Empower Network Review 2015 – Is It A Scam or Pure Hype?

You will be reading my uncensored Empower Network Review of what I think about this business. Note that this a review, if you’re looking for The Empower Network website then check below.

Keep in mind as I write this review I am still an active member of Empower Network, but not promoting this business again, and soon to end my membership, which I did as of April 1st, 2015.

Updated for 2018

Empower Network Files For Bankruptcy

“This is My Comprehensive Review on Empower Network for 2015.”

Name: Empower Network Reviewing Empower Network putting the pieces together like a chess game

Price:  $25.00/month ( Kalatu Blogging) basic
$100/month inner circle
$500 Top Producer Formula (one-time payment)
$1000 Team Building Formula (one-time payment)
$3500 Mass Influence Formula (one-time payment)

What is the average income from members of Empower Network?

The above five (5) products are part of the Empower Network core product line. A core product is one that is a “stand-alone” product in the Empower Network business, that affiliates sell to participate in an 85 – 100% commission payout plan.

$19.95/month (Affiliate Program) Not Commissionable. This is not a product, but rather a part of the Administrative Process and provides an array of access to the member.

Compensation: According to Empower Compensation Plan, every affiliate is passing up the 1st, 3rd, 5th and then every +5 member after that (10th, 15th, 20th and so on). This means that your second direct “signup” will be “passed up” to your upline.

Owners: David Wood &
David Sharpe (left the company for health reasons, God bless him.)
Website: http://empowernetwork.com
Rank: 0 out of 100

working at home networking

Why am I writing this?

Well, The wonders of modern technology have moved the employment opportunities to another dimension. Plenty of work from home opportunities can be seen in the present world, and Empower Network is classified as a successful way of making money online. Plenty of reasons are available for a person to join Empower Network, and I would like you to judge for yourself as I show you the facts. It is recognized as a highly profitable business, and any person can enroll in this program if they have the skill set and lots of money to do so. Empower Network Is A…….


Pros and Cons:

There are a few pros and a lot of cons with this program. The products after going through most of them are just hype sessions of individuals making money online. Even the Monday night calls (209-255-1040) are full of hype with individuals telling you the money they are making but not showing the details of their success


1. A Blogging Platform from Empower Network (Kalatu Blogging)
2. Very high-income stream if you are all in with the five core products and can afford the cash.
3. Very nice people you meet when taking part at their events throughout the year.


1. There is no knowledge of what they are promoting.
2. There are additional training that you have to pay that pops up occasionally
3. No support to attend to your immediate attention.
4. Your monthly fee is $ 144.95 a month with additional cost for success system (like Ipas2 and level up sequence)
5. No free trial is in place.
6. One owner has disappeared (David Sharpe) and the one that remains (David Wood), no access to him.
7. You do not own your website.

This business has all the attributes of a Pyramid Scheme and A Ripoff Scam with no definite purpose of what you will be doing or what kind of interests you need for success. My upline told me months back that he would not work with me if I am not all-in. Ie $5,000.00 plus an investment.


 Empower Network Core Products:

1. KALATU Blogging. $25./monthly
This is the basic level so that you will have access to the back office where they will direct to buy the other products that are listed below. Yes, huge upsells.

2. INNER CIRCLE. $100./monthly

This is a ridiculous level of all. Here you have access to a library of audios from members of Empower Network ranting how to create a mindset for selling these products and how to win your customers over. Yes, pure hype sessions. You will have the rights to sell this program and earn commissions on it when someone joins Empower Network. To remain all in this fee has to be paid monthly, or your all-in status will be “remove”.

3. Top Producer Formula. $500. (one time)

Module 1: Sponsoring and Selling
Module 2: Beliefs and Attitudes
Module 3: Lead Capture Pages
Module 4: Mechanics and Strategy
Module 5: Rapport & Responsiveness & Relationships
Module 6: Generating Highly Targeted Leads
Module 7: Closing and Signing People up on the Phone
Module 8: Upselling & Getting People All In
Module 9: Presentation Formula
Module 10: Live Internet Event Recruiting Strategy
Module 11: Live Local Event Recruiting Sales Strategy
Module 12: Creating Live Groups
Module 13: Painting a Vision for the Future

4. Team Building Formula $1,000.(one time)
Module 1: Your Outcome, Teaching System, and Expectations
Module 2: Core Concepts You Must Understand To Build This Business
Module 3: Team Building Principles – Part 1 – Law of Duplication
Module 4: Team Building Principles – Part 2
Module 5: Team Building Principles – Part 3 – Laws of Momentum & Tap Root
Module 6: Team Building Principles – Part 4 – Laws of Belief & Dream Building & Vision
Module 7: Your Team Activity System
Module 8: Team Building Formulas
Module 9: Q&A – How to Solve Any Problems Using the Team Building Formula

You can compare with a legitimate online Business.

5. Mas-Influence Formula $3,500. (one time)

Module 1: Mass Influence Defined

The first step to winning friends and influencing people to do what you want them to do is first to understand what influence means…

Module 1 “Mass Influence Defined” is going to help you understand what influence means, and help you make the subtle mindset shifts that you absolutely must make before can begin to influence others.

Module 2: Beliefs About People

The second step to winning friends and influencing people is to understand why people do what they do.

Module 2 “Beliefs About People” is going to share with you exactly why people do what they do.

If you have been struggling to get people to do what you want them to do, it’s because you haven’t seen this.

my Unconscious PhenomenonModule 3: Unconscious Phenomenon

Those who fail to influence, fail to understand what people are saying…
Module 3 “Unconscious Phenomenon” is going to show you how to decode people’s language patterns, and respond in a way that makes them feel understood…

(Hint: this is where the influence process begins to happen)

Module 4: Framework of Language Suggestions

Ever hear the saying “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it?”

It’s true, and in Module 4 “Framework of Language Suggestions,” David Wood is going to show you how to talk to people in a way that gets them to take action and achieve their desired result.

Module 5: Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 1)

After you know why people do what they do, your next step is to know how to get them to take the actions that you want them to take.

Module 5 “Patterns of Linguistic Influence” breaks down the laws of influence, how they work, and how you can use them to influence people to do almost anything you want them to do.

