Do I Have To Blog Everyday? – What An Impossible Task!

One question that comes up all of the time bloggers is “do I have to blog everyday?” Blogging every day may not be your idea of fun!

Should you suck it up and do it anyway? Or, should you forget about it today and go do something else?

I know there are times when doing something else other than blogging sounds pretty good!

Do I Have To Blog Everyday? No, You Don’t

I would say that this is almost impossible for the average blogger to do. Even if you are in a niche you are very passionate about writing a blog article every day gets harder the longer you’ve had your blog.

One way around that is hiring an outsourced blog writer. This is a good way to jumpstart your blog if you don’t have any content. If you want to continue on after you get your blog going you can have your writer post content every three days.

This way you are getting 90 days worth of content and you’re keeping your blog up to date at the same time. This is definitely a hands-off way to blog.

Here’s another strategy that I have seen work, especially for people who do blogging part-time.

Take a Sunday afternoon and write seven blog articles. Schedule them to publish every day of the upcoming week and let your blogging system automatically publish for you.

One thing I like about this is when you get in the mood to write you can crank out a lot of content in advance. Then you don’t have to worry about it for another week.

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No-Publish Less And Market More

My personal favorite strategy is to write longer blog articles of 1000 words or more. Publish them once a week and spend the rest of your time marketing the blog post you just made.

Setting my blog schedule - Do I Have To Blog Everyday?

1000 words could be the minimum that you shoot for. A longer post of 2000, 3000, or more words is even better if your content is valuable to your reader and not just filler to hit a word count quota.

This is also a good strategy for getting your blog ranked in the organic results of Google. The reason for this is twofold.

1. You are giving Google more words to spider.

2. You are creating more backlinks when you spend 5-6 days marketing your new blog post.

Longer articles have more words in them so it’s only natural that Google is going to pick up more words in your article. You can help that along by targeting specific keyword phrases in your article.

This strategy is a good way to rank for more than one keyword per article. As a matter of fact, you can rank for numerous keywords in one article by sprinkling them throughout the text.

Think of this as writing a themed content article. You are not focusing on the specific keyword density, but rather using variations of keywords that sound natural within the article you’re writing about.

The other thing about backlinks is Google still places a high value on them if you’re getting quality backlinks. One quality backlink from an authoritative website is better than hundreds or even thousands of low-quality backlinks.

There are many strategies on how you can market your blog post where more readers can find them.

Here are a good article and a free content promotion guide to use as a reference. The article is titled “36 Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts”

They’re also easy strategies you can implement each week to get backlinks to your new blog post.

Check out this article on 101 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Here is another great article from SEO and backlink expert Brian Dean: 17 Untapped Backlink Sources

I like to try new things and get a variety of high-quality links to my blog posts. Over time this really shows Google how valuable your blog has become.

It is possible to develop your own authoritative site with longer articles and high-quality backlinks.

Do I Have To Blog Everyday? It would be better


No Minimum Word Count Or Quantity Of Articles

When I’m done this article is going to be over 1000 words. If I want to make it a 2000-word article I could, but I’m not going to worry about that right now.

I might come back at a later time and add more content if I want to update it.

Here is something else I think you should keep in mind.

Write for your readers and not a specific word count or for search engines. When you do this you focus more on just writing a good article that is helpful to the reader. You don’t worry about filling it with words just hit a specific word count.

You may not even target specific keyword phrases. Just right like you talk.

I also like this strategy for the average blogger. It keeps you free from worrying about things like search engine optimization, word count, and the number of articles per week.

Final Thoughts

In terms of how often you have to blog using this strategy when you feel like writing sit down and do it. Don’t limit yourself in any way and just concentrate on the article itself. I think this is the way blogging was meant to be and Google and your readers know it.

Then continue to spend the rest of your time in between writing articles marketing your new blog post. Over time you’re going to have a high-quality blog that both your readers and search engines will value.

Again, if all of this seems too much hire a freelance blog writer to help you out with the writing you just focus on the marketing!

You can still do some writing when you feel like it, and you are doing it on your own terms. You will never feel obligated at any time in any way to me, your readers, or Google.

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