Credit Karma Review – A Popular Plan For Credit Repair!

The question we want to answer today is legitimate. We will answer that in this Credit Karma Review.

With over 75 million free members they are hands down the largest company of their kind in the personal finance arena.

There is no more well-known credit score service than Credit Karma. You have probably seen one of their ads on t.v. or on the Internet somewhere.

Credit Karma Review

  • Name: Credit Karma
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Owners: Kenneth Lin
  • Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Credit Karma, Product Overview

In 2007 Kenneth Lin, Ryan Graciano, and Nichole Mustard founded Credit Karma as a multinational person finance company. Their main product has been helping people with a free credit score.

Other products include a financial management platform, loans, free tax preparation, monitoring of unclaimed property databases and a tool to identify and dispute credit report errors.

Credit Karma offers all of the products and services for free. They do this by generating revenue from advertisers and partnering with businesses that pay them for referrals similar to an affiliate marketing agreement.

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The Pros and Cons of Credit Karma

The Pros:

  • PRO #1 – Free credit score. You will receive a credit report that contains your Trans Union and Equifax credit score.
  • PRO #2 – Free credit monitoring. Receive email updates whenever there is activity on your credit bureau.
  • PRO #3 – Credit card spending. Keep track of your monthly spending.
  • PRO #4 – Identity monitoring. Credit Karma alerts you if your personal information has been hacked.
  • PRO #5 – Numerous free products. We will get more into these below, but it is pretty amazing at everything Credit Karma gives you for free.

The Cons:

  • CON #1 – Confusing because of so many offers. It will take you a while to navigate through their site, but I’m not sure this is even a negative.

Who is Credit Karma For?

Credit Karma Review - who is this for

Credit Karma has over 60 million members so it is obviously for a lot of people for a wide variety of reasons. The main product you see promoted all of the time is the free credit score.

It is amazing how many people do not even know what their credit score is. Credit Karma helps takes the mystery out of what a credit score is and how to improve yours.

They never ask for your credit card. This tells you right there that they are legitimate.

Another area you will find a lot of promotion from Credit Karma is in there a better way to do your taxes. This is an evergreen market in that every year we file our taxes. Plus there are always new people entering this market.

They are competing with Turbo Tax, but they lay out additional features you get from them that Turbo Tax does not offer of charges for. These include…

  • – Student loan interest deduction
  • – Mortgage interest deduction
  • – Property tax deduction
  • – Other itemized deductions
  • – Interest & Dividend Income (Schedule B)
  • – Profit or loss from business (income)
  • – Profit or loss from business (expenses)
  • – Self-employment tax
  • – Rental property income
  • – Capital gains and losses

It is free to get started with Credit Karma Tax.

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Credit Karma Tools & Training

Let me list some of the tools and training I can find from the Credit Karma website.

1. Company Info. You will find tabs for everything you want to know about Credit Karma as a company.
2. Popular offers. This is how Credit Karma makes money. They refer you to offers from other companies.
3. Credit resources. Links to their blog, community, articles on credit, credit card reviews, financial calculators, and more.
4. Notable links. Click on some of the most popular articles and FAQs.

Credit Karma Support

Credit Karma Review - preparing your tax

To receive support you will want to go to the Help Center which has a link at the top of the Credit Karma website.

They ask “how can we help you” and you enter your question.

You will also find links to Credit Karma Help, Credit Karma Tax Help, and Credit Karma Canada Help.

Credit Karma Price

As we have said many times already everything from Credit Karma is free. This is not to say that the companies they refer you to, are all free.

They make their money from ad-based offers from their partners. It is up to you to decide whether to join these offers. This is explained in more detail on their Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

Final thoughts

I cannot say enough good things about Credit Karma. When you log into your free account the first thing you will see is an update to your credit score.

This is still the big draw to why people join Credit Karma in record numbers. Improving your credit score is a big part of saving money on future products that rely on your credit.

Their mission states “We’re working to make financial progress possible for everyone.” They do this by providing tools, education, and opportunities to make progress in improving your credit score.


We give them a 99 out of 100 only because nobody is perfect. You will find complaints online about Credit Karma if you look for them. It is kind of amazing there are a few complaints as there are when you are dealing with credit bureaus and reports on over 75 million members.