Module 6: Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 2)

All great leaders have one thing in common; the ability to influence the masses.

Module 6 “Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 2)” will continue to break down the laws of influence, such as, “the law of ambiguity”, and show you how to apply these laws to your business to influence the masses.

Module 7: Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 3)

Inside Module 7 “Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 3),” you’ll discover advanced influence and persuasion techniques such as the “modal operator”. This technique alone has been shown dramatically increase audience engagement and retention.

Module 8: Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 4)

Module 8 “Patterns of Linguistic Influence (Part 4)” is going to show you how to become a master of influence by influencing people to take action by using “embedded commands”.

P.S.: To promote part or all products you have to pay an additional $19.95 monthly which is non-commissionable to obtain affiliate status.

Don’t know about you, but most of those sessions you can get free on youtube with experts like Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Antony Robbins and many of the top motivational speakers that the world has ever seen.

become a super Wealthy Affiliate

Conclusion and My Verdict:

Won’t it be great if you can see all this information before you join a business? That is why I wrote this Review, there are lots of reviews out there about Empower Network, but they made changes since then.

$25 + $100 + $500 + $1000 + $3500 plus $19.95 = $5,144.95 As an all in member plus $144.95 monthly to remain all-in status. Also,  a new level up sequence program to have a better success rate has been introduced, and there is an additional cost with that. Every few months this company add new products so that they can charge you additional cost to their program.

Empower Network has taken their marketing to another level, Yes! Bill Gates Level. I would stay away from this program. When joining a program make sure they have a join for free status,  and check it out for yourself before you shell out your hard earn cash.

Here are the stats today of empower network:

1.Grown from $1.5 million a month to $1.5 million a week in sales.
2.Grown from around 50,000 customers to over 197,000 customers.
3.Grown from 5 employees to over 105 employees.

They Got down from $7 million per month to $300,000 per month.

arrow-red Turn Any Passion Into a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

Get started here. It’s Free!

PS: Please leave your comments or questions below, I would love to get your feedback.




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123 thoughts on “Empower Network Review 2015 – Is It A Scam or Pure Hype?”

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  2. I’ve heard a lot about this Empower Network . But looking at your review confirm my stand of avoiding this program. Thanks David for the great review.

  3. Hey David,

    Great post and review. I’ve never heard of Empower network before this post and I’m glad I didn’t find it a year ago because I may just have signed up.

    It sounds a bit sketchy. Before I found WA I was on the lookout for something that would help me make more money. I wasted money on a few scams and this could have easily been one of them.

    Thanks for the info.


  4. I remember stumbling across this bunch about a year back and I thought they looked pretty legit. Over the process of the year though I have heard more and more grumblings about them…now this!
    Thanks so much for pointing out that one of the owners has done a runner – makes all the difference!
    What would you suggest taking on in a marketing sense instead of this scheme?

    • Hey, Chris, I kinda envy you. You thought they were pretty legit, but you did not join, unlike me. Normally if I see something looking a little legit, I would hop on it right away. Sure would like to understand why you waited, maybe I would learn a trick or two going forward.

      I was searching the Internet and I really wanted to know exactly how this Internet stuff works. Or does it really works? So I came across a company, with a free to join program, call Wealthy Affiliate. After doing my research and listening to the people in the community that was a part of this program, and normal people like you and I was having success, I new right away this is it. I upgraded my membership, go through the training, and since then, I have never looked back. Yes, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to everyone. Take care Chris.



  5. Hi David,

    When I first started reading your review with the different product offers with the increasing price for each one, I thought, this is the kind of program with an upsell and that is going to tell you that if you want to achieve success, it’s going to cost you and I might add quite a big chunk a of money too!

    So for me, when I see these types of offers it translate to scams. And when you look at the way it is structured to earn a commission it looks like a pyramid scam! No wonder the owners have disappeared…

    Now, I’m wondering, have you cancelled your membership with Empower Network?

    Thanks for Sharing

  6. I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this blog.

    I am hoping to view the same high-grade blog posts from you
    in the future as well. In fact, your creative writing
    abilities has inspired me to get my own site now 😉

  7. Wow. Awesome review. And there was me thinking these affiliate programs were all is awesome as Wealthy Affiliate. Obviously not. I’m actually really glad that I never stumbled across this website because my mood for the last month has been very spontaneous. Nice alert!

    The Empower Network really does sound like a pyramid scheme if they encourage you to go all in at that price. I can see affiliate commissions going through the roof – I guess of course, only if you go all in yourself, right?

    • Exactly Raymond, and surprise me the most is that they say you getting training for that money. I definitely miss something there. All the training is all hype by members claiming that they make so much money. I haven’t scratched the surface yet with Wealthy Affiliate, and I have learned so much.

      My goal here is hope this review fall in the hands of people who looking to join Empower Network. Thank you for your feedback Raymond and i wish you great success with your online business.

  8. David,

    This is a really well written review. I find it interesting that one of the owners left and nobody knows why. It really makes you wonder what happened.

    It’s also interesting that members have no access to the other owner. It seems like maybe he is hiding. Just kind of seems dodgy.

    Do you think that for people who go all in and spend all the cash there is a good chance of making good money? If so, then maybe it’s an ok system. I mean, If I knew I would make good money I would have no problem spending 5k.

    I guess the problem is that there is never a guarantee. Thanks for the info.


    • Hey Robert, I was told that David Sharpe and had to leave because of his illness. I prayers went ou to him and his family. if I invest 5k, and making 2k every month, off course that is a good business. The problem I am having is not making money? is what am I selling? What am I asking people to buy?

      The training is no training. The $100 a month for Inner Circle in itself is garbage. I bought all those products and have not receive no training as to how to build a business online. One month into another program, and I have myself a website that I own, and how to generate traffic. the knowledge in itself is valuable. Nothing has guarantees, but asking someone for 5k is not my forte. Thanks Robert, and if I could help you in any way, please let me know.


  9. Hi!
    Wow, thanks for this review and the heads up on this company. I have heard real horror stories about them, and it seems the only people that write good reviews for them are either the current members hoping to make it work or the top ones who are actually making money, and those are few and far.
    Do you have an alternative program you can recommend?


