has a lifetime warranty.

7. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

The Fire TV Stick Voice Remote incorporates the best technology there is in the market today. With the device, you can find the best channel to watch with universal search results, play current favorites, and pick up where you left off conveniently. This explains why there is a rush for people to lay their hands on one of these awesome devices.

8. Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – a smart speaker with Alexa

Get information, news, music, and weather reports amongst others straight on this echo dot smart speaker. The devices have some of the latest features including voice recognition, which is hands-free convenient, and has a connection to the cloud so that it can keep acquiring new information for you. Being one of a kind, this smart speaker continues to attract new customers as each day passes.

9. PlayStation Store Gift Card for PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita

With a limit of $150, you can download the latest games for your PlayStation console. Millions of gamers all over the globe purchase this gift card so that they can connect with other users online. The gift card also allows you to access your favorite TV stations. It is, therefore, one of the selling products on Amazon.

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10. God of War

Since its official release, the God of War for PlayStation continues to be one of the most purchased video games on Amazon. With the game having fans all over the globe, its huge sales come to the surprise of none.

11. Home gym Crossbar Pull-ups.

Best Selling Products By Amazon - TO MAKE A SALE

Best Selling Product Categories By Amazon

As a business person, I do not want to compete in the arena of best-selling products. The competition and money it takes to market those products are out of range for most smaller online business people.

Let’s just look at categories and then you will be able to research deeper into those to find great products with less competition.

1. Toys and games. Toys R Us just went out of business and Amazon is a big reason why.

People love to buy toys and games online. Amazon is where they go because of the selection and savings on price.

2. Electronics. Does anyone remember Radio Shack or Silo?

Best Buy is hanging in there because some people like to actually go into a store and purchase things. However, a great many others prefer to buy their electronics, whether it be televisions or computers, or even smartphones online and Amazon does billions of dollars of business in this category.

3. Camera & Photo. This is a category that does surprise me because iPhone is the largest-selling camera on the market today.

However, there is a market of people who would prefer to take higher-quality pictures or make better-quality videos with high-quality pictures and sound. Go Pro is Amazon’s best-selling camera and photo.

4. Video games. This is a big business for both kids and adults.

The best-seller in Video Games is “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition” by Square Enix. People love their graphics and style.

5. Books. This is where it all started for Amazon.

Today people can buy ebooks as Prime Members using a Kindle eReader. However, hardback and paperback books are making a comeback, and Amazon allows you to buy both new and used books. Their customer rating testimonials play a big role here.

6. Clothing. According to Fox business retail outlets such as Macy’s, Penney, and Old Navy are showing improved first-quarter earnings over last year.

Men love Levi’s Men’s 501 Jeans. The fact you can get free shipping if you are a Prime Member leads people to buy from Amazon more and avoid the hassle of going to the mall.

7. Appliances. Sears used to dominate this market. Other stores such as Fred Schmid and Silo were a close second.

Now if you are not going to Home Depot or Lowes you are probably ordering online from Amazon. When was the last time you even were in a Sears store for anything?

building online memberships by buying and selling on amazonFinal thoughts

This is the list of the top 5 best-selling products and Top 7 categories so far in 2018 and will go well into 2019 as experts predict. More and more of us are starting are on eCommerce businesses using various platforms such as Shopify and others.

However, if you want to sell where people are buying the most look at selling on Amazon either with the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or as an affiliate. The people who show up are already in the buying mood. You just need to get them to your Amazon page.

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10 thoughts on “Best Selling Products By Amazon – Build Your Website To Sell!”

  1. Hi David,
    thanks for sharing! I’m surprised on seeing that in fact, the best selling products are video games and electronics. Anyway, it’s true, people go searching on Amazon any kind of products, and probably if you recommend them to buy a product on Amazon it may seem definitely reliable to them. Are the books still well sold on Amazon?

