BitWings Review – Can You Make Money with Crypto Phones?

You may have heard about another cryptocurrency called BitWings and wondered what is it really. Do their phones mine 2 ETH per month? Or is it another Ponzi scheme? We’re here to find that out in my honest BitWings Review.

  • Product Name: BitWings
  • Founder: Antonio Milio
  • Product Type: Cryptocurrency of Wings mobile
  • Price: 
    The following up-to-date prices are based on the BitWings website.
    $100 – BitWings Affiliate minimum investment
    $0.22 – BWN token value
    6,000 BWN tokens – Minephone WX
  • Best For nobody

This is a company that offers a cryptocurrency with the same name. They also sell a mobile phone that claims to mine 2 ETH per month. The company also has an affiliate program that lets you earn a residual income by recruiting more members. But the company is yet to be registered in any financial institution to be selling securities, and the company promises high ROI, which is yet to be proven.

  • Ratings: 0/100

What is BitWings?

BitWings is the cryptocurrency of Wings mobile, a Spanish virtual company founded in 2007. Its website does not mention anything about its founder, but after further research, I’ve found out that Antonio Milio is the CEO of BitWings and the Wings mobile company.

BitWings sells a smartphone called Minephone WX, and it was launched in 2020. It is priced at 6000 BWN, equivalent to around $1,320 based on the current value of BWN, which is $0.22 per token. The company prides itself on the Minephone WX, claiming that it is the only smartphone globally that can generate 1000 mega hash per second using its technology. And this means that it can mine up to 2 ETH per month.

BitWings is the center of an ecosystem where each one plays an important function to support its strategy and commercial distribution, and these are the following:

  • Wings Stores – Alternative form of franchise
  • Wings Products – Discount offer BitWings payment
  • Wings Services – Telecom service recurring payment
  • Ecommerce Wings Mobile – Online payments
  • Wings Play – Applications payment
  • Affiliate Program – Commission payment

According to their website, BitWings has been operating in the market with well over 4,000 billion users with a turnover of over 1 Trillion dollars since 2019. BitWings was also featured in media outlets such as Bitcoin Exchange Guide, CoinMarket News, Reuters, Yahoo!, Forbes, and many more.

How does the BitWings work?

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies and how they work, BitWings works pretty much similar to them. But the difference is that you can only use BitWings within the company and cannot purchase goods or services outside it. This is a big issue if the company is no longer around to make your investment. Plus the other red flags, which we will discuss later on.

BitWings is the only cryptocurrency you can use to purchase the Minephone WX. And for you to purchase it, you will need to buy BWN first with actual money. After purchasing the Minephone WX, you will then select a “mining” contract with activation mining plans paid by ETH. Here are the plans and how many ETHS per month each plan claims to produce.

  1. Basic Mh100/s
  • Activation mining plan: Free
  • Production: 0.2002 ETH/month

2. Professional Mh300/s

  • Activation mining plan: 4 ETH
  • Production: 0.6 ETH/month

3. Team Mh600/s

  • Activation mining plan: 8 ETH
  • Production: 1.2 ETH/month

4. Enterprise Mh1000/s

  • Activation mining plan: 13 ETH
  • Production: 2.002 ETH/month

BitWings claims that Minephone WX mines ETH through a pre-installed mining application. Just like any other apps, you need to register an account and leave it “on” to mine for ETH. They say that you can mine BWN as well.

Aside from that, BitWings also has “cloud” mining that guarantees a 10% monthly profit for 3 years. It comes with three plans promising gains of up to $500 per month, and these are:

  • BitWings Profit 1000 = gain $100 per month
    • $1000 package rate
    • Activation fee = 1500 BWN
    • Monthly fee = 105.2 BWN
    • 3 years contract
  • BitWings Profit 2000 = gain $200 per month
    • $2000 package rate
    • Activation fee = 3000 BWN
    • Monthly fee = 210.5 BWN
    • 3 years contract
  • BitWings Profit 5000 = gain $500 per month
    • $5000 package rate
    • Activation fee = 7500 BWN
    • Monthly fee = 526.3 BWN
    • 3 years contract

BitWings offers its own affiliate program where you can earn commissions from the investments made by your recruits. In the BitWings affiliate programs your product is the BitWings packages. Here are the BitWings package levels, how much they cost, and their equivalent BWN value.