    • Thank you, Shawn, for seeing the value with Wealthy Affiliate . I wish I had come across this program years ago and not fall into them internet scam out there. If we all get the education for building a business online, then we will stay away from them get rich scheme business.

      I glad that you are now working full-time because of this program, and many will be following when they see the value that Kyle and Carson are giving to the community with Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for your honest feedback and blessings to you and your business.



  10. Thank you for this your nice post. Dubious programs like this one abound on the internet. This Empower Network program even seems complex to me to understand. And the complexity is deliberate; it is just to confuse people and rip them off of their money. But how can someone be promoting what he does not know? Anyone that has a reputation to protect will never do that. Thanks for the information on them.

    • Exactly, 9 out of 10 people in Empower Network have no clue what it is they really selling. That is why they keep changing they products often. With a striving economy who can come up with $5,144.95 and be paying $144.95 monthly to grow an online business? This is a ridiculous thing I ever come across. Sam i appreciate you stopping by and good luck with your online business.


  11. I signed up for Empower Network 2 years ago and got out after a few months when I realized that my success would be determined by how many people I could “trick” into becoming members. I did not want to alienate my friends and family by getting them involved with something that would just end up draining their bank account. I’m actually surprised they are still promoting this swill. Thanks for keeping a light shining on this program so that others can be forewarned.

    • Exactly Roland, I guess we all see the light sometime. I wish for me it would have been sooner. Empower Network is using all tactics to make a dollar from people, and many are falling into their trap. In growing any business, education is the key, and that is why I can reasonate with Wealthy Affiliate. Their only goal they have in mind is to educate their Affiliates and help them to understand what is required to build a successful business online.

      Thank your for dropping by and giving your honest opinion on Empower Network, if their is anything I can do to help you move your business to another level, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  12. David this is a very informative site you have here and one that will be placed in my favourites bar for future reference. It’s good to see a father and son combination working together as these day’s it’s getting raider to see family’s co-opperating together.
    I wish you every success and hope you can find time to visit my site as I would value your opinion.

    Kind Regards


    • Hey, Paul, I glad you see the value in this website, that is exactly my intentions. The marketplace is full of scams and inaccurate informations. If I can show light to my audience and give value, then I can at peace with myself. the good thing like you mention, my family have the same intentions as I. Thank you for your kind feedback, and I will definitely find time to look at your site. All the best.



  13. Thank you for putting so much effort into this review. I have never heard of Empower before, but I’m definitely determined to stay away. I don’t like the fact that you have to pay in so much, yet you get to know so little about everything. That makes me super leery.

    • Hi Steph, Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment. Yes, please stay away from Empower Network and any other program that they associate themselves with. You get nothing for all that money you put in. And every time you think you finish, they come up with other products for you to shell out some more cash. Take care and good luck with your business.

  14. Hi, your site looks very good. Easy on the eyes (not too much blingy stuff I see sometimes) I like the bold color headers to break up the content so it does not get stale if you know what I mean. It’s very easy to read and precise info. Nice and smooth and loads fast. I just looked at one that took a loooong time to load. Not good! I didn’t see anything I would change. Nice one! Cheers, Don

    • Thank you for those kind words about my site. that was not my intention, though. just hope you get value about reading about all those scams out there that is robbing innocent people from their hard earn cash. Be careful Don.

  15. Hi David:) thank you for explaining all about The Empower Network. I had heard some things about it from the sideline, but now I really understand better what The Empower Network is. Some years ago I did attent a special netmarketing course. How you could find souls for your network, make lists, call people and drag them in. I really recognize the way of working here. When I see the titles of teambuilding etc. It’s not about helping people at all, they see people as $$$ and lots of $$$.
    I have had telephone training, with standard reactions you could give to doubting answers from your potencial “victum”, sorry to say, but I didn’t think of it as a client, let alone a friend. But when you are new on this market, you step into it with two feet at once. Glad to have people like you, to warn for this kind of practices.
    I am very curious, do you have experience in this kind of networkmarketing? Have you ever fallen for these nice talkers?

    • Heyl, Loes, thank you for your feedback. Sometimes your eyes are close when you are dealing with an upline in a company. You build a relationship with him, so anything he says about the company, you believe, if you know what I mean. So yes, you can say that I have fallen for those nice talkers. I thought I had the experienced, but not until I came to Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned so much here.

      If I had known now, back then, I would not fall into Empower Network scam. I would have seen right through them and not become a member. Know I am in a position to help others not to make the same mistake I have made. I wish you great success with your business. Take care.

      • Sorry you went down the drain, but see the positive side of it, you have experience and have written a splendit review to warn other people on time to step into this trap, greetings Loes

        • Thanks, Loes for your kind comments and concern. A lesson well learned. The bad part is really not the money, is the lack of internet knowledge. They teach nothing. I bought over $6,000 worth of products, plus paid $144.95 monthly for two years, and learned nothing. I am now in a new company, Wealthy Affiliate, not even paid out 5% of what I give to Empower Network, and I have learned so much. People are going to really see through them. Thank you for dropping by. Take care.

  16. Whoa David, this should definitely put anybody who was thinking of joining Empower Network right off it and I bet that people who already joined not knowing this stuff would’ve like to have seen it first when they thought $25 and I can start making money.

    Over $5k and somebody was told they wouldn’t get any support unless they paid out this amount, that’s just disgusting.

    I like the video you put in there too, seems like that Ethan guy didn’t like them at all, he didn’t hold back and said they should be close down by the FTC.

    Thanks for putting out the warning signs David


    • Hey, Mark, I honestly wish I would have seen an empower network review before I joined. The amount 5k was just to stay all in. they were other products as well in $500 range up to $2500 outside the core products. And yes, I did take part in those as well.

  17. I am glad you have exposed empower network and I read many other who has develop sites that talk about empower network.

    Fully agreed that empower network is a pure scam and they run on ponzi network. I am not sure why this is still a live website and they are using us to pay for their lifestyle.

    Kee up the good works!

    John (WA member)

    • Hey John, thank you for the comment. It really amazes how more and more people are getting sucked into this scam company. I always thought that those who want to make money online are either broken or low on funds, and would like to supplement their income. But the way I see it, people spending $5,000.00 plus and an additional $150.00 monthly on Empower Network definitely does not need money. Thanks, john, and I wish you all the best with your online business.

