5 Ways How To Become A Paid Blogger in 2023!

If you have thought about starting a blog of your own, then you might as well learn how to become a paid blogger so that you will not be faced with a dilemma. Should you blog for fun, for money, or both? If you decide to try and make money, you will need to learn how to become a paid blogger.

That can be both fun and profitable. It is up to you to make that happen, but you need to know how to do it! There are options when it comes to making money blogging, and I am going to give you the Top 5 in this article.

1. Affiliate marketing.
2. Write to other bloggers.
3. Write for content mills.
4. Sell advertising.
5. Email marketing.

Let’s break these Top 5 ways to become a paid blogger down!

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1. Affiliate Marketing

How To Become A Paid Blogger - Affiliate Marketing Business

This is one of the ways I make money on my blog.

I promote the Wealthy Affiliate membership program and earn residual commissions on my sales.

Adding affiliate products and programs to a blog, and getting paid by the affiliate merchant is one of the top ways that people make money blogging.

You can get paid by the click, by the lead, or by the sale.

Many bloggers in the past have sold e-books as a Clickbank affiliate. Others have joined a particular affiliate program just to have access to the product they can then sell.

Often a blogger will start out with a particular business model be that pay per click, pay per lead, or pay per sale. Usually, they end up incorporating all of the ways eventually.

2. Blog For Other Bloggers

There are millions of blogs and Internet content right now. Bloggers will pay you to write that content if you can provide quality articles at an affordable price.

The easiest way to get started is to set up your blog and start writing about something. Use that as an example of the quality of your work.

Start contacting other bloggers directly to see if they would have an interest in having you write for them. Set yourself up with PayPal and use it for payment processing when you get an order.

If you do a good job, word-of-mouth kicks in very soon. It doesn’t take very long to have plenty of customers when you blog for other bloggers.

3. Content Mill Sites

What is a content mill? Content mills employ freelance writers to write content for their customers. As a writer yourself you can join a content mill site and start writing for these clients.

You’re not going to make as much money writing for a content mill as you would writing for yourself. However, there’s always plenty of work, and if you need some cash flow, this can be a good option to get paid for your writing.

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4. Sell Advertising

How To Become A Paid Blogger - Have Advertising strategy

This may be a good option for people who have developed consistent quality traffic to their blogs.

Once you can document your traffic numbers, your blog becomes valuable to advertisers who would like to reach your audience.

Selling advertising on a blog is just like selling advertising on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and so on. The more eyeballs you have, the more you can charge for the ads.

The beautiful thing about making money this way in blogging is you don’t have to mess with any other type of blog monetization. A good advertiser can bring you consistent income every month without worrying about where your money is going to come from on a daily basis.

One option that many bloggers have used successfully in the past, and will continue to use correctly, is joining the Google AdSense affiliate program and letting Google sell the advertising for you.

You can go to blogs in any category and find Google ads on some of them. The beautiful thing about this is you don’t even have to sell the advertising to get paid for ads that are being sold on your site.

Joining Google AdSense is free. Once you are approved, you can start placing a code on your site that Google algorithms read to match advertisers to the theme of your content.

You focus a hundred percent of your effort on adding content and getting traffic to it. Google provides great analytics so you can see how many visitors it takes to get one click, and what the cost of one click on the ad is.

You earn 68% of the revenue generated by Google. They pay you via direct deposit or check every month.

5. Email Marketing

email marketing for your business

This is my second favourite way of making money from my blog. Use your blog to build an email list and then sell products to the list.

The great thing about this strategy is once you’ve created your list, you always are in control of it.

You then monetize your subscribers in various ways including selling a product, selling advertising to other businesses, generating leads from it or just driving traffic back to your blog when you send out an email.

An email list is an asset that can never be taken away from you. Even if you were to stop your blog someday in the future, you still have the list that you could use to make money in various ways.

Final Thoughts

These are five ways that answer the question of how to become a paid blogger. Which is best? There is no such thing as best when it comes to making money blogging. It’s a personal choice, and it’s great that you have options.

One thing that can help you make your decision is determining what the income goal for your blog is. Deciding whether you want to supplement your current income on a part-time basis blogging, or build your blog into a full-time income will play a role in deciding how to become a paid blogger.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways How To Become A Paid Blogger in 2023!”

  1. Hi David, Good information here! Thank you.
    I have been working a shorter time than you, and have so much to learn. You are one of my go-to sites for information!
    I have been working in two of the areas you describe, and have just put up a few gigs on Fivrr to do comments. I have done nothing with selling advertising or with writing content. Perhaps the ads in the future, as I get more traffic. Thanks for this.

    • Hi Annie, glad that you get some value here. We all started and were new at one time, but if you stay focus and consistent with the tasks at hand it will begin to work for you.

      Doing gigs and being on the Internet is fine, but please do not stray away from writing quality content with competitive keywords on your site. There are lots of things that I have learned but it still on my to-do list. I never move forward until I become good in one area.

      My focus is to get over 50 articles on page one then move on to 100 then attend to my to-do list, like creating an ebook and email marketing. please feel free to ask me anything that you need clarity on. Talk to you soon.


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