Forever Living Review- is forever Living a scam?

In my Forever Living Review, I want to go deep into this 42-year-old company to evaluate the reason for its longevity and its MLM business. They have a good story to tell.

  • Name: Forever Living
  • Website:
  • Price: $87.82/ $253/$364.65
  • Owners: Rex Maughan
  • Overall Rank: 90/100

About Forever Living

Forever Living MLM Company

Forever Living is a multi-level marketing company founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. Rex started by selling his first lot of products to close family and friends.

It is interesting that in those days, that is what direct-selling companies did. It is also what companies tell their distributors to do.

Rex was more than a direct sales representative. He had a big vision.

He quickly developed and launched a “business owner” model to boost his reach and sales. The technique involves signing up agents to distribute products often bought on a large scale.

This allowed for low buying prices and sales margins. The strategy paid out well. Today, the multi-billion dollar company has more than 9 million agents/ “business owners” spread across 150 countries worldwide.

Forever Living has a strong presence in the natural products industry with a lead in the production of aloe Vera-based products. The products range in lines from beverages, cosmetics, fitness, and many more.

They are in the Top 10 MLM companies in Worldwide sales with revenue of 2.6 Billion Dollars. That is quite an accomplishment, especially in the competitive basic commodity product niche.

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The Pros and Cons of Forever Living


  • Personal discounts: Distributors received up to 30% off any forever living product. Sponsoring a new customer comes with an 18 percent discount as well. Several other bonuses come with the position of the distributor in the marketing plan.
  • New user sign-up revenues: Whenever you recruit a new distributor and assist them in setting up shop, you can earn anywhere from $800-$2000 per month once the business picks up.
  • Extensive range of products: The Company gives you the flexibility to choose from a multitude of products. This ensures that you can find a niche. The line includes aloe Vera, bee, and essential oil products.
  • High growth possibility: As long as you have your marketing figured out, the company is ready to supply you with products at a wholesale price. On the right scale, this can attract margins of up to 48% in commissions.
  • Quality products: Although the pricing might not be standard or with competitors, forever living products have often received positive reviews from customers. This ensures that your work is finalized past the point of sale closure.
  • No growth limit: The Company is after making money, and its terms reflect that. The only limit you have is your ability to sell.
  • Passive income: Although not as straightforward as it seems, all the new agents you recruit will earn you a commission within the lifetime of their collaboration with the company. This means you can struggle in the beginning to build an elite team. Afterward, you will benefit from their fair share of hard work as well.


  • Huge customer base required for substantial earnings: Getting people to sign up as forever-living distributors is quite hard.
    Besides, you need a minimum of 10 people on your network to realize a monthly income of about $300. If you wish to make more than that, you will have to sign up for close to 100 clients.
  • Poor compensation transparency: About 88% of forever living distributors reportedly make no compensation. Of the remaining 12%, about 70% make $105 per month, 29% make $1493 per month, and less than 1% make over $25,000 per month.
    The company has attributed this to false claims on some products: In the past, forever living has come up with products it claims to cure some serious ailments. This is a move to boost their representative’s confidence while pitching products to customers.
    While this might work in the first round, it is often set to deteriorate customer confidence and repeat purchases. The majority of representatives buy this tactic to achieve their sales targets.
  • Huge demands: The majority of people starting an MLM-based business often have difficulty making their first sales.
    This is because of the nature of the learning curve and a lack of a standardized formula to push products as every customer is different. Add this to the fact that you are required to recruit new representatives, and you will have struggles and challenges.
  • Legal issues: Forever Living has faced tax evasion charges from the IRS and the National Tax Agency of Japan. This is due to the complicated financial model it employs.

The company has also been linked with the violation of multiple Hungarian product registrations and advertisement policies. In concerned nations, this can go a long way in sales down to the peer-to-peer level. This places unnecessary strain and baggage on the representatives who are trying to meet their targets.

Who is Forever Living for?