  18. Hello David,

    I have heard a lot about the Empower ripoff and it makes me angry that they are even considered to be legit by so many.
    I have heard that even PayPal will not deal with them any longer because they had to issue to many refunds, is that true?
    I have heard nothing but bad about them and I wonder how they stay in business with all of the bad publicity.
    Thank you for the great review, yours is definitely the most in depth one I have read and now I know exactly why they are a scam.

    • Thanks, San, for taking the time to leave a comment. When I was there they were using a merchant account that you had to pay 19.95 monthly. Maybe papal had already left. It amazes me how they still in business. With the amount of money, they demanding for products that have no value. They will finally get shut down sooner or later. Anyways, this company is behind me now, and I am now learning how to build a successful business online with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again for dropping by. Take care.

  19. Don’t see why they can even call it an affiliate commission if you have to pay to be a part of it. I don’t like how you don’t own your website through this program either. This is pretty much false advertising in my book. I think this is one of the craziest multi-leveled schemes out there, paying more and more to get less and less. Thanks for adding your better rated suggestion of WA there so people can truly find a better place to put their efforts.

    • Hi, Sarah, thank you for your comment. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have caught up with all their schemes. My hope IA for the masses to see this blog post so that they would not make the same mistake that I have made. This new company that I decided to put all my attention towards is far better than Empower Network. I wish you all the best with your business. God Speed.

  20. Hello David Well, well, well,… 3 holes in the ground to throw your money into and never see again. These wells are ‘wishing wells’ so people can wish and dream about making money but the only people making money from this ‘money pit’ are the owners D + D (and that’s not Dumb & Dumber) but Sharp Dave and Wood (not trust) Dave, who are the guys at the top.

    You say that Dave Sharp has gone missing (he used to be a junkie) and you can’t contact Dave Wood either. Well they are both multi-millionaires now, so they are probably enjoying ‘their’ ill gotten gains…

    As for the informative video in your post, Ethan’s been telling his “These guys are Scammers” since 2013 but as he said there are 76,000 videos promoting this as a GREAT company which of course made it very hard for people to find the few that were telling the TRUTH.

    So you weren’t alone, in getting false information and I applaud you coming forward and EXPOSING this scam.

    You will be helping, helping hundreds of people with this post HATS OFF to you for and for pointing people in the RIGHT direction with Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

    • Thanks, Peter, glad you see exactly why I need innocent people to see right through Empower Network. We all want to make some extra money from home to take care of some bills or even as a full-time income, and because of this we tend not to do our due diligence and investigate these companies before we join.

      Now I am in a company and a community that is leading me on the right path. My goal is direct all who want to earn money from home to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for taking the time by leaving your feedback. I wish all the best with your online quest. Thank You.

  21. A great review on empower network. I stumbled onto their site online and was really close to purchasing it. My luck I found your site and can now steer away from their scamming. You mentioned a better alternative available so could you elaborate a little bit of that? I’m quite interested what you value the most. Thanks a lot and cant wait to hear from you!

  22. I love sites like yours that review and expose products online. It is too easy to just start online businesses and suck people into forking over hard earned cash. It seems amazing that you pay your money to this company, and yet you don’t own your website, and have no contact with the owners…. I will stay away from Empower Network!

    • Glad you approve of my decision about Empower Network Todd. The bad thing about this, they really do have some nice and genuine people trying to market their products.

      I know most of them will see the light eventually. Anyways, thank you for you concern and your feedback. Wish you nothing but success as you move forward. God Speed.

  23. David, my head is still spinning after reading your article.

    I am glad you have jumped off the waggon. When I was reading the different modules in their content, well, at least the headline you have provided.

    I couldn’t help myself to start smiling. These guys are really smart using as raining tool NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming, something you will learn for instance when becoming a Life Coach as I am.

    With NLP, you help actually clients to open up and startin to see their potential or blocks. But, obviously you also can use it manipulative to get people hooked on something like Empower Network.

    Certainly not that kind of empowerment I would have in mind.

    Thanks for being so straight forward!!!

    • Hi, Sylvia, is funny you mention NLP, cause the owner, David Wood, practices that all the time and he says you need it in order to get someone to buy. Wow! like my old neighbor woul say, Looks like voodoo to me.Lol.

      How can someone market such a program to their friends and family, knowing that they will not learn the skills to grow your business?

      I am glad I decided to leave, and now I am at peace with myself with this new company. Thank you for your kind words, and good luck with your online business.

  24. Are these guys still around? I was sucked into this program a few years back and lost a lot of money. They are a total scam and should be closed down for good. Thanks for making your readers aware of this scam. Hopefully they will keep their money in their pockets for a while.

    • Hi Wendy, sorry to hear that you were a victim as well. Some people, unfortunately, love get rich quick scheme programs. They just don’t want to put in the work. But what they don’t know, is that this company can be shut down any time in the future.

      Do you want to really invest in a company if you don’t know if they would be around long enough so that you can gain some profit? if you looking for the long term for you and your family, definitely you want to stay away from Empower Network.

      So glad you get out back then. I sure hope you are doin better today with your online business. Wendy, if is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me. Stay well and God Speed.


  25. I’m sure there will be other levels added and there will be additional cost. How much money does it cost to be successful with this Empower Network?

    I’m just floored how your upline wouldn’t work with you unless you pay an additional $5,000 dollars. That is a lot of money to invest. Especially, when your upline denied to help you unless you pay. Sounds like a bribe to me.

    It seems like all they care about is getting people’s money. Wow! Thanks for your review, I really appreciate it.

    • Yes, Evie, it was amazing that he did not wanted to work with all those that were not all in. And even after going all in and spending more money for other products, my emails were not address. but that still was not my biggest problem. The problem I had was, what did I paid for. The lessons were all hype sessions.

      No training whatsoever on how to manage your website. Nothing about adding plugins to track your visitors. I mean they were no training like what I am receiving now from Wealthy Affiliate. I just hope members would come to their senses and realize that Empower Network is a scam. Thank you for your feedback.

