How To Earn Money Working At Home?

working at home onlineMany people coming into my business ask how to earn money working at home? And is it possible for a person who has no knowledge of how the Internet works? This is the reason I wrote this article to show that it is possible even for a newbie as well.

I read one time that a newbie is really in the best position to make money online because they do not know what they do not know. I like that because if you thought about all of the ways to earn money working at home, and what you will need to do, you would never get started.

That is the reality for many people. Information overload kills the cat so to speak. So forget about all of that.

Let me blow the smoke off of it and go over how a newbie can earn money working at home right now!

Start A Blog And Sell Affiliate Products

I consider myself an expert on this because this is how I got started as a newbie working from home. My blog sells the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

I give away initial training for free. Then when people upgrade I earn money selling a WA membership.

You can start a blog on anything you want and find affiliate products to promote on your blog. It doesn’t matter what level of Internet marketing experience you have right now because even a newbie has an interest in something they can put down their thoughts in a blog format.

Blogs are simple to set up and adding affiliate programs to them is very easy. The skill level you will need to learn is how to market your blog.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you with this. You can be off and running doing something that’s not only enjoyable but can help you as a newbie earn money working at home!

Take Paid Surveys

A paid survey is where a company pays you to offer your opinion on something. Why would they want to do that?

This is how companies do market research in an affordable way today. It’s less expensive for them to pay you $1 or $2 to answer questions about products then it is for them to hire a complete research department and pay those people as employees.

The great thing about taking paid surveys as a way to earn money working from home when you’re a newbie is you can literally join survey sites for free and start taking your first survey in the next five minutes. You don’t need to buy any information on how to do this.

There are plenty of free paid survey site you can join. Some of the top ones include…..

– Inbox Dollars’
– Swagbucks
– Cash Crate
– Survey Junkie

…….and literally hundreds more!

freelance writing

Freelance Writing

I have always said if you can talk you can write. As a matter of fact, this is the best way to write.

You do not want to try and impress people using BIG words nobody uses in everyday life. Just write about something as though you were talking to them.

So how do you make money?

The fastest way is to join a content mill site and start there. is a good source for this. So is Crowd Content or Upwork.

As you get going you may want to take some training. 2 good sources for this are:

1. Angela Boothe.
2. American Writers & Artiists Inc.

Because there are so many ways to earn money as a freelance writer I suggest you get started with a site such as and then branch out from there.

Virtual Assistant

There are millions of websites and blogs being run today by Internet business owners who are to busy to handle all of the day to day activities required of them. Their answer is to hire a virtual assistant and let them take care of things from their home.

What kind of things?

– answer email
– answer the phone
– do social media
– research
– write blog posts

……and much more. Anything that needs to be done is handled by a virtual assistant. You can get started at, Upwork, or Task Rabbit.

dog walkingWhat Else

Let me throw out some random thoughts here for a newbie to get started earning money working at home. Everything does not have to be online.

1. Pet sitting. People love their pets. If you can provide a safe place for them to bring their pets to you can make money taking care of their pets for them. This could be during the day, on the weekend, or when someone’s going on vacation.

2. Dog walking. This can become a full-time business very quickly, and although you’re not technically working from home, you are your own boss and can keep pretty busy just working close to home.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk. Perform a simple little task that computers can’t do. This is not going to make you rich but it will make you immediate money.

4. Airbnb. Rent out a room or even your whole house. This has become a popular way for people to find somewhere to stay that’s less expensive than a hotel or motel.

5. Do your online garage sales. The biggest site for this is eBay or Craigslist. Sell your unwanted stuff to get started. Go to garage sales and buy things, and then bring them home and sell them online.

6. Be a tutor. You can choose your student level by how knowledgeable you are on various subjects. The great thing about doing this online is the never-ending number of students you can tutor from all over.

Summary: How Can A Newbie Earn Money Working At Home?

Here is how I would summarize how can a newbie earn money working at home. Start with something and get the money coming in.

Set up a PayPal account so you can get paid immediately. Paypal is the top online payment method used by online businesses and individuals.

Then start considering skills you might need to do other things that appeal to you. Where you right now do not have to stop you, and does not have to limit where you can go income wise in the future.

Start By Building Your Website Here And Let Me Help You!

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  1. KerryAnn

    Thank you.  I too have been trying to make money from home.  There is such a gigantic amount of information on the internet and not all of it is to my liking.

    Whilst I have started a blog through the link that you have on your site, I have also looked at doing surveys.  Have you tried any of these survey sites yourself?

    I am someone who always likes to give their opinion and the idea of surveys has always intrigued me. I like the idea of someone paying me to tell it like it is.

    • Bishop

      Hi KerryAnn, making money online is not an easy task, but today it is much easier that a few years back. Could you picture where  it would be in another 5 years? If i were you i will get all the necessary information I need to build my website and stay consistent cause it is only going to get better and easier.

      Taking surveys is not where the big bucks is. And it would never provide a full-time income, but what it can do is offset some of your bills. It is fine but please do not let it take away from building your full-time business. Here is a good none that I used in the past.… All the best.

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