​​​​​​Essante Organics Review – Is This MLM Program For You?

This Essante Organics Review will help you do your research before taking action to join their company. The chances are that a friend or family member referred you, or you came across it online doing a Google search for MLM company, business opportunity, or some other earn money keyword phrase.

Essante Organics is a health and wellness MLM company. They can help you earn a lifetime income by becoming its distributor working as little as 7-10 hours a week. At least that is their claim in their compensation video, which I have added below.

  • Name: Essante Organics
  • Website: www.EssanteOrganics.com
  • Price: $29.95 + $199 + auto-ship
  • Owners: Michael Wenniger
  • Overall Rank: 80/100

​​​​​​​Essante Organics Review: Products

Essante Organics is a health and wellness MLM company based in Arizona. The company sells various toxin-free, nutritional, and organic products. It was founded by Michael Wenniger in 2004 as “Essante Worldwide” but was later rebranded to “Essante Organics” in 2009, with its mission being to eliminate toxins from people’s life.

Like other MLM businesses, Essante Organics also aims to help all its partners swiftly earn a full-time income by recruiting more members and selling its products.

If you are hearing about MLM for the first time, it is a strategy that some direct sales firms use to encourage current distributors to recruit new distributors. The distributors earn a percentage of the recruits’ sales. They also make money from selling predictions directly to customers.

As much as pyramid schemes work similar to MLM programs, there is a distinction between the two. Members in a pyramid scheme focus more on recruiting people than product sales. The new members are then pushed to bring in more people to earn a share of the income made in their downline.

Essante Organics is sincere with its mission of eliminating toxins from people’s lives, one household at a time. The company has various products ranging from organic body essentials to health supplements that are all toxic-free. However, there have been rumours going around about this company.

Essante Organics claims to be a unique health company. The combination of organic and toxic-free products is its primary driving force.

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More On ​​​​​​​Essante Organics Products

The company has five product categories that range from essential oils, laundry liquids, personal care, health supplements, and a bunch of baby products. However, the most popular product is Daily Digest, a dietary supplement that hastens weight loss. It contains organic ingredients and probiotic enzymes that help users maintain a flat tummy.

It is sold in two bottles at $24.98, with each container holding 90 capsules to be consumed regularly. That is relatively affordable for new business partners.

The other popular product from Essante Organics is natural juice drinks that help eliminate body toxins and maintain the recommended pH balance in the body.

Super Reds Jar is the cheapest juice drink that goes for $61.10 a bottle. A glass of this product can clean and detoxifies your body from poisonous toxins.

The Pros and Cons of Essante Organics MLM Review

​​​​​​​Pros of essante Organics:

essante organic eco friendly living
  • 1. Promotes eco-friendly living. One good thing about this company is that it supports green living, which we all need considering the toxic environment surrounding us.
  • 2. It offers organic and toxin-free products with 30 days refund guarantee and business training and has an award-winning educational website that promotes a natural lifestyle.
  • 3. Great customer service. Essante Organics also offers excellent support to its new customers through training calls and live conferences. Its customer service is the best since the support staff responds fast to the customer’s comments.
  • 4. Easy to make sales. With Essante Organics, you can easily make sales as long as you can find people interested in purchasing the products. To achieve success, you need to get other individuals to sign up with the firm.

Cons of essante Organics:

  • 1. Expensive startup cost. All you need to get started with Essante Organics is $29.95. However, they will persuade you to buy their $199 and $499 upsells.

If you are serious about this business, you have to invest in upsells to earn high commission and tax reductions. However, paying $500 is expensive for those who want to get returns. That is because these people do not have enough money to invest in the first place.

  • 2. Saturated market. The health and wellness niche is competitive. There are many products and companies in this market, which can make it harder to make sales. If you are thinking of joining this business, you have to consider how you can come up with unique marketing strategies.
Want to learn how I earn my passive Income working from home?

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Who is Essante Organics For?

Like other MLM companies, Essante Organics is suitable for moms, students, and others who are persistent and can go the extra mile to build multi-tier teams. MLM companies do not have a significant incentive to encourage clients to purchase their products.

The major customers are distributors who buy products to maintain the auto-ship required to earn bonuses. If you want to prosper in the MLM industry, do not just join a company because it has excellent products. That is because you will have to recruit and nature new members eventually to earn income.

Is MLM a good business opportunity?

If you get customers buying from you at retail cost, will you have an income stream when you do this? You will be able then to sponsor a downline of Essante Organics distributors and help them get customers. Put the focus on getting retail customers, and MLM is a good business opportunity.

Essante Organics Tools & Training

Essante Organics offers excellent training for beginners to help them start their business. It has an award-winning training website that members can access for free. You can use the site to learn new marketing tricks and new products.

​​​​​​​Essante Organics Review: Support

Essante Organics offers support ongoing support to new members through conferences and training calls. That makes it easy for members to enhance their product sales. It is an advantage that most MLMs out there do not offer. Some only focus on compensation plans and lack quality training and support for members.

Essante Organics Price

You can make a lot of money in Essante Organics, but first, you have to become a Brand Partner or Wholesale Customer by paying $29.95. After that, the company will push you to buy the Go-Green Packs for between $199 and $499.

The packs can help you save money when purchasing products in bulk. They are not necessary for one to start earning a commission. The $24.95 is all you need to pay to begin.

Essante Organics Review: Compensation

Let’s talk about how you make money with Essante Organics. This video offers a good 5-minute overview.