  26. I don’t know if it’s just me who has this different perception on empower network.

    Empower Network is not a scam but rather an MLM. Where you make money based on the number of people you recruit and managing them in such a way that they grow from one stage to the other. The business is so saturated that it makes it difficult for newbies to get a piece of the cake.

    Also, due the the costly nature of the program, lots of people are not able to keep up with having to pay for the higher levels.And I guess you don’t earn commissions on products for levels that you don’t find yourself in.

    Therefore, it makes it look like a scam. but it isn’t

    You will have to be on a certain level to earn commission for that level.

    So I would disagree with you calling them a scam. They aren’t a scam but their program is simply costly,which puts lots of people off

    • He, Fidel, thank you for taking the time to give your honest opinion. And I value that. Con artists often use the Internet to advertise supposed business opportunities that allow individuals to earn thousands of dollars a month in “work-at-home” ventures. These schemes typically require the individuals to pay nominal to substantial sums for the “business plans” or other materials. The fraudsters then fail to deliver the promised materials, provide inadequate information to make a viable business, or provide information readily available for free or a substantially lower cost elsewhere.

      In one such scheme, after paying a registration fee the victim will be sent advice on how to place ads, similar to the one that recruited him, in order to recruit others. This is a form of Ponzi scheme.

      Ponzi schemes and scamming are the same to me. When you scheme people on products they paid for but you did not deliver the training that you advertise is scamming.

      If it is fine with you, and you are doing well with Empower Network, then, by all means, I wish you continued success. Again, thank you for your honest opinion. Take care Fidel


  27. Hey, David!

    I’m quite surprised that Empower Network is still allowed to be in business, and you’re also too generouse in giving EN a score of 30/100 because I would give it a “-30”.

    For 8 months, I worked very hard at my EN blog, applied SEO techniques and invested a lot of money, but it was a complete waste of my time and my money becasue I earned a grand total of $0 from my efforts!

    Empower Network is a complete SCAM, and I do not recomemnd the program to anyone because it doesn’t work!

    The 2 David’s are only out to rip people off and line their own pockets, just as most “GURUS” do!

    I received ZERO training, ZERO help and support, and ZERO success from Empower Network, and members are only willing to help you if you empty your bank account and “Go All In!”

    Stay well clear of Empower Network and ALL members who try to recruit you in to the SCAMMY platform.

    Thanks for the review.


    • Thanks for your comment Neil.

      I am very surprised that they are in business as well Neil. But the word is getting around and most people do not like how they keep adding products with huge price tags, I actually really thought hard about giving them a 30/100 cause I did make some money.

      I got involve with a lot of advertising myself. it had a group that I was affiliate of called IPAS2 and they had invented training and a series of funnel hoping to get members in at a low rate and then upsell them with more training and then upsell them with Empower network. I paid for leads which did not convert.

      These two guys from IPAS2, Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, really worked there but of, but I was just additional money for a member.

      This is what made me discontinued my membership, as you rightfully said,”No training”. I decided to go through the training that I paid thousands of dollars for? I was so surprised, GARBAGE! I know I should have done my due diligence, but they will not let you see what you are getting before you pay for it.

      I will stay clear from Empower Network and I hope with this review, others would do the same. Thank you for your input here, wish you all the best with your online business.


  28. Dear David Bishop,

    Thanks for sharing with us your experiences on Empower Network. I guess when you mentioned the high upsell like prices, I could smell right away I was in for another Scam Review right off the bat.

    But, alas, upon joining Wealthy Affiliate, I couldn’t have been much happier with that decision. I have built a website so easily with their Training it didn’t cost me a single penny to get started.

    It sounds like a relief you will no longer be a part of Empower Network anymore based on your findings of what they really truly represent.

    One can only hope that many people will read your Review and make a wise decision with getting deeply involved with any online program.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hi Angel, thank you for those kind words. Yes, it is a big relief not being a part of Empower Network. Glad you have found Wealthy Affiliate and that you are happy there. Getting to my Review and staying away from Empower Network is why this post was written.


  29. I have to agree with this review – I tried out EN briefly (luckily not long enough to decide I wanted my money back!!)

    I’m sure these guys probably think they’re doing good for the people who are willing to put in a hell of a lot of hardwork to get to a good level… but ultimately, I just didn’t feel comfortable selling something when I didn’t really know what I was selling – aside from a bunch of inspiration (which let’s face it, we can all find on the internet for free!!), I guess I didn’t get to the “how to con (ahem, sorry – influence) people” part!!

    Great review, thanks for sharing!!

    • Excellent point. When I looked back on my purchases, I did not buy anything of value. The Inner Circle alone which you pay $100 on a monthly basis is garbage and all hype by inexperienced members who is hyping up their progress and accomplishments.

      On the internet as you so mention, you get better motivational like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins and many other experts for free. Why pay Empower Network $100. Monthly for all hype videos?

  30. Great and in depth review you have there. i’ve looked through the empower network myself and have researched them and I agree there is a lot of SCAM out there.

    Lots of hyped up promises of making a big buck there.

    Actually there are many hyped up programs out there on the internet that I just get tired of all the get rich quick promises and want just a little bit of honesty for somebody to say to me “look there is no honest way to get rich quick but if you work at it money will come, just offer what people need and want.

    Luckily I have found a program that tells me how it is and it’s called Wealthy Affiliate, I am grateful for having a peaceful place to learn internet marketing skills without those annoying upsells and hyped up promises.

    Really it is a breath of fresh air to see something like that in this sea of SCAMS.

    I like this website because it offers people an how it really is review so they do not have to lose their money and be bitter like so many did.



    • Glad you drop by Ante. You are right about the get rich quick approach; people are not honest with their selling. If you come out real to people and let them know that there is work when having success online, more people would be more successful because they would put in the work.

      Glad you see the value and honesty with Wealthy Affiliate. I would tell the world about this system. It is working for me, and I know it will work for many that get serious with this program. Thank you for your comment and feedback on my Empower network Review for 2015. I wish you all the best with your business Ante. take care.


  31. I think of all the programs I have encountered online, this must be the most advertised. I have always been too skeptical to join. And thank God I haven’t!

    Omg! This program is a total rip off! Thank you for bringing all the information to our attention.

    It’s best to stick with Wealthy affiliate where it is affordable and you learn a ton of useful things that you can apply to your own interests.

