How To Get Top Ranking On Google – for Multiple Keywords

Ranking on Google used to be the Holy Grail of Internet marketing. How to get top ranking on Google is foremost for all internet marketers.

Everyone wanted to rank on Google because it meant consistent traffic you could count on whenever someone clicked on your link that was showing up in the organic results.

Today social media marketing has given people another way to get consistent traffic without trying to rank on Google. However, if you still like the idea of ranking on Google you need to understand a few things.

When we talk about how to get a top ranking on Google, we are referring to the results Google ranks you for your website under certain criteria which I will discuss.

For example, have you heard that Google uses 200 ranking factors In their algorithm to determine their organic search results? Respected blogger Brian Dean talks about these in this post on his Backlinks blog.

As I was looking at this list couple of things occurred to me.

1. The average person could never complete all 200 of these.
2. By the time, I finish writing this article and get it posted on my blog, some of these could change.

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Domain Name

How To Get Top Ranking On Google

For example, it used to be that Google put a lot of weight on having the targeted keyword phrase in the domain name. You could speed the process up by purchasing an existing domain name that is older than starting with the new unsubscribed.

Google doesn’t appear to put as much weight on that today as it used to. However, if you are confident your new blog will be around for more than one year buy your domain name for 2 years.

Google views this as being a sign you won’t give up as quickly. They are more likely to rank you faster because of this.


You still can rank for targeted keyword phrases if you use them correctly on the pages that you’re creating. Brian refers to this as Page-Level Factors.

Google does use keywords to determine how they’re going to rank a page. You can help yourself by having the keywords you want to rank for in the title tag.

The shorter the keyword phrase the harder it is to rank for. The longer the keyword phrase the easier it is to rank for.

This is known as targeting longtail keyword phrases. These are 3 or more words and the more of them you create posts for on your blog the more you will rank for and the more traffic you can get.

Learn more about Keywords here.


The most important factor in how to get on the first page of Google for a particular keyword phrase is the content you put on the page. As Google has done algorithm changes over the years, they always strive to put the importance of quality content as a primary ranking factor.

Google is a search engine and they want to deliver the best results to the searchers it possibly can. You really can help yourself by posting quality content that a reader would find useful as it relates to the specific keyword phrase you are typing.

Do not just use keywords to fit your goal of ranking for them. Make them sound natural in the context you are using them.

Also, sprinkle variations of them in your content. This helps Google establishes what your content is about.

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One other thing to keep in mind regarding content. When you’re entering articles you want to create them at 1000 words or more.

Some SEO blogging experts say you should be doing articles that are 2000 words. Brian Dean himself has found that he can rank quality articles at 1000 words just as easily as he can at 2000 words.

This is easy to understand if you have ever written longer articles. They take more time to research and they tank more time to write.

A well-written article of 1000 to 2000 words can rank you for multiple keywords in the organic results on Google.


Because the more words you use the more words Google will be spidering. It doesn’t take them much longer to spidering long content, but it does make a big difference in terms of ranking on Google. Over time you can build an authority blog with a lot of great content that is ranking all over Google in the niche you are in.

Getting backlinks is How To Get Top Ranking On GoogleBacklinks

Getting your blog link on other people’s blogs is a way to boost your rankings. Google still uses page rank to determine the value of a page.

The higher the page your link is the better. Google will transfer a little of that link to you giving your blog a boost.

Work at getting links back to all of your pages and posts. Help yourself out by bookmarking them on your social accounts.

Also, use guest blogging as a way to get a quality link back to your blog. Most guest articles are allowed to have a bio box with a link to them in it.

Final Thoughts

It’s always going to be hard to rank at the top of Google because of the competition. However, targeting longer keyword phrases, with less competition, is one way to rank at the top of Google in virtually any niche.

Shoot for someday having an authority blog. Be the authority in your niche that people come to for the information they need and want!

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10 thoughts on “How To Get Top Ranking On Google – for Multiple Keywords”

  1. I read with much interest your article about Google rankings. It’s something I strive for in all my writings.

    Although your article and the author you reference say it takes 1000-2000 words to be ranked, I have found I can ranked with 500 words. In fact, it’s what I strive for.

    It’s not to say I always get ranked, but it is to say I have been ranked a few times with articles in the 500 words range.

    I appreciate you referencing another author, something I need to do more of. I will definitely look more closely at the 200 points.

    Just a thought, in case you haven’t already thought about it, writing articles in online publications such as Ezinne and StreetArticles is a great way to get your name out there as well as to get ranked.

    • Hey Bob, thank you for your honest feedback. I really believe is all about value, and if you give value within 500 words, I can’t see why you would not get rank. External linking is great in google eyes, and if there are websites that have value and can add to your message, it is great to link to them.

      Writing articles to publications I never thought about. Maybe because I don’t have the time. If I can free up some more time down the road, maybe I would consider, thanks for that tip and take care.

  2. Hi Bishop,
    Thanks for this very informative Google SEO article. I do agree with you that content is the most important factor for google ranking.

    May I ask, does comment help a post ranking? Is it recommended to have affiliate links within your reply to a comment?

    Thanks for your advice.

    • Well, Edmund, I glad you agree with me that content is important if you want to get top ranking on google. Google has a fleet of a well educated team of workers on their staff, so you have to be very careful when producing content to the marketplace.

      Comments are very good for ranking, google loves website engagements. Affiliate links are not good. A lot of people do that to sell products or to gain a referral, and google is aware of this. The best thing to do is to provide value to your audience, and send them to your #1 recommendation. If they see the value with what you have to offer, they will go to your affiliate page. Hope you get value with my reply. Thanks!

  3. I was looking on some more information on raking higher in google, so I’m pretty glad I found this post!

    I like the link you provided, I’m going to have to research more on all the different ranking aspects, but I’d wish you might be able to show me a few I didn’t already know. Even though this post basically covers the biggest part of it.

    But your right, good content, with a keyword rich title is really what you need.

    Great post.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Hey, Matt, glad you liked it. I kiND of beginning to see what Google looks for and tried to impliment them in my post so that I could get top f ranking on google. Good luck to you on your postings.

  4. Thanks for this article. There are a number of factors to look out for when creating a website to rank in search engines. You touched on some of them for sure. Other factors to include that I have experienced results with is Youtube and also doing a site audit.

    There are on page factors that can have a difference in your ranking too and having broken links, bad coding, No H1 tags, missing or low keywords, missing xml sitemaps and other things.

    • Andre,

      Thank you for stopping by and giving your comment, glad you see the value of my suggestions and thank you for your added input on how to get top ranking on Google. You touch on some precious points that will incorporate in my websites going forward.

      If there is anything you would wany to add, please feel free to give you input so that all stopping by will benefit. Thanks again Andre and good luck with your online business.


  5. Hey. Thanks for this helping article. My site is about 3 months old and I’m constantly worried that my articles will be not ranked high. Your post has calmed me down because I’m trying to write the most helpful content from + 1500 words and I try to use keywords naturally. Thanks.

    • Hey Michael, writing naturally is key. go after the low hanging fruit keywords that have very low search volume when starting out on a new site. my rule of thumb is a keyword that has over 100 searches and under 100 competition. 

      Not sure what keyword tool that you use, but Jaaxy is my favorite, take a look and let me know what you think.


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