Forever Living Review - Unemployed working from home online

The entire MLM industry is meant to serve open-minded, flexible, mostly unemployed people who have good marketing skills. To sell forever living products, you need a solid understanding of the natural products world to convince people to buy.

On the other side, it is worth noting that good interpersonal skills are crucial for you to recruit new representatives to your network. Lastly, people with great digital marketing and reach-out skills can benefit from forever living as most commerce for such products is now online.

Tools and Training of Forever Living

To successfully run your forever living business, you need the following tools and skills:

A computer or an internet-accessing device: this is meant to build and manage your pages. This includes websites, social media pages, landing pages, funnels, campaigns, etc.

Marketing skills: it’s worth noting that people actually buy your credibility as a seller and not necessarily the products when it comes to any MLM business. There is a ton of placebo effect that comes into play even after the point of sale for your customers. That is why it is essential to learn good sales pitching skills.

There are so many resources on this marketing available on platforms such as YouTube, brilliant, etc. You also need proper digital marketing and e-commerce management skills. This is going to help you reach thousands of potential buyers and representatives online, straight from your home or office.

The company offers training material such as brochures and videos on its official website for new representatives. However, this might not be sufficient to get you anywhere near your target sales. Therefore, a significant amount of investment in personal training is of the essence.

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Forever Living Support

The company does not offer a centralized support center for all of its members, and it provides a basic training package to kick you off. On the other side, several small communities within representatives supply the majority of content needed to drive sales.

This arrangement is usually local, that is, country-based. Here you can benefit from motivational rallies, online page memberships, and social networking facilities. That said, the best support system will often come from your immediate coworkers with whom you share the same interest and probably serve within the same geographical area.

Forever Living Price

Forever Living Review - Forever Living Price

The much you can spend on forever living is entirely up to you. What is definite, though, are the following six starter membership packages:

$87.92 Clean 9 vanilla lite ultra-package
$87.92 Clean 9 chocolate lite ultra-package
$253 Start your Business package.
$253 Start your journey skincare package.
$364.65 touch of forever package.

Is Forever Living a Scam?

No, Forever Living is not a scam. Forever Living is a good opportunity to work at home when done correctly. You can make a lot of money as a few other people have.

However, remember that it is not going to be an overnight success story. The majority of people fail on this journey. I am not to judge how far you can go with this, but I can assure you there are better options.

Forever Living At A Glance

Forever Living is a health, fitness, and cosmetics multi-level marketing company specializing in the production of products containing some level of aloe Vera. The more people buy your product, the higher your revenue.

The same applies to the number of representatives you can recruit. Based on reviews, the odds of success in this type of business are low, though a few people become wildly successful.

Final Thoughts

I would be remiss in my Forever Living Review if I didn’t mention something about the industry known as network marketing or multi-level marketing. Sometimes that is shortened to MLM, and anyone in the business knows what that means.

It’s impressive that Forever Living has been around for 42 years. In a competitive industry such as network marketing, you cannot survive this long without having quality products and loyal customers and distributors. They obviously have that.

The MLM industry has up been through ups and downs but is obviously on the rise thanks to the Internet and the number of opportunities worldwide. Forever Living will continue to provide a business opportunity if people want to be involved with it. You do not grow to become a multi-billion-dollar company like they have without adapting, and they have done that over the years.

Just understand that you need to have customers first and distributors second. If you believe in the product, this is obviously a good opportunity. If Are you willing to try something better than The Forever Living Business model so that you can promote anything through affiliate marketing?

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18 thoughts on “Forever Living Review- is forever Living a scam?”

  1. Hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on Forever Living Review and their great products. A friend of mine made a lot of money from this platform but I believe that it was because forever living product was at its early stages. Repeating the same now will not yield much because the MLM industry has had a bad name in the past.

    • I get questions a lot about different affiliate marketing and MLM companies, so I usually do a review to answer their questions and just in case others have the same request.