    • Hi George, thank you for stopping by and commenting on my site. Yes indeed, Empower Network is a total ripoff. You get no training, and the money you spent for the different packages is all garbage. Glad you did not fall prey to their scam as I did.

      I am definitely sticking with Wealthy Affiliate and the awesome community they have. Take care and good luck with all your online ventures.


  32. Hi there,

    Thanks for the review.. I’ve been researching about Empower Network a bit before and couldn’t find too many positives out there to be honest 🙂
    I’m glad you made an easy to read, understandable blog post about it, as they are not easy to find. After reading your post I do understand why tho… It’s an expensive, complicated program that basically sells nothing and I guess that’s not easy to explain.

    I wonder a bit about the nice people you meet in there.. Every scam review I read about this network there’s a few empower network fans that give some very rude, dumb, harsh comments. This only tells me more about the sort of people that are involved in this scheme 🙂

    Again, great review! Cheers!


    • Hey, Marten, thanks for the feedback on my Empower Network Review. Truly it has been an experience for me, a sad one if I may say. The sad thing about all of this is the lack of knowledge for all that money, and that was paid to this company

      Is only a matter of time before government officials step in and shut this company down for taking innocent people money.. Why invest in a business when you know that they are not going to be around for too long. I rather put my efforts elsewhere that I can learn how to build a real business from home on the internet.

      Thanks again for taking the time to give you comment on my review. I wish all the best with your online business, and if there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask. Asking for help is the key to any online success.


  33. This is not the first empower review I’ve come across recently and they all seem to have the same thing in common – a negative feel.
    I think that anything that is MLM related is always going to whiff of a scam product. Thanks for covering this in so much detail – I will be staying well clear of it

  34. This is an eye-opener review. People should know about this company before they spend their hard earn money on them.

    I have been through the rodeo twice with this company, just being naïve and was about to do it for the third time until I ran into Wealthy Affiliate (Thank God, this has been a blessing to me).

    I especially appreciate the way you broke down the patterns of Linguistic Language. I think the public really needs to understand this and why this company can be persuasive.

    Keep up the good work David


    • Thank you for your comment Akeim, I really do hope that people see right through this company and don’t shell out they hard earn cash. Glad you made that choice by not getting involve with Empower Network. I believe that more and more people is coming to terms with what they all about. Thank you for dropping by and good luck with your online quest for success.


  35. Hi David,
    I do like these insight blogs to money spinning sites. As I was reading your page, I had in my head this was a pyramid selling business. I always do a lot of research before I hand over my hard earnt cash, so I will be keeping an eye on your future posts.

    • Hey, paul, thank you for your honest feedback. I know I am at fault by not doing my due diligence by checking out this company first. you learn by your mistakes, unfortunately it was quite an expensive one for me.

      I hope people would come across this post and not make the same mistake by enrolling in Empower network. Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all the best in your online business.


  36. Hi David,

    Thanks for sounding the alarm on this scam outfit. I can’t say I would consider them even without your warning. Once I found WA, I stopped searching.

    Before finding WA, I came across others that are similar to Empower Network. I wrote a review on Live Out Loud that I didn’t rate as a scam but it cost me a lot of money and I didn’t get what I signed up for.

    Keep up the good work. I hope your experience at WA is better than your experience at EN.


    • Hey Bob, thank you for your honest feedback, and I am glad that you had the privilege of finding Wealthy Affiliate and not having Empower Network show up at your front door.

      Maybe if I had that same privilege I would not have looked at any other businesses. And that is where I am at this moment. Wish you all the best with your business with Wealthy Affiliate.


  37. Ugh, companies like Empower Network just make me sick. They aren’t empowering anyone except the founders and they are taking tons of money from unsuspecting people every single month. I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is a far better program and costs SOOO much less. Thank you for writing this informative review, and I’m glad you eventually left them. Hope you didn’t lose too much money.

    • Hi Jillian, yes, I did lose a lot of money investing with Empower Network. A lesson well learned. I personally believe that companies should offer a free entry to their business before making any investment, like Wealthy Affiliate.

      My gold here is for this review of Empower Network is to get in the hands of the masses before they make any decision to join this company. Please feel free to stop by anytime if you need any input for taking your business to another level.

      Take care.

  38. I have seen this program before and almost was tricked into joining… I am glad I did not. I would have gone broke by now! I cannot believe they charge over twelve hundred dollars a year plus upsells to really succeed with the program. How important is the inner circle anyways?

    I cannot believe your sponsor told you that he would not work with you unless you were all in. He’s asking you to basically put down 5 grand to just work with him. I know millionaires who do not ask for that much to get their help. That is crazy. It sounds like these people are money hungry jerks. I do not know if everyone is like that, but I have heard several other similar complaints.

    How did they get you to sign up? The person that almost got me was very cunning.

    • Hey, Travis, you hit the nail on the head. Yes, they are very much money hungry. They are asking too much for the programs they are offering which has no real value. All the programs including the inner circle are all hype and rah- rah sessions on members having success with their business.

      My sponsor was taking the advice of the owner David Wood, cause he said that he will not work with members who are not all in. How do they expect you to grow your business without getting some skills to get to that level?

      They were very cunning getting me to sign up. I guess when you are eager to quit your job and provide a better lifestyle for your family, you don’t think straight. I should do my diligence and investigate the company before signing up.

      Anyways, hope you are doing well with your business and staying away from any scam company like Empower Network. Take care Travis, and all the best.


  39. Hey! Great post you have created here.
    This is a nice review about this platform but I like WA more because of the amazing community and knowledge that you get there.
    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
    Cheers and good luck

    • Thanks for your feedback Kush. I agree with you on your decision to stay with Wealthy Affiliate and stay away from Empower Network. Hope your experience with WA community is the same as what I am having. Good luck with your business and if there is anything I can do to help you take your business to the other level, please do not hesitate to ask.


  40. It’s got to the point I have heard so much about these two now ( David Wood &
    David Sharpe ) it’s amazing that they are still in business – I thought everyone now knew how dodgy this opportunity is! It’s a shame because they still must be attracting some kind of customer into their scam tactic. Shows how powerful these things are!