    • Hi Marta, Electronics are big sellers on Amazon mainly from teenagers. And it is only going to grow. So anyone want to build a business online with Amazon, video games and electronics they should consider.

      Getting your audience to like and trust you over a period of time is the best way to go about trying to offer something from Amazon. If you educate them on the product by giving them value they will definitely buy from you.

      Books are still a high commodity as well. The Team that I am offer book ideas monthly, and it is all available on Amazon. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Hallo there,

    I am just getting started with a new website and was wondering what niche I should look into, so I decided to check the amazon best sellers to get something hot.

    I have been hearing that the fire tv stick was quite something but I never thought it was this awesome. I am surely going to promote that. Thanks heaps.

    • Hey Dave, glad that my timing was right on time. Keep in mind that is good to promote something that you have experience with, or something that you have a passion for.

      The fire stick is popping up all over the Internet, so that would be a good sell. You should get one yourself and see how it can help you, so that it would be better to describe to your potential customers on how valuable it is based on your experience. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi there David
    Thanks to your website, now i know that there is something called “Fire TV stick” which seems to be quite a cool product :). Technology is moving so fast nowadays that it is becoming a bit difficult to keep up with the trends.

    Great article by the way, finding a niche is not so easy. With this information you have provided, i can now be able to streamline my ideas.
    Just to add a general comment for your article and your website:
    **. always keep in mind the audience that you are trying to attract. For instance, ask yourself what kind of audience will be moved by this article. To me the article seems to be more appealing to people who are trying to find a niche (pple who have already chosen the direction /know what they are doing) as opposed to those who are trying to find ways of making money online.
    I am not sure if this makes sense but that is just how i see it.
    Great effort by the way 🙂

    • Hi Ntombi, glad that you get some value here and understand the fire TV stick and the buzz around it. Yes, technology is moving fast today, sometimes I myself is finding difficult to keep up.

      Building a business and making money online is a learning process, and finding a niche is part of the beginning of that process. This blog does not always give ways to make money online, but it shows the process as well.

      When I was searching for a way to make money online I asked myself a lot of questions that I was determined to find. Some I did and others were unable to get answers for. This blog is based on those questions that I did find the answers for, but moreover, the ones that I did not find the answers for back then Take care and thank you for the honest comment and insights.

  4. I’ve always heard electronics is one of the best things to sell online, and after reading your top 5 list I think this kinda of proves it too.

    I guess it’s no surprise since we as people love the newest and coolest gadget on the market, so whether you can afford it or not — people will find a way to buy them.

    This gives me a good idea on what to create a website about in the future thanks.

    • Hey Michael, we are living in an electronic age. Look at the amount of people posses a cellphone here in the US. That is one reason that Internet Marketing is growing such a high rate.

      Yes, one of the top selling gifts are cellphones, smart tv’s and laptops. As you rightfully said, people will find a way to buy them.

      Glad I was able to give you a few tips on what to market on Amazon. Hope it goes well and you find great success on it.

  5. Hi David:

    This is great information.

    It sounds like these niches are no longer good categories for affiliate marketers because there are already too many people doing the same thing.

    Do you have any suggestions on areas that aren’t so saturated?

    I am certainly not surprised that electronics is one of the big sellers through Amazon. And yes, I do remember Radio Shack. Seems like I was in there just yesterday but I am sure it has been a few years!

    I must say that I have always been puzzled that clothing is such a hot online item. I guess I come from the old school of people who actually like to go to a clothing store to try things on!

    Thank you!

    • Christopher,

      Glad that you get a little value here on some of the best products to sell on Amazon. These niches are not saturated and you can still get in on some of them to promote. remember the keywords is what will set you apart from the rest, don’t matter how large your competitors are in promoting them.

      If you already have a niche that you are promoting, then stick with it and grow it to its full capacity. This article was intended for the newbies and the ones that is still contemplating on what to market on Amazon. most of my Team members were asking this question so that what motivates me to writing this article. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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