How To Achieve Success In Life! A 4-Step Proven System!

Personal Self Improvement is one of the most popular categories on the Internet. Tied in with that is everybody’s own version of success. Most people want to improve themselves at least a little bit because they want to know how to achieve success in life and in their bank accounts.

Not everything related to success comes back to money, but having more money can help you become more successful in different areas of your life.

Think of your life in 5 categories and how you could be more successful in them.

  • 1. Spiritual.
  • 2. Family.
  • 3. Business.
  • 4. Recreation.
  • 5. Physical fitness.

You will be happier if you are successful as an all-around person. Having more money gives you options to do these 5 areas better.

That’s what I want to go over in this article. I want to talk about how to achieve success in these 5 areas of your life and tie that into making money because that’s what this blog is about.

Before we get into that here is the definition of success I like the best; “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. When you break that down we see you need a goal, with a purpose, and you will succeed when you achieve it.


Looking at these 5 areas of your life you are going to write down goals in all five areas. Let me start the ball rolling with a few ideas.

A 4-Step Proven System

Success In Your Spiritual Life

Spiritual. I will give 10% of my income to charity. If you really did that you would be doing a lot.

The great entertainer Danny Thomas promised in prayer to God to give 10% of everything he earned if God would help turn his life around.

As he becomes more successful in his career his income increases. He never forgot his promise and ultimately found St Jude Hospital with a mission that no child be turned away because they could not pay.

You may decide to go to church more. Increase your weekly giving when the collection plate is passed around. Maybe you have a charity that is meaningful to you such as heart disease, cancer, meals on wheels, make a wish foundation, and so on.

Success in your spiritual life is made easier when you have more money to achieve your spiritual goals.

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Success In Your Family Life

family outing is one way How To Achieve Success In Life

I can’t think of a more meaningful area in your life to become more successful than in your family life. This can be a reality for a traditional family, a single person, a single mom or dad with kids, and so on. Today we see mixed marriages, same-sex marriages, and a family defined in so many different ways.

What I think is great about this is you can become more successful in your family life when you set meaningful goals for a purpose that you can get behind 100%. As an example, you might set a goal to start a blog and make money so that you can take one really great family vacation every year.

Here’s another one that I thought was pretty cool. I know of a single lady in her 50s who years ago set a goal to fund a college education account for her niece. Every month she put money into that account. When her niece graduated high school she was able to present that unbelievable gift for graduation.

A successful family life goal for you might just be to be present in your kid’s life no matter what the demands of your JOB are. If that matters to you, and you do it, you are a success.

Success In Your Business Life

My blog offers to make money, so let’s approach success in your business life from the angle of having an Internet business. What makes you successful?

This is where writing down specific goals becomes so important. You should have daily action items such as making a new blog post, getting one high-quality backlink to a specific page on your blog, finding a better way to do social media, and so on.

Daily action items are what help you achieve your long-term goals. I suggest that you have daily and monthly income goals.

Write those down and look at them every day. As you begin to achieve them then adjust them and make bigger goals.

Success in your business life is going to be about more than just money. However, ultimately with an Internet business that’s what we are judged on, so having specific meaningful income goals should be something you work at achieving all the time.

being fit is one way on achieving success in lifeSuccess In Your Recreation Life

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, right? I guess we know that to really have a successful life you need to do things that are enjoyable and meaningful to you.

Go to a movie once a week. Join Movie Pass for $10 a month and you can go to one movie a day, every day of the month. Yes, that is true. The guy that start Netflix, started so you could go have some affordable fun every day if you wanted.

Take in a play, go to the senior center and play cards, go on a date with your spouse, etc., etc. Being successful in your recreation life is important and easy to do, but you have to write goals here as well.

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Success In Your Physical Fitness Life

Sometimes recreation can spill over into your physical fitness life. I know people who run every day with the goal of competing in a marathon and that’s both recreation and physical fitness to them.

Biking, hiking, lifting weights, doing stretching exercises or yoga in front of your TV, and so on. Becoming more healthy requires some form of physical fitness. Once you start doing it you’ll be amazed at how successful you become in other areas of your life just because you feel better, and are successful in your physical fitness life.

Let me just say that how to achieve success in life is personal to each one of us. To be truly successful you should work at having a well-balanced life that includes self-improvement, spiritual, family, business, recreation, and physical fitness!

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4 thoughts on “How To Achieve Success In Life! A 4-Step Proven System!”

  1. Hey Bishop!
    Great article. You made me reflect a bit about spirituality. In fact, it doesn’t refer only to meditation but also to charity. It was significant to me that you’ve remembered me about that.
    I think that writing down your daily action items is the only way to accomplish them. And we should write down all our goals in every area of life because this way we can get clear about all our next steps.
    Do you think it is easy to make a plan for the entire month? How can you decide the things to do for such a long time?

    • Hey Maria, glad that you got some value here on how to have success in life. There are different areas that one need to have success in and you can focus on a few at one given time once they are done simultaneously.

      Everything that you need to focus on need to be written down. My mentor says never use your brain as a filing cabinet. When you write  them down you take the emotions out of it.

      Making a plan for the entire month is what you should do, but not started until you make plans for the week, which should start after your daily schedule that you need to take. hope that helps.

  2. Good balance in this post, David. I agree with you. These five areas of life in expanding development lead to fulfillment and joy, don’t you think?
    Life success is what we want…the internet business tool you talk about could be a key to that for many…I know it’s working for me.

    • Thank you, Annie, for the comment and kind words. Yes, I do believe that the five areas that I covered can lead to fulfillment and joy. my mentor says: “If you help a lot of people get what they want, you will have what you want.”

      Glad that you are using the internet as a tool to make that happen. Talk to you soon.


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