    • Chris,

      It goes to show how many people need the get rich quick schemes. I was once like that myself, but that company and a few closed down. The same way that Empower Network is going to be shut down as well.

      I will not grow a business for my family not knowing how long it is going to stay stick around? I rather build a business from scratch that I have control of without the fear of losing it down the road. Wish you all the best with your business, and if you need help with your business, please do not hesitate to ask.


  41. Hello there,

    Empower Network seems like an extremely expensive way to learn about blogging. Over $5000 just to have a website and some information seems like it is way overpriced.

    What are some of the best parts of their program that you learned? I definitely would think something that expensive is scam.


    • Alex,

      Exactly, I believe most people is saying the same thing. For a company to be asking so much to join a blogging platform, success has to be a guarantee. I know that this was my impression, and that is the approach I took. Later to find out that my purchase had no value, just pure hype and members bragging on how much money they are making.

      What I have learned is that, before their sessions, make sure I take my vitamins or have an energy drink, cause I out for an all night hype sessions with people bragging on their success here at Empower Network. Sometimes I feel so foolish on the decision I have made back then. Wish I can erase that part of my life, even if they keep the money.

      Alex, thank you for addressing my stand on this company, I wish you great success for you and the family in whatever road you decide to take with your online business. feel free to contact me if you need my assistance with anything with your business.

  42. Hi David!
    I think you are right that Empower Network is really a scam. Is it true that I need $5,144.95 just to use the program? I mean if it is worth it then I would buy it, but after I have read your review I definitely won’t purchase it. But i really want to try making my own business. Do you have any recommendation?

      • The reason I can do that Alexandra is that at the time I was an active member of Empower Network. Is great that I can shed some clarity to my audience about this company and their business. Hope all is well with your business and if you need further assistance feel free to leave your concerns. Take care.

  43. Hello David,

    Wow, an amazing article you put very useful information about Empower Network and why I or anyone should stay far from that sort of a program. I appreciate your hard work to bring all of this information. Sorry, you had to loose so much money before you see through this scam business model. I must add that the monthly membership is very expensive to achieve success online, & it makes me little stressed why are they asking for so much to own your own business online.

    Thank you for the review and suggesting which business I should join to achieve success online. I will definitely take a look at Wealthy Affiliate and get back to you if I need any clarification.

    Good luck, Ehab

    • Ehab,

      Thank you for your comment on my Empower Network Review. I glad that you see the reason for taking your business on a test drive first before you put out any cash. Joining Wealthy actually give you that opportunity so that you know if this business is for you.

      As you go through the training, you will be open to new strategies for success that you never know exist. if you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me so I can help. Take care and good luck.


  44. The tips that you give here are great and useful. also the reviews are helpful for every reader out there. I will come back to your page to find new posts and to learn tips on making money online. Go for it and I am sure that you will have success in your life.

    • Daniel,

      Thank you for your feedback on my article about Empower Network, glad you got some value here and that you will returning to my site for more information and make money tips. Wish you all the best with your online success.


  45. Great review Bishop,
    I have bad experiences with Empower Network. Everyone there lies and cheats people. The y are trained to manipulate people and making them feel special but the moment you joined the program, you’ll be under a lot of pressure.

    Everyone of your up line will push you into making a sale and if you don’ they are going to nag you like they are your boss when they actually aren’t because you have to pay to join. Terrible program, proceed with high caution.

    • Riaz, glad you see the truth in Empower Network. Hope you did not lose money the way I have. I personally believe more and more people will come to see what they stand for, and see that they do not teaches anyone on how to build a business online.

      hope you find what you looking for, and if ever you need any knowledge on the road you should take, please do not hesitate to ask. i take this business serious and I will do all the best to see you succeed.


  46. I personally do not imagine myself ever paying $5000 just to join an mlm company. This is just insane. That is like half a year’s salary. Why the hell would you want to sell something like this for that much?

    Most people that want to get started online does not want to pay that much as most of them are just getting their feet wet.

    • I agree, why would Empower Network ask someone for so much money when they have no knowledge of how the Internet works, and how to develop their website to make a sale. Sad to say, I fell victim to their internet scam. Now I am a happy member learning from a company that want to see me succeed, and all I am paying under $40.00 monthly.

      Thank you for reconfirming that I made the right choice by not following this company. Wish you all the best and please stay far from this company and any other company who do not offer a free option. Take care.


  47. Hey David, Excellent review about EN! Your post has detailed their questionable and outrageously priced program information which obviously are Scams. For those of us in the know, we understood what we’d expect from a valuable IM product or scheme, we can have all these plus realistic supports at a fraction of the cost. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, Fred, for taking the time to leave me feedback on my Empower Network Review. All is explained about this company and why people should stay away from. All the best.


  48. Hey David, Excellent review about EN! Your post has detailed their questionable and outrageously priced program information which obviously are Scams. For those of us in the know, we understood what we’d expect from a valuable IM product or scheme, we can have all these plus realistic supports at a fraction of the cost. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Fred, thank you for the comment and taking the time to read my review of Empower Network. It not only bothers me about the high cost but is what you are getting for your money. The training is all hype and people explaining the amount of cash they are getting, but know one is showing step by step how to achieve that success. and the worst thing of all, is that the blog you spend the time to build does not belong to you. Wish you all the best in your business.

  49. This is just what I needed, an honest review from someone who’s actually not trying to get em to join Empower, makes arefreshing change so thanks for that.

    It’s also nice to be able to see what’s actually inside. if I got to the supermarket and pick up a loaf of bread, I can flip it over and check out the ingredients BEFORE I decide to purchase.

    Why is this any different to products online?

    Anyway, thanks again, I will be keeping my money in my pocket now and staying clear.

    You mention Wealthy Affiliate, are you yourself a member there? If I decide to create a free account, can I contact you personally inside with any questions?


    • Lee,

      Thank you for your feedback on my Empower Network review. I had to purchase these products first before I knew what I was getting. This is a significant sign of companies who is eager to go after your money before educating you first.

      You are making a wise decision by staying clear and keeping your money to yourself. That is why I take the time to write a comprehensive review so that people would know what are they paying. Bear in mind that they continue to add new products to their system so they can keep people purchasing continually.