      Great to hear that you someone who had made a lot of money with Forever Living, then that person is in the 1% and earning a full-time income from home. Because of their commission structure, you could be right about them joining in the early stage of the business.

  2. The MLM industry is definitely for the marketing-minded and salespeople amongst us. The products are normally great, and expensive too so that they can pay all the downlines. 

    However I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I far prefer the affiliate marketing model, as you don’t have to beg people to buy from you. It is far better to sell to people who seek you or the products out rather than the other way around.

    Thanks for the interesting article and it is always great to find out what products are out there and what type of opportunities are available.

    • Thank you for the input, and yes, you have to have experienced to market those MLM opportunities, that is why the success rate is so low.

      It is great that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it is true that affiliate marketing is the best approach and the success rate is much higher than MLM.

      Most people get attracted to the business part of the company because of the great products they created. And only to find out that they need the skills to market these great products.

      All the best!

  3. I am glad that I am coming across your article because I know I am going to learn from it as others have learned from it also. Forever Living product has been in existence for a long time and does have a lot of distributors around the world selling their products with only 1% making 25,000 a month. 

    This platform takes a long time for anyone to earn money and over 88% do not earn any money. That shows that this MLM business failure rate is high and only the experienced marketer makes money.

    • Being involved in the MLM industry back then it was difficult, but I hang in there and started to recruit members regularly. But what causes my business not to grow to provide a full-time income, is that my members were not able to duplicate my efforts, and recruit other members for my business to grow.

      Although the MLM industry has some success stories, affiliate marketing has a higher success rate and more people are finding it is a better avenue to take, and as you mention, Wealthy Affiliate is the best avenue to do such that.

  4. I am very happy to see your article about  Forever Living MLM company. Forever Living Products International, Inc. is a health and wellness network marketing company operating in over 155 countries, with over 9.4 million distributors worldwide.

    Forever Living Products features bee products, aloe vera juice drinks, essential oils, aloe vera-based cosmetics, nutritional supplements, weight loss/weight management products, and personal care products. There are Forever Business Owners, or distributors, in more than 150 countries worldwide. It is the best MLM I know! I love products, Aloe Vera Gel gives me great energy, I feel and look better since I use Forever products!.

    Great business opportunity. You need to work in a way to help other people to use premium products on their satisfaction and to gain extra income. It is not easy, but it is also not hard – you just have to talk to people about the personal experience every day.

    • It is great that you have a great experience with Forever Living products and love the business aspect of their program. Although you have to have the experience to build a team of over 100 members to earn a decent income, it is doable if you put in the work and to help other members of your team to do the same.

      They do have great products one of the reasons for their longevity in business and has a few people making a living by selling those products.

      Your approach to educating the people about the products is the best approach, and if you do that consistently, you will see the results and your business would eventually grow. Thank you for your feedback and is great that you find their products useful and healthy.

  5. I’ve been hearing about Forever Living but so far haven’t encountered its products nor any agent yet offering me to join as a seller or something. I am surprised it has been existing for more than 40 years already which simply means it is a legit company and this company perhaps has gone through a lot of achievements already.

    However, learning from this article how Forever Living operates, I would rather choose your recommendation to join Wealthy Affiliate. But before anything else, please let me know the following based on your experience:

    1. How many months would it take before you can consistently make money?

    2. How many quality articles should you make that guarantee your success?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Yes, any company that is in existence for more than 40 years, tells you about the credibility of that company and why anyone needs to take a look at their business. I personally believe is because of the great products they market.

      Although only a few are making money with the business, most people consistently use their wide range of products the reason for their longevity. With over 9 million agents in over 150 countries, their product sales would be high with this MLM company.

      The reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because people who have never made money with MLM companies are now having success with Affiliate marketing and are using Wealthy Affiliate to do just that.

      If you go through your training and follow all the tasks and the end of each lesson, you should be making money before you finish your training or within 3 months.

      When starting out with a new website, 12 articles per month is the best place to start, and you can create 4 videos to boost your rankings. I hope that helps!