6 Paychecks

Let me summarize the video if you do not want to watch it.

1. eCommerce Retail. 30% commission and the company provided a website.
2. Enroller Bonus. $50-$100 for selling a low-cost enrollment package
3. Express Start Gold Bonus. Up to $500. Enrol 4 and help them enrol 2.
4. Endless Team Bonus. Residual income opportunity.
5. 100% Matching Bonus. Paycheck for building executives in your downline.
6. Expansion Race. Global profit sharing.

You will focus on paychecks 1 and 2 when you first start.

My Final Opinion of Essante Organics

essante organics legitimate

Essante Organics is a legit MLM company that sells decent products. However, the problem with this business is the expensive startup cost of $500 plus, and the competition is high. But, if you love their products and are good at networking, you can succeed in this business.

Most people will find Essante Organics to be one of the network marketing or business opportunities they can do well with. Essante Organics is a legitimate MLM opportunity and is not a scam.

However, it takes work to succeed in any business. This means that if you want to grow your business big with Essante Organics, you should be prepared to do the work.

Essante Organics at a Glance.

Name: Essante Organics
Website: www.EssanteOrganics.com
Owners: Michael Wenniger
Price: $29.95 + $199 + auto-ship

​​​​​​​Final thoughts on Essante Organics Review

I want to review the network marketing industry in general because I think Essante Organics could be a perfect business opportunity for you.

A couple of years ago, the federal trade commission put the network marketing industry on notice that there better be distributors selling retail products. The FTC fined Herbalife over $200 million because that wasn’t the case.

Plan on starting a real business selling what appears to be excellent products to real customers. That’s going to be your focus.

Get your retail customers going first, then look at beginning to build a downline of distributors. By doing this, you’re setting in an example for them, and you’re not going to have any problems getting your business shut down or helping Essante get their business shut down!

Do you want to build your own website and have the potential to market any product of your choice and earn a living online the way I am doing today?

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8 thoughts on “​​​​​​Essante Organics Review – Is This MLM Program For You?”

  1. Many thanks for sharing this review on Essante Organics.  This is definitely an MLM program that I would consider because of the value they present to the human bodies. Essante Organics is a health and wellness MLM company that is helping me to earn an income as a distributor. The company sells various toxin-free, nutritious and organic products and removes toxins from our lives. This is very sincere with the mission of eliminating toxins from our lives.

    Great customer service has attracted me a lot, and sales are simple, and are very helpful for success. This business can provide people with great training to help get people started in their business. Essante Organics makes it easy to increase product sales by providing support  And this is a legitimate opportunity and it is not a scam.

    Lastly, I think Essante Organics can be a great business opportunity for everyone and so everyone should take this opportunity and share your new experience soon.

    • Having a passion for health can turn into a successful business if you learn all the marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competitors. if you are now starting out I always recommend that you stay away from MLM companies at first. get all the training at a low cost and when you are established in the marketplace, then you can venture into legitimate companies.

      The health niche is a very competitive niche and only the experienced marketers reap most of the benefits, that is why the success rate is so low. I would recommend that you start off with Affiliate marketing so that you can earn money at first to walk away from your full-time job so that you would have sufficient time at home to stat MLM if you so choose.

      Affiliate Marketing offers a quicker way to make money online, and the success rate is much higher. plus you do not have to put out so much money as in MLM to get the training as you build your own online business. I hope that helps!

  2. The fact that they have a totally organic and it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i know this is an MLM scheme but I would try it out immediately.thanks a lot for this awesome article as it has been of help to the public as it has been of help to me.

    • Although a product may be of benefit to an individual, attaching a compensation plan where the emphasis is placed on recruiting, is a business to pay close attention shell out your hard earn cash. MLM companies have been given a bad name because of their compensation plan, although there are many that withstand the test of time and went on to build a big empire. Amway, for instance. We just have to keep a close watch and see where they are heading.

  3. Greetings!  I really enjoyed reading your article.  I have had experience being a part of three MLM companies, and I have no regrets!  MLM opportunities are the best way to fast track your personal development.  The mindset of people involved with these opportunities is amazing.  

    If you have ever had a knowing that you carried a greater potential to become more than you are, then MLM will provide you a pathway to achieving that goal.  This opportunity would be something I would be willing to look into because of its organic roots.  We have a business in the personal development/health and wellness space, which means these kinds of product is something worth knowing more about.  I will bookmark your site and be sure to look more into all the products available.  

    • It is very rare you come across someone who has great respect for MLM and loves the business model. Most of the time it shows your experience in network marketing and enjoys recruiting new members in the business. Although MLM has had a bad name, there huge companies that went on to build an empire on that same business model.

      Like you rightfully say, it depends on what you are marketing, is something to look into especially if you have a passion for it. Health and Wellness will always attract an audience because more and more people are becoming health conscious today than before, that is why the market is huge and competitive. It is great that you got some value here with my Essante Organics Review.

  4. Thanks a lot for this great review of Essante organics. I appreciate the fact that it is eco-friendly and promotes a natural and organic lifestyle.
    I will recommend this program because of the value they present to the development of the human body.
    It definitely sounds like a great business opportunity and I’m going to check it out and recommend it to my friends. Thank you.

    • Hey Chris, anything that has to do with the caring of the human body always piques my interest. And Essante organics definitely done that. The business model would be a little expensive to inexperience marketers while they go through their training and learn the process of marketing.

      Other than that, I think is a great product that would solve an everyday problem., which is one of the keys to building a successful business online.


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