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10 thoughts on “Credit Karma Review – A Popular Plan For Credit Repair!”

  1. Great overview here! I like how you got straight to the point by introducing the topic and listing very clearly the name, website, price, owners and overall rank. Credit Karma is a great help for people who are working from home and wants to know what deductions are available to them to increase their tax refunds. this was a great help for me as well.

    Great job listing pros and cons and following up with an important question, is this right for me? The most important of all questions for the consumer. Glad you summarized with your own opinion and thank you for the great review, and itemizing the various features you receive from them that Tubo tax does not include. Looking forward to seeing more of your reviews. Thanks!

    • Credit Karma is a big fan of mine, especially when dealing with my home-based business and the number of deductions they help me to file for that I did not know in the past.

      When I mention that to some of my friends, they started a home-based business for this reason, just so that they can claim deductions that they could not have done in the past. this increases their returns drastically. keep in mind that the tax laws are different in different states in the US, and Credit Karma will be able to assist you with that as well. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Hi, I commend you for providing an honest review of Credit Karma, which I don’t know until I read this article. I think this platform can help people regarding their credit standing and financial issues. Besides, what I like about it is that it is free of charge. 

    Any service that would help you with your credit history and willing to put in the time to educate you on which way to go, in my mind, is unheard of. I will give Credit Karma a try to see  If I can get help getting back on track with my credit score and take advantage of the free credit monitoring.

    Will definitely bookmark your article and share it with my friends as well. And, will take a look at Wealthy Affiliate and see if I can earn some money online. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors and looking forward to working with you.

    • Is mind boggling to see that all these services that Credit Karma offers for free, and people are not taking advantage of this business? I would be a member even though there was a price that is attached to their services.

      Nothing is better than having a facility to monitor your credit spending and advising you on steps to take to make it better or get a higher credit score.

      Would love to work with you inside of Wealthy affiliate and show you what I am doing to having all these successes. Will be speaking to you soon, and look forward to our business relations to make it work for you. You would be amazed at what you can accomplish within six to eight months.

  3. Wow! I think this is the first time since I’ve been reading your reviews that you rate anything this high. 99% is perfect. Firstly, the fact that they offer totally free opportunity is a big turn on coupled with the fact that they do not seek credit card got me very interested. 

    Managing credit score and improving it seems to me as a very good bargain and I just need to get myself among the members immediately. Thanks for this eye-opening post

    • Lol, good to see that you are paying attention to my ratings, and yes, Credit Karma in all sense deserve this score. They have helped me in the past and keeps me up-to-date on my credit history and what should be the right approach for keeping my credit score high.

      Their service is exceptional, and you would be happy that you become a free member. Thank you for your input, and is always good to see coming around on my site from time to time. All the best.

  4. It is great to read a favorable report on a company that could help me as a small business owner. I had no idea that credit Karma offered all of these services, and for free. However, because they provide so many features, I was wondering how large of a Company it is.

    More to the point, do they do all the work themselves or do they outsource these services? I am especially interested in credit monitoring and identity monitoring. I would be more interested in their services if I knew that they outsource those programs to companies that are specialists in those areas.

    • Glad that I was able to point out some services that can help your business provided by Credit Karma. They have been in business since 2007, as I have mentioned and have over 700 employees employed.

      Most of the work is handled by them and they make recommendations if you need assistance with loans, and they get paid by these companies they recommended. They will contact you if they see any change in your credit report, but to answer your question on Identity monitoring, click on the link below for a full explanation.

      I use them for identity monitoring because it is free, but I also pay for identity theft with another qualified service provider. I understand your take on this and the work involves, how can that be for free? The same question I asked in the past and you can do the same once you decide to use them going forward.  Hope I addressed your concerns. Talk to you soon.

  5. Thank you for your comprehensive review of Credit Karma. I have used Credit Karma for several years now and have appreciated the ways it has helped me improve my credit score over the years.  You mentioned you could do your taxes through Credit Karma. Is that a free service, too? That may be something I look into for next year. Thank you again, for the review.

    • You are welcome, Karin. Hope you enjoyed the write-up.  Yes, they have helped me in the past as well and still providing me with relevant information to keep my credit score high.

      Yes, you can file your taxes with Credit Karma for free here.

      Hope that helps!


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