Modern Millionaires Review – Potential Earnings On Steroids?

When you’re offered a training program to earn up to 1 million per annum potentially, you will probably be interested in it on the spot and immediately sign up. This is what I will discuss in this Modern Millionaires Review.

Modern Millionaires Full Overview

Although there are many Modern Millionaires reviews on the internet, please pay close attention to this review and learn more about an alternative to starting a business online from scratch.

This is what Modern Millionaires claim as your potential earnings if you purchase their course or training program. But before you spend your hard-earned money, here’s what you need to know about them.

  • Product Name: Modern Millionaires or aka Officeless Agency, former name Millionaire Middleman
  • Founder: Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton
  • Product Type: Course for running and managing Google ads for clients
  • Price:
    $4,000 to $7,860 for the course
    $9.95 for the upsell product
    Plus $359 additional per month
  • Best For: People who want to start their business with money for the capital

The Modern Millionaires is a complete course about running Google Ads and lead generation for your clients. It promises substantial potential income by just following its 4-module procedure. You will also learn to build your website for your advertising agency. You will be learning Facebook ads, creating email campaigns, automating your agency, and many more.

  • Ratings: 50/100

Please keep in mind as you read my Modern Millionaires Review, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Modern Millionaires. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any opinions and conclusions may not apply to all persons or situations. So read this review in its entirety and you make your own decision. It might even be helpful to read other (Modern Millionaires Reviews.

What Is the Modern Millionaires course?

The Modern Millionaires offers a complete course about Google Ads. It was founded by Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton who claimed that they were featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other prominent media platforms. The Modern Millionaire is also known as Officeless Agency and was formerly known as the Millionaire Middleman.

Both founders are known to have created multiple businesses. Welton is skilled in marketing, while Farooqi knows digital marketing. Their skills were combined and used to create the Modern Millionaire’s course. They claim that they can help you start a small business that will let you earn $100,000 per year or up to $1 million per year.

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How Do Modern Millionaires work?

To join Modern Millionaires, you need to go to their website and register an account using your name and contact information. You may receive an email or a phone call discussing how you can purchase the course. Otherwise, you may click on their ads and buy the system that way.

The course has four modules, but in reality, there are seven since module three has three submodules. These modules are the following:

  • The Foundation

The first module will teach you how to generate traffic using Google Ads and how you can make money for your client. This includes setting up campaigns from

low-budget startups. You will also learn how to select your niche, manage clients, build your advertising agency website, and buy a domain name.

  • Prospecting and Sales

With the second module, you will learn how to set up Facebook Ads and run campaigns so you can generate leads and make money for your client. You will also receive two parts of training for cold email marketing. Also, you will be guided in setting up your LinkedIn profile and learning how to use the Sales Navigator.

  • Driving Traffic

This module is divided into three parts which are the following:

  • Module 3A

Here, you will learn about converting those leads and generating sales. You will also receive training about creating landing pages for your website, proper keyword search, and how to optimize campaigns to make them ongoing.

  • Module 3B

This will discuss more Facebook Ads from account creation, building campaigns, campaign creation strategies, optimizing and scaling FB ads, and more.

  • Module 3C

This will cover lead nurturing, FB ads integration, and adding clients and staff to CRM.

  1. Outsource and Scale

In the last module, you will learn how to create an autopilot system for hiring staff, KPIs, team communication, and done for your store.

Bonuses and other community support include:

  • How to get a client even without a portfolio
  • Weekly live Q&A with the founders
  • Daily coaching by the top earners
  • Accountability coach for 2 months
  • Access to weekly coaching calls, past recordings, and live recorded sales calls

Other possible expenses:

  • $4000 for 4-week Modern Millionaires modules
  • $1997 for 24/7 private support group access
  • $2000 for 7 Figure FB training
  • $1500 for Past coaching call recordings

Modern Millionaires Review - can you make money todayCan You Make Money?

Yes, you can make money with Modern Millionaires if you religiously follow their modules and work hard to build your business. This includes getting clients to your company and running ads for them. But at the end of this post, I will show you something that would make it much easier to get started online from home. Continue reading!

How To Make Money With The Modern Millionaires?

Possibly, if you get more clients, you can make money with Modern Millionaires. If you get high-paying clients, you can get your investment back and earn an income simultaneously. However, this is easier said than done. And before any of that happens, you need to spend a lot of money first, like purchasing their expensive course and paying for additional fees and products.

Paid ads are like betting. You pay for each time that someone clicks on them. And not everyone who clicks on an ad is a quality lead. This means they are not guaranteed to be your buying customers. You will have to convince these leads to purchase the products of your client. If they make a purchase, then that’s good. Otherwise, if you fail to produce enough leads and sales, you could simultaneously lose both money and the client.

The Pros & Cons Of The Modern Millionaires

You may already have some ideas about the pros and cons of purchasing the Modern Millionaires course, but here’s the list of what you can expect from their training system.


  • No marketing knowledge or background in marketing is needed to join the program.
  • Full training is provided from starting your website and closing client deals.
  • A viable way to make money is through Google Ads.


