Crypto Commissions Review – Is It A legitimate money-making opportunity?

If you’re interested in Cryptocurrencies, you may have read a Crypto Commissions review that promises easy crypto gains and huge commissions using their software. It also claims to direct millions of traffic to your website, for free doing nothing.

But are Crypto Commissions a legitimate money-making opportunity? Or is it a scam? We will dissect each of these claims to reveal the truth in my honest review.

  • Product Name: Crypto Commissions
  • Founder: Glynn Kosky, Rod Beckwith, Leigh
  • Product Type: Web-based Cryptocurrency Affiliate Platform
  • Price: 

Crypto Commissions Front-End software one-time offer is $17, and it includes:

  • Automated system
  • Custom-built for beginners
  • No monthly costs if you sign up now
  • Grow your crypto portfolio
  • Free website

The following are Crypto Commissions’ one-time offer upgrades:

OTO 1: $37 Unlimited Version

  • Unlimited buyer traffic, campaigns, and crypto commissions
  • Premium support
  • Additional money-making features included

OTO 2: $47 100% Done For You

  • DFY packages valued at $297

OTO 3: $47 Unlimited Traffic

  • 100% DFY unlimited traffic
  • Siphon traffic from previous and future launch pages
  • Full training included
  • VIP support

OTO 4: $37 Automation

  • 100% Automation upgrade
  • Autopilot buyer traffic
  • Unlock 1-click mass exposure and sellable agency rights
  • 2 Premium Bonuses

OTO 5: $47 ATM

  • Scale to $3000 – $20,000 per month

OTO 6: $47 Ultimate

  • Only pay $0.47 for 99 best-selling products
  • 50 Software products for email list building, video creation, getting web traffic, and more
  • 49 pieces of training included

OTO 7: $37 License Rights

  • Reseller License
  • DFY product
  • DFY Email swipes
  • DFY Tech Setup
  • Best For nobody
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Crypto Commissions claims to help you generate a 4-figure daily income and live the life of your dreams. With its software, you will earn unlimited affiliate commissions and free cryptocurrency from just a small investment. However, this is just another shiny object that targets newbies to affiliate marketing. Read on to learn more about Crypto Commissions and why you should stay away from them.

Ratings: 0/100

What are Crypto Commissions?

Crypto Commissions is a web-based software that provides you with an automated and done-for-you website. Glynn Kosky and his partners developed Crypto Commissions. He is a 7-figure elite marketer who also developed many other software products in the past. He developed the Profit Product Creator, Levels, Embassy, Big Ticket Commission, Passive Income System, MagickFunnels, Affiliate Traffic Lab, and New Year Profit Bot.

Kosky claims that with Crypto Commissions, you can earn recurring affiliate commissions, make free cryptocurrency, and build your list of subscribers. You will also get:

  • Free Crypto-targeted traffic
  • DFY monetized websites
  • High-converting cryptocurrency offers
  • Built-in traffic from 100 Million buyers from their secret source

How do the Crypto Commissions work?

How Does The Crypto Commissions Work - Blockchain

Crypto Commissions says it works in just three simple steps, and you can already start earning fat commissions and watch your money grow.

Step #1: Click the buy button to purchase Crypto Commissions

Step #2: Register your details to create your account

Step #3: Enable the built-in traffic, watch the traffic flood your website, and earn big commissions from your affiliate links.

That was how Crypto Commissions were supposed to work. But the reality is not anywhere near it. When you log in, what you will get is a rehashed website. You will see a few videos which tell you some ideas about paid ads, social media, and videos about what the upgrades can do for you. They are not training videos but just brief general information that you can also find online.

You will also see the different links to the affiliate programs that you can apply to like:

  • Coinbase
  • BlockFi
  • Binance
  • Parallel Miner
  • Coin Mama
  • Crypto Hopper

Crypto Commissions make it look easy to get affiliate links. But this is not the case. The reality is joining an affiliate program is like applying for an actual job.

For example, an individual who would like to apply for the Binance affiliate program needs 5,000+ followers or subscribers on big social media platforms. This requirement alone is almost impossible to meet unless you are someone popular. And if you are, you’re probably making money somewhere else. Crypto Commissions failed to advise their members about this.

There are other requirements like a well-built website, good website traffic, high search engine ranking, and so on. Crypto Commissions will give you a website identical to all the other people who also purchased it. Because of this, you will not get website traffic or even rank in Google.

Search engines scan websites to determine their authenticity and rank them accordingly. Crypto Commissions websites are duplicates of one another. If your website is just a copy of many others, then none of your websites are going to rank. In the end, your affiliate application will get rejected.

Let’s also discuss the free cryptocurrency that you will earn according to Crypto Commissions. So for each referral to Crypto Commissions, you will earn $10 worth of Bitcoin. This may sound like it is a lot of money, but the price of 1 Bitcoin is $37,898.90 as of this writing. Based on that figure, you need to invite 3,790 people.

Crypto Commissions also talks about free buyer traffic from 100 million visitors that will auto-generate profit for you in just 60 seconds. Sounds good, right? Who wouldn’t want free traffic with just a push of a button? But unfortunately, this right here is pure deception. There’s nothing like that in the world.