      Yes, I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate, and you can contact me anytime if you have any questions or concerns about this business. I take this business seriously, and I will do what bit takes to see you and others succeed. Here is my WA profile.

  50. Thanks for sharing with us on your bad experience with Empower Network. Its a pretty expensive membership and getting to nowhere. It must have been a great relieve that you left the scam network. The problem with these types of scams is that you won’t be able to know their insides unless you joined their membership. I hope you can reach out to more innocent people out there so that they are aware and not fallen into their trap. Thanks for your review.

    • Wesley,

      Glad you understand my take on Empower Network and why people should stay far away from this company. More and more people are finding my blog, which is the sole purpose for writing this review. Thank you for your comment and good luck with whatever you put you hands on in the online business.

  51. Hi david…
    Wow great review and you have probably saved a lot of people throwing there well earned money away on what is without a fail a complete scam! That is what makes Wealthy affiliate as great as it is, low fee is you are premium and no cost to join to test it out. Great work my friend 🙂
    Dave 🙂

    • Dave,

      Thank you for your comment. This program should give a person to check it out first before they put out they hard earned cash. I will turned away from any company that does not provide a free option first, then give me the opportunity to upgrade if I see if it is a good fit for me.

      Wealthy Affiliate had provided me with this opportunity, which I checked out first then immediately upgrade because of the vast amount bof training they provide. Wish you all the best with your business.


  52. I have heard of empower network over and over but I have never seen such an in depth review before. I never knew it was such a high price.

    I have heard of people making 6 figures there but with all mlm’s only people at the tippy top make that much. And you are a hundred percent correct that you can find all that “influence” information for free or in books for under 50 bucks.

    I have to agree with everything you say here. It just seems like a big scam where the top get rich and the bottom lose money. I like the Wealthy Affiliate recommendation too. Always hear great things about them.

    • Dylan,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. The reason for the in-depth review is because the time that I wrote this article, I was still a member of Empower Network and have full access to what they are all about and their products.

      It is a pyramid scheme and keep in mind they are constantly changing their products. The new uniline system has just been intriduce but I will explain it in my Review down the road.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers you a free membership so that you can see what you can get if you decide to take advantage of their less than $50.00 training program. Thank you for your comment.

      Best Regards.

  53. I’ve heard of this one before and I think I’ve read another article about it, but this explains it very well. The thing that confused me is I still don’t understand what the product is! lol – it seems another type of pyramid-ish scheme but I guess it’s just the program itself that you sell. I wonder how many other scams are offshoots of what is learned there. It sounds like some crazy maze of scamminess! Thanks.

    • Maria,

      Thank you for you comment on EmpowerNnetwork. There is no product, all they are doing is hyping up people by showing that there are money to be made by selling what they have.

      There are no training to bring your Internet skillls to a professional level, and the website, Kalatu Blogging, you don’t own. More people are realizing is a waste of their time joining this Network, and soon they will be caught and shut down. Thank you again and good luck with your business.


  54. Empower network offers very overpriced training that you can easily find for free on the internet. Most people who are still a member are only there so they can have the right to promote the same crap. It’s similar to a pyramid scheme, I am afraid. Thanks for warning.


    • Stephan, you hit the nail on the head. Empower Network high price program has no value or training about Internet Marketing. All is hyped and rah-rah sessions that is useless.

      Glad I can reach people like you so that you don’t make the same mistake as I.Thank you for your honest comment and good luck with your business.


  55. I looked into the Empower Network about a year ago and I’m sad to see they are still scamming people. If ever there was a Ponzi scheme, Empower Network is it.

    I’ve learned that anytime a so-called opportunity uses greed to recruit people, it’s a scam. If they have to use greed, they clearly have nothing of value to offer.

    It’s the ancient scam of selling a pig in a poke. The scammer makes you feel greedy for what they have and by the time you realize there is nothing of value there, it’s too late. The scammer has your money.

    • Gary,

      Could not have said it better myself. Empower Network makes regular changes to their products so they keep having the same people buying over and over again, so that the person at the top makes all the money regardless.

      Some people are beginning to see that there are no real value in their products and are leaving Empower network and joining other companies that educate their members about Internet Marketing.

      Glad I can give some light about this business to my readers hoping that they make the right decision when joining a company. Thank you for your comment and good luck with your business.

      Take care.

  56. Wow. What a mess! First of all, I’m not sure what the product is here, but the pricing seems prohibitively high and outside the ability of most to pay. That might explain the arrogance of someone saying they won’t work with you unless you are all in. Buy everything or else you are on your own. Nice. Reminds me a little of how certain people in in Herbalife worked. Thanks for the info.

    • Warren, glad you take the time to visit my website and leave a comment. Yes, this company which is on the verge of closing their doors has stolen a lot of people money. There is no actual product that they sell but pure hype and people ranting on how much money they are making.

      Not sure how Herbalife operates, but Empower Network management team would not work with anyone unless you are all in, that is over $5000 of your hard earn cash without knowing what you are purchasing. Sorry to say, but I did get caught up in this make money scheme. Glad that I am out and working with a legitimate company that teaches you how to work online. Thank you and all the best with your online business.


  57. The Empower Network was the first scam that I encountered and I nearly believed it. The good thing is that I read a review about it from other sites and I was hinted not to deal with this Empower Network.

    It seem that Empower Network gained popularity but I hope no more victims this time because of these reviews.

    • Hey Jim, thank you for your comment, but you need not worry, Empower Network no longer exists. There scam doors are closed for good. good to know that you were not a victim. Take care.

  58. Hello
    Great post and lots of info although not sure I needed to know every detail as I will definitely not be venturing in the empower network haha thanks . There are so many website now it’s hard to pick out the good from the bad.
    See ya

    • Hey Paul, I left that company before they went out of business which was a great choice on my behalf. The amount of money they were asking for their training was ridiculous. Their training was all hype and rah-rah sessions that do not equip you for marketing online. so you don’t have to worry about joining.

      I would not surprise if they come out with a different name in the future. Love your website. Wish you great success.

    • Great that this article caught your attention and this company does not exist anymore. I hope that people would do their due diligence and investigate the company or service before investing. Thank you for the feedback.


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