  • Course price is way too high; you can find tutorials about Google Ads and lead generation free on YouTube.
  • There’s a better course at Udemy about PPC advertising.
  • Not AdWords certified.
  • Lack of SEO training to accommodate local potential clients.
  • Lack of social media training.
  • Aside from paying for the course, you will be paying for additional costs such as digital advertising.
  • They changed their name from Millionaire Middleman to Modern Millionaires after receiving a bad reputation on the internet, but even after this, the new name still received negative reviews.
  • Running Google ads for clients is risky; there’s no guarantee that your leads will convert.
  • No guarantee of success.
  • $300 – $400 monthly hidden costs.
  • They created their own review for their own product for some reason; your guess is as good as mine.
  • Their ads would offer you $9.97 for the whole program, but you will be charged more.
Want to learn how I earn my passive Income working from home?

Click here right now for our review, my personal help, and instant access to our free training videos where we'll show you exactly how we did it ourselves starting out as complete beginners without ANY prior knowledge or experience in marketing online whatsoever!

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

After doing some research, I found no lawsuits filed against the company and its founders. But there are plenty of bad reviews about this company all around the internet. And you can also find bad reviews for this company, even for its previous versions such as the “Officeless Agency” and the “Millionaire Middleman.” I’ve also read some positive reviews from trust rating websites, and some of them are satisfied with the training program they’ve purchased.

The Modern Millionaires is rated F in BBB, which is the lowest rating, by the way. They also have about seven complaints filed against them, and most of the complaints are about their products and services. They asked for a refund based on the protests but didn’t get it, although it was just days after purchasing the training course.

Modern Millionaires Review - is this a legitimate companyIs the Modern Millionaires Legitimate?

Yes, I think Modern Millionaires is a legitimate training program that teaches you how to generate and convert leads using Google Ads or Facebook Ads. The downside is that the course is too expensive, and you will probably find cheaper methods online, and some are even free.

Although they run a legitimate training program, I can’t deny that plenty of negative reviews online say that they are scammers. People shared their experiences about how they were asked to pay for one product after another. And if you decline the next offer or change your mind, getting your money back is difficult and almost impossible. Some people are still waiting for their refunds until today but to no avail.

Also, the founders mentioned being featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur. I did a little research and found the articles they mean. But this is a list of articles where the founders shared their inputs along with other business titans.

From what I understand, when you say “featured,” you and your business were covered in an article. It usually talks about how your company started, highlighting its success, and so on. That is not the case. So, if you’re selling a product and you’re lying from the start, why would people buy from you?

Final thoughts

Overall, Modern Millionaires is suitable for people who would like to start their own business and with enough money to pay for the course, other fees, and products. It’s a significant investment, and not everyone has the money at their disposal for a training program.

Their approach is indeed comprehensive and based on their experience being marketers themselves. But you will also find more affordable options online and possibly more updated plus certifications too.

This training program’s success may rely entirely on you and your hard work. But definitely, it is not for people who need an immediate income at the moment. However, I do not recommend the Modern Millionaires course due to the risks involved. You may find other legit business opportunities with little to no upfront cost, which would be a better option for you.

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6 thoughts on “Modern Millionaires Review – Potential Earnings On Steroids?”

  1. When I first started reading, I was excited about this course because of the name, but I’m so pleased that you broke down the modules and explained how this company works. I can now see that there really isn’t special information in this course that I can’t get for free from other learning platforms. 

    I can’t believe the cost; wow, that’s huge for what they are offering. I tend to agree with you that if they have lied about being featured in Forbes, then you really don’t want to get involved with them. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to check out your recommendation.

    • Programs that carry hidden costs in their programs always send out a red flag as you can see in this Modern Millionaires review. What they offer can definitely get on the internet for a cheaper cost.

      Not training their affiliate about SEO and social media marketing shows that their tactics for building a successful business are minimal. Wealthy Affiliate, where I learn all that I need to build a business was the best investment ever.

  2. This must be a method that the owners of Modern Millionaires tried themselves first. And since it has worked for them, now they are willing to share it. But this is something that they’ll not give away for free. So I understand why it’s so pricey. But it’s just beyond my means. So I will give it a pass.

    • The training is not complete in itself for anyone to grow a business online. Once you do not know SEO or social media marketing, the chance of getting your website seen to grow your business is little or next to none. The price that they are asking for this course is way too high.

  3. Hi, 

    At first glance, Modern Millionaires sounds like an okay company. The catchy name caught me. Because who doesn’t want to make millions of dollars?!  But training costs and hidden fees are way too high. And it seems a big risk if you don’t have the right clients lined up and plenty of cash to invest upfront.  

    I believe your review is candid, well researched, thorough, and presented fairly. Prospective buyers need to know the pros and cons, history, BBB rating, and other info before deciding to join. 

    I look forward to reading more about money-making business opportunities. 



    • The training is not com[plete to give the marketer skills to build a successful business. These companies try to show individuals that they can help them build it, which is not the case. The amount of work that it will take to build a successful business online is a life-long process, and only the owner would have the passion for doing just that.


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