Also, the $17 price for a software product that can give you free traffic and autopilot profit seems like too much of a bargain. So why would they set a price for Crypto Commissions like that? That’s simply because it can get people to the door and press them with upgrades which can cost a total investment of $847.

Can You Make Money with Crypto Commissions?

No, you will not make money with Crypto Commissions. The simple reason is that every customer that purchases Crypto Commissions will get the same website and content. Search engines do not list websites that have duplicate content. You will not get organic traffic to your website. Crypto Commissions will not give you free traffic; it’s just not possible.

And since your website’s content is a duplicate, you could face legal issues from its original owner because of plagiarism. This could cost you a lot of money and a lot of headaches, too.

Crypto Commission targets beginners because it is easier for them to lure people into buying their products. Sadly, if sales pitches easily convince you, you’re prone to purchase products like Crypto Commissions. You’re at risk of spending a lot of money and may earn nothing from your investments.

How To Make Money With the Crypto Commissions?

There’s no way to make money with Crypto Commissions. I guess the only people who will earn a lot of money are those who developed this software.

The Pros & Cons of Crypto Commissions

I guess listing down the pros and cons of Crypto Commissions is no longer necessary because we know the truth about it now. But to be fair with my other reviewed products, legit or scam, let’s get right into it.


  • 180-day money-back guarantee
  • No monthly costs
  • No website, no tech skills, and no experience needed


  • Website is a duplicate website of previous software products (for example, Embassy and Levels)
  • Some parts of the website contain old content
  • Black hat marketing
  • Over-hyped and copy-pasted marketing scripts
  • Poor training
  • Solo ads and paid ads will cost you money
  • Duplicate and plagiarized content may get you in legal trouble
  • Small affiliate commissions (Small percentage of a bitcoin)
  • Some affiliate websites are not offering affiliate programs, but referral programs
  • High chance of getting your affiliate application rejected
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Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

I didn’t find any lawsuit filed against Crypto Commissions or filed against its developers. However, that does not mean that Crypto Commissions is a good product to spend your money on.

But I read some negative reviews about the other software products developed by the same people. Some customers are not happy with the products. They claim the products didn’t work and demanded a refund. However, the refund didn’t come despite the money-back guarantee.

I think the feedback and complaints of their previous customers are good enough to avoid purchasing Crypto Commissions. If they have undergone such a painful experience, there’s a chance that you will get the same experience too.

Are the Crypto Commissions Legitimate?

Crypto Commissions Review

I can’t say whether Crypto Commissions is legitimate or a scam. But one thing is definite; Crypto Commissions should be avoided. It gives you some ideas on how to make money with affiliate marketing, but that’s it. It clearly will not generate a 4-figure income for you. You could even end up losing more money than actually making it.

I also like to highlight that the developers have been developing software products for many years now. You may have encountered some of them before. I’m not saying that their other software products are no good. But at least, try to do your research before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

I will not recommend Crypto Commissions to anyone. But of course, this is for you to decide. You may think that $17 isn’t much, and try it out for yourself. At least you already know what to expect after reading this review. But if you decide to stay away from Crypto Commissions, then good for you because you saved yourself from a lot of trouble and disappointments.

Crypto Commissions poorly represented affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is indeed an income opportunity, but without the high investment risk or any deceptive tactics. You can create a stream of extra income or build your profitable online business by becoming an affiliate.

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6 thoughts on “Crypto Commissions Review – Is It A legitimate money-making opportunity?”

  1. Very interesting! I didn’t know crypto commissions were a thing. I was pretty interested in using this on my own website until I finished the article. I’m glad you saved me! Thanks so much for providing the information and pros and cons about crypto commissions. I look forward to reading more articles on your site!

    • Any company that makes false claims and associates itself with black hat advertising always sends a red flag. With duplicate websites and old, outdated content, it would be impossible to get any exposure on the search engine.

  2. It had to happen the Crypto boom just had to filter down to affiliate marketing. your review of Crypto Commissions makes it look like one of the most useless products going around. 

    If you can get people to pay better than $800 for it, that is not bad money if you get it. There should be more of reviews like these. Thanks for putting it out there. 

    • It is a useless product to get involved with. Surprising that they still operate and get few people to join from time to time.

      With duplicate and plagiarized content, it may get you in legal trouble. I would suggest that those reading this review pass up on this opportunity and look for a more robust and up-to-date affiliate marketing business like the one I recommended.

  3. Really thank you so much for a post like this. I am also very interested in affiliate marketing. But I also disapprove of Done for you like this. Because I was involved in something like that a long time ago, it’s really useless. I just wasted my money. Whatever it is, we must first learn from the right place. Thanks so much again for letting me this kind of information.

    • Some people want to build a business online but do not want to take the time and learn to build a successful website. This is why many companies are coming up with this done for your business that is attracting a huge number of people in the marketplace.

      The search engines will never accept Done-for-you businesses with duplicate websites; therefore, nothing can attract visitors online.


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