  • $100 Bronze Package = 526 BWN
  • $300 Silver Package = 1610 BWN
  • $500 Gold Package = 2710 BWN
  • $1,000 Sapphire Package = 5474 BWN
  • $2,000 Emerald Package = 11,052 BWN
  • $5,000 Ruby Package = 28,421 BWN
  • $10,000 Diamond Package = 57,895 BWN
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BitWings guarantees 100% of the value of the token. If the value of BWN increases, you will have profit from the amount of BWN you purchased and from the bonus commissions you receive as an affiliate member. If the value of BWN decreases, BitWings guarantees your BWN is worth $0.20 on all Wings Mobile stores, online or offline.

When you become an affiliate, you will have a link to share with your social media accounts to promote BitWings. When someone joins and purchases a BitWings package through your affiliate link, you will earn a 25% commission from the sale. This is the BitWings fast start commission where you recruit your level 1 members.

Then if your members recruit more people to become their own members, those recruits become your level 2 members, and so on. Your commission increases if you have more recruits or levels, but they capped it at 7 levels only. They called this the Unilevel Residual Commissions.

  • Bronze Level – Earn 25% on your level 1 members only.
  • Silver Level – Earn Bronze level commissions and 1% commission on your level 2 members.
  • Gold Level – Earn Silver level commissions and 1% commission on your levels 2 and 3 members.
  • Sapphire Level – Earn Gold level commissions and 1% commission on your level 2 to level 4 members.
  • Emerald Level – Earn Sapphire level commissions and 5% commissions on your level 5 members.
  • Ruby Level – Earn Emerald level commissions and 1% commissions on your level 6 members.
  • Diamond Level – Earn Ruby level commissions and 1% commissions on your level 7 members.

Aside from the residual commissions, BitWings also has a Company-Wide Profit Pool. The company sets aside 5% of the profit they make in a certain period. Then, the profit will be divided and paid out to the qualified affiliate members.

Can You Make Money BitWings?

After spending many hours doing research and reading about BitWings, I found no credible proof that anyone has made money with BitWings. If the people who invested a lot of money on BitWings back in 2019 have not received their ROI, not even the phone, then it is highly likely that you will experience the same mishap.

How To Make Money With the BitWings?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to make any money with BitWings. Just like other Ponzi companies.

The Pros & Cons of BitWings

Knowing that there’s nothing to gain with BitWings, I still need to highlight its pros and cons to help you make a wise decision.


  • none


  • A lot of recruiting
  • Securities fraud
  • BWN has no value outside the company
  • Unfounded claims of high returns
  • Odd guarantees
  • Fake reviews
  • The zero-cost mining claim is not true
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Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

I have found no lawsuits against BitWings, but you can find some positive and negative reviews online. After reading through most of them, I’m more inclined to believe negative reviews than positive ones. To me, the positive reviews look like a repeated script saying that BitWings is a great project, an excellent project, etc.

It is worth mentioning that mining ETH requires powerful GPUs, and a mobile phone, especially with its outdated specs, isn’t powerful enough to do that. BitWings is not yet registered with any financial agencies from any country, but they guarantee income from cryptocurrency investments. This means that BitWings is committing securities fraud at the bare minimum.

Is the BitWings Legitimate?

BitWings Review

I can’t say that BitWings is legitimate, but I can’t say that it is a scam. Despite being related to a legitimate mobile phone company, the other company never mentioned BitWings even once. Also, BitWings is not that transparent about the company’s people since you can’t find anybody on their website. You will need to do some research to find them.

Final Thoughts

I hope this review will help you in making an informed decision about whether you will join BitWings or not. I have nothing against investing in cryptocurrencies. But it is a risky investment, and it’s still in its infancy. You will face many challenges and may risk losing a lot of money if you carelessly invest without doing enough preparation and research.

Perhaps a different money-earning opportunity is better for you. This one does not involve high-risk investment, plus it is a legitimate way to build a passive income online. I’m referring to affiliate marketing. 

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Overall Quality



  • None


  • A lot of recruiting
  • Securities fraud
  • Fake reviews
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  1. Wings Mobile and Bitwings are a scam. Check the offitial Wings Mobile’s Facebook profile and youtube videos and you will find thousands of comments from people that has been scammed by Antonio Milio in every country, even in Spain and Italy.


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