5 Clothing Affiliate Programs To Consider – Passion For Clothing?

Project Runway has done it. That program was able to make fashion even more popular than it was previously. That popularity means that you can make some dollars through the different clothing affiliate programs related to fashion.

You have a wide selection of opportunities so take your time and carefully investigate the ones that sound the best to you. Making a living in fashion is one way to show off your own personal fashion sense.

To find out about which of the myriad affiliate programs we have chosen to highlight here, all you have to do is keep reading our article. It has the 5 affiliate programs we think are pretty good.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time and you can get started representing those fashions you think are the best.

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5 Clothing Affiliate Programs

#1. Meme Inspired Tees

Help people make a statement that is funny and makes their friends laugh. You can do that by representing the T-Shirt memes this company has to offer. Their T-shirts come with a humorous statement designed to bring the lighter side of life to the forefront and lets people take off steam.

Clothing Affiliate Programs

The best thing to do is to read their slogans and see which ones fit with what you like to do and let the world know about them. The good news is you are offered a 20% commission on every sale you make.

If you want to check out their program and sign up, just click this link. read their requirements and see if you and your website qualify. Signing up is simple and it doesn’t take long before you have opened up another income stream to help you make it to your financial goals.

#2. Badass Streetwear

Help people say what is on their minds in a nice way. This fashion outlet is like the one above except its message is more serious. Plus, their fashion wear is targeting the urban culture so many young people are a part of today.

A built-in audience is waiting for you when you sign up and represent these T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. Help people send out warnings about their bad moods, etc., by drawing their attention to the comments printed on these top fashion clothes.

Again, the commission you receive on your sales reaches 20%. That is a good deal no matter how cheap or expensive the retail price is. To sign up click on this link and answer the different questions. Help people say what they want to say while helping yourself reach financial goals through this unique fashion outlet.

#3. Vintage Leather Bags

Leather bags are all the rage. Plus, they really complete some people’s looks when all the do is making a simple change by adding one of these bags to their ensemble. The good part is these top fashion leather bags are handmade. The craftsmanship is there so you can be proud to represent their products.

Also, you have a wide range of bags to promote to your audience. Briefcases, messenger bags, laptop sacks, and more are all ready for you to bring them to your website. Bags are always handy especially in this technological age.

While the commission split is lower than other fashion outlets, 10% is nothing to sneeze at. All you have to do is sell a lot to make some good money. To investigate further, just sign up as an affiliate at this link. There is no shame in representing a bag company when their bags meet so many different needs.

#4. Quality Leather Jackets

Leather never goes out of style. It is so versatile it can adapt to just about any fad that the younger generations create. That versatility makes representing leather jackets a must. People can always use a nice leather jacket.

In addition to that leather is durable and smells nice. One location that works with affiliates is Fad Closet and they pay an 18% commission on sales. That is a nice commission split when you are working hard getting people to purchase a quality product that lasts a long time.

To be a part of this great fashion push all you have to do is sign up at their affiliate link and get ready to market great designs. Just press this link button and you will be sent to the page where you can sign up. A few minutes filling in the right information and you have punched your ticket to better revenue.

#5. Betta Wear Ultimate Comfort Belt

The words ultimate comfort are great sales terms. Everyone wants to be comfortable when they wear their belts and other clothing items. Not only does the belt stretch, but it is also very durable making sure it can be worn for many years.

Wait, there is more good news. These belts do not come with metal buckles. Those items are made from non-metal parts to make sure you do not have to take them off when passing through security checks.

Having the right belt also completes a lot of outfits. So there is a large market for these items. To get on board and make a little money promoting these belts all you have to do is sign up here. A 20% commission is nothing to sneeze at. Once you get those sales going you can really make the bucks helping people be comfortable all day long.

Clothing Affiliate Programs: Benefits Of Signing Up Directly

There are a lot of affiliate marketing platforms out there and they all do a good job connecting you with different niches and products. There are some good options and advantages if you sign up directly with a specific company.

Here are some of those advantages:

#1. No Monthly Fee

Clothing Affiliate Program

There are many affiliate marketing platforms that charge a monthly fee when you use their services. That is understandable and not wrong. But if you want to save that money every month, sign up directly with a company.

Other affiliates may brag about their higher commission split, but when push comes to shove, they may be making less than you as that fee is not your problem.

#2. No Traffic Minimum

Not in all cases but in quite a few. That takes a lot of pressure off you and your website. You do not need to perform in order to make sales. The traffic you have currently is all you need.

Then there will be some companies that require that you have a certain level of business in order to be their affiliate. If you think you can raise your traffic to meet those demands, then you can sign up and make some more money.

#3. No Membership

By that, we mean that there will be companies you come across that will refuse to work with affiliate marketing platforms. If you do, you probably won’t be able to sign up and promote the products of that particular company.

This is not a bad thing. It saves you trouble and having to pay those monthly fees. As long as you can get friendly details. Work hard promoting their items, you and the company should have a good relationship.

#4. You Build Better Relationships

That is always a plus as you never know when a good relationship will send some bonuses your way. Plus when you are going through a hard time, you may be able to understanding and help from your direct connection to the company.

Play it by ear and make sure to craft a great friendship with the companies you sign up with. It never hurts to be nice to the people helping you make money.

Clothing Affiliate Programs: Some Fashion Trivia

Clothing Affiliate

The information in this section will help you see how important the fashion industry is. Use the information to help you learn more about where you can fit in as a fashion affiliate and to structure your content to convert your audience.

#1. Family expenses. Clothing uses about 3 1/2% of the total family budget or about $1700 per year. That is per family approx. That is a lot of money you can tap into.

#2. There is a large market. About 7 billion people in this world currently. You can help them find the right clothes products at the right price.

#3. The women’s side of the industry. Women spend about 625 billion on clothes. Helping them change their wardrobe helps you earn money.

#4. The men’s side of the industry. Men or their spouses are spending roughly $402 billion on new clothes.

#5. Lots of outlets. People buy their clothes at various locations. Working directly with different companies helps you tap into that market easily. That includes the secondary market.

#6. Lots of styles to work with. People are not all going to dress the same. You have lots of different fashion options to work within. From urban to formal, from gowns to accessories. You have a lot of choices when it comes to promoting fashion

Final Words

Becoming an affiliate fashion mogul is not going to be that difficult. You just have to find the right fashion outlet offering the best commission split and then work your tail off.

There are plenty of fashion companies to choose from so if one does not work out, you can always find a replacement. And clothes are something everyone needs. If you do it right you can tap into your audience and make sure they are getting the fashions that make them look good.

Just make sure to investigate each company first before signing up and see if these clothing affiliate programs are made for you.

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