How To Get Rich Fast Online – Using The Right Platform!

Before we can talk about how to get rich fast online, we need to establish some parameters. I am going to set those up here in this article, and you can add to them or subtract from them to fit your situation.

Here are the three questions that need to be answered in this article.

  • What is rich?
  • What is fast?
  • How do you do it on the Internet?

Rich is having considerably more than you have now. Fast is relevant to how much time you are willing to wait to achieve it. Using the Internet is the best way for the average person to get rich fast.

OK, let’s break it down.

What Is Rich?

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2013 that the average median income was $51,939. These people are not rich in the United States.

Wikipedia says the average median income in Greece was $26,436 in 2014, which is about 1/2 of people in the United States. I think we all know that many third-world countries live in poverty and would consider themselves rich if they earned the average income in the U.S.

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What Is Fast?

You can begin earning money almost immediately online today. I’m not saying you’re going to be rich right away like certain companies claim, but it is possible to be in a profit situation in 24 hours or less online.

This is not theory or me just pulling numbers out of the air. Every day people start Internet businesses and begin making money almost immediately which would have been impossible not that many years ago.

How Do You Get Rich Fast Online?

how to get rich online

The key to getting rich fast on the Internet is to choose a business model that allows you to begin making money right away.

Then scale whatever you’re doing up to the income you want to achieve.

Using a combination of time and money you really can get rich fast online with individual business models.

For example, there are people making money in network marketing today that never could have done it in the past.

A quick look at the Top 200 earners list in MLM shows everyone on the list is earning over 1 Million Dollars a year

I understand that millions of people are involved in network marketing all around the world. Certainly, this is a small percentage of individuals who are earning over a million dollars a year.

Virtual Millionaire

However, you do not have to be a millionaire to get rich online in network marketing. Are you aware of the concept of a virtual millionaire?

Here’s an example.

A virtual millionaire has no debt and earns $5,000 a month in residual income. The idea here is that if you had 1 Million Dollars in savings earning you 6% annually, that would work out to $60K a year, or $5K a month.

You do not need $1 million in savings to be a virtual millionaire. This concept would be one way to get rich online, and if you are in the right MLM company that is achievable.

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eCommerce With eBay

More millionaires have come about from selling on eBay than from another business model in history. A quick Google search will provide you with plenty of content to read on eBay millionaires.

Many people start selling on eBay just to get rid of junk around their houses. Of course, that is not going to make you rich, but it will teach you how to sell on eBay.

There are many different ways people move on to eBay after they have cleaned up around their house. Internet auction sites have continued to open up over the years, but eBay is still the largest.

Solve People’s Problems

How To Get Rich Fast Online

This is a real way to get rich fast in my opinion if you can find a product that solves a problem everyday people have.

  • What kind of problem?
  • Tips ebooks are great.

For example, a popular-selling eBook on ClickBank offers information on how to stop sweating. This is a real problem that many people have and are coming online looking for information.

You can join Clickbank for free and have access to thousands of ebooks to sell just like this one. Digital information is great to sell because of how easy it is to access, and it pays high commissions.

Some commissions on Clickbank run as high as 75%. Here is an important point to know and understand.

When you sell somebody else’s product as an affiliate, you earn a commission for your sale. There will be two strategies to consider ways to get rich online.

  • Commission rate.
  • Dollar amount.

The higher the commission rate, the more money you are going to earn. However, you also want to consider what is the dollar amount of the product you’re selling.

For example, if you earn a 50% commission on a $40 product you will make $20 on every sale. To get rich you are going to need to make a lot of sales for this type of product.

On the flip side, if you sell a big-ticket item that cost $5000, and you earn a 10% commission, you will earn $500 on every sale. You would have to make 25 sales of the $40 product at a 50% commission just to equal what you earn on one sale of a big-ticket product in this example.

Many people think that selling a high-ticket product is harder than selling a small-ticket product. In reality, it’s not harder, you just need to attract the right type of traffic to your sales page.

Once you’ve mastered the traffic generation skills you really can go on to become rich online very quickly. However, truth be told many people never master these types of traffic generation skills. This will be a challenge only you can determine whether you will succeed or not.

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