  6. I had never heard of Forever Living until I came across this review.  Your review really lays out the opportunity with both the pros and cons.  It is impressive that they have been around 42 years though the product reviews are somewhat iffy.  

    As you tell it, it looks like a typical MLM where the early joiners make all the money and the down line is struggling to recoup their initial “investment” in inventory and costs.  I have been a part of a few MLM’s and the ones that are worthwhile have great products only available through that avenue.  Thanks for the awesome information!

    • MLM companies have had their bad names in the past, but if you have survived for 42 years like Forever living, you must be doing something right. That is what prompts me to do this honest review and do my due diligence for the reason for their longevity.

      With an 88% failure rate, it surprises me that 9 million agents would stick around and market their products without having any success. This is why any new member joining would be difficult to climb to the top unless you have experience in marketing or a huge list that is following you.

  7. This post is one of the best review I ha read about Forever Living. You were not bias with your approach and you laid out the pros and the cons that anyone can understand before they attempt to join this company. The most important part of Forever Living is that you can make good money easily if you are a professional marketer and know how to recruit people.

     Forever Living can be the best medium for online income once you grow your downline to over 100 distributers. Now is that possible for new members who now learning about marketing online? I doubt that. For them to be around that long and have so many distributors around the world, they must be doing something right.

    As for me being new to online marketing, I will pass up on this business until I acquire the marketing skills. I will take a look at Wealthy Affiliate as you recommend and join for free, and get some training about affiliate marketing and maybe come back to this program at a later date, thank you for the information.


    • To be successful in any business, you first have to learn the skills about that business and then make adjustments as you proceed. You may even have to take advanced learning to separate yourself from the average joe, to if you are searching for long-term success.

      This is the only reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, because after you go through the training and understand how to build a successful business, then you can market anything going forward.

      Forever Living is for seasoned marketers, and for a new person coming on board today, will only strengthen the ones on the top. I suggest to get experienced and learn about affiliate marketing before you shell any cash to try to grasp the knowledge.

  8. Thanks for this review and the details. As a person trying to make money online I have to get familiar with, not only the names of these platforms but also the features to look for when analysing the worth of the business. I am not into MLM. I have had lots of experience with it and realise that it only works for you if you start at the onset or near the top. I am getting familiar with the Wealthy Affiliate platform and, so far I am satisfied with the support and training. I am looking forward to more opportunities with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Is great that you found Wealthy affiliate and are having success. Affiliate Marketing is always a better approach if you want to find success much faster with much lesser effort than MLM. If you build it once and learn all the SEO ninja tricks in WA, success will definitely find anyone who is searching. Thank you for the feedback and I will reach out to you in WA so we can exchange what is working for us to help us even grow our business to another level.

      Talk to you soon!


  9. Hey Bishop,

    Thank you for taking the time and being real with this review. Forever Living being in the top  MLM companies has to be doing something right. I never heard about them before reading this article. I have been looking at a few companies, but I was told to stay away from MLM companies.  I have been thinking about starting a new business but couldn’t find out a better platform though.

    I took a look at your recommendation with Wealthy Affiliate, and it looks like a better platform to get started, because of the training and I have the opportunity for starting for free. If and when I join, would I be able to contact you for assistance? 

    I hope to talk to you soon.

    • Any business that has been around for so long has to be doing something right. You right about MLM companies, if you are very good at recruiting, and have your recruits do the same, then you can find success with any MLM business.

      For being in the top 10 MLM companies and worldwide sales revenue at $2.6 Billion Dollars, you really can’t say anything bad about them. It is quite an accomplishment, especially in the competitive basic commodity product niche.

      Joining Wealthy Affiliate, you will not only have private coaching from me, but you have the opportunity to work alongside experts that helped me out as well. What makes this business so unique, the owners of the company take pleasure of reaching out to you on a constant basis and answer any questions you may have. Something that is not common in large companies.

      Will see you soon!


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