Jaaxy Review 2023 – Is it The Best Keyword Tool?

In My Jaaxy Review, I will detail the program and why it is so highly thought of as a tool for researching and building keyword lists. As the Internet requires fresh content, keyword tool programs such as Jaaxy become even more necessary than they already are.

  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Website: https://www.jaaxy.com/
  • Price: Free Trial- $0; Join For Free
  • Pro version- $49 per month;
  • Enterprise version- $99 per month
  • Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

Jaaxy Overview

According to the company’s website, Jaaxy is your competitive edge. When you are looking to get ranked on a search engine above your competitors, this is the ultimate tool for you to use. This product is designed to help you research and search for millions of keywords.

Some of those keywords may be new, yet Jaxxy helps you to find them. You may need that help since the people making their searches do not all use English as their first language, and their spelling can be confusing.

Finding weird spellings of keywords is not the only advantage Jaaxy brings to affiliate marketers. This affiliate marketing tool also helps you find new niches. It claims that it can discover those niches that have little to no competition making it easier for you to build your affiliate marketing business.

If that isn’t enough, Jaaxy helps you see what your competition is doing so you can make adjustments to your overall strategies. You will get helpful information on your competitor’s meta tags, their content quality, structure, and even the length of their content.

That is not all in this aspect of Jaaxy. This tool helps you see your competitor’s backlinks, their ad placements, and a lot more. It’s a wealth of information for you to go through.

Yet Jaaxy Is Not Done.

There is a platform called Site Rank, which allows you to see where your website is ranking on various search engines. And if you are into investing in domains to buy and then flip, Jaaxy helps you there as well.

In other words, Jaaxy may be the one tool your Internet business cannot do without. It does so much for you that once you try its free searches, you get 30 of them; you may not want to let it go after your free trial is over.

Jaaxy Review: The Pros and Cons

Now that the overview has piqued your interest in this top product, it is time to get back to earth and see the real story about Jaaxy.

Here are the good and the bad points that come with this top tool


  • It comes with an easy-to-use interface
  • You are not overwhelmed with unneeded data
  • There is software to install
  • Work with proxy servers
  • When difficult issues arise, support is rapid and helpful
  • Very accurate keyword searches
  • Find available domains


  • The cost has increased
  • Only 30 searches on the free trial
  • It works only in English
  • It only provides worldwide results, not local ones

In regards to Jaaxy pricing, one question people wonder is Jaaxy free? We just got word that Jaaxy has recently raised its prices. It used to be $19 for the pro option but raised to $49. Then the Enterprising option went from $49 to $99.

Other than that, we could not find too many people with any negative to say about this research tool.

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Who is Jaaxy For?

The good news is that if you have the money, just about anyone can use this research tool. Jaaxy is not exclusive, nor does it discriminate. However, it primarily gets the best results for bloggers, Internet marketers, and those trying to keep their online businesses successful.

When you want to be found online, this is the tool to help you achieve that goal. With millions of people competing to get a user’s attention, Jaaxy helps you attract that attention and bring them to your website.

Whether you are starting in affiliate marketing or creating a different online business, Jaaxy helps you get the data you need to plan your strategies. It is a must-have tool for those people who are serious about making money online.

Jaaxy is also good for seasoned online business people as it provides you with top data that can be used by those who are already successful in boosting their traffic and income.

Jaaxy Tools & Training

Once you sign up and pay your fee, Jaaxy provides videos to help you learn how to use their tool. The training helps and gives you some key pointers, but the interface is already so easy to use, you may not need to watch the videos.

Then you can get training through Wealthy Affiliate when you sign up as an affiliate marketer. This company helps get you up to speed using Jaaxy and other key tools you need to get your business booming.

Also, you can use the free trial period to learn how to use it. Once you do that, you can decide if it is the perfect tool for you to use. If you decide it is, you need to sign up and pay your fee to get access to all the features Jaaxy has to offer.

If you decide it isn’t the tool for you, then you have lost nothing, and you can let your free membership expire at the end of the free trial. As good as this research tool is, it may not be for everyone, and you will have to make that determination after you try it out.

Jaaxy Support

So far, we have heard nothing but good reports about the customer support offered by Jaxxy. It seems the two owners care a lot about the people who become members, and they take great strides to make sure their members are helped when they need it.

Then with the platform designed to be easy, you may not have any difficulties and won’t need any support. Even if you do have trouble, there is support on their help pages.

The drawback is that you can’t get access to their help pages until after you have signed up. Try it for yourself and see if you really need any extra help using Jaaxy. Contacting the company is easy, and they have a contact page on their website for you to use.

Jaaxy Review to find good keywordsJaaxy Price

Jaaxy started to be very economical. Its pricing was $0 for the free trial, $19 for the pro version, and $49 for the enterprise option. Even a person starting could adjust their operating budget and make sure they could afford Jaaxy’s services.

Unfortunately, as time goes on, prices change and usually not for the better. This is one of the biggest negatives that Jaaxy comes with if paying for keyword research is not something you want to do. While the free trial is still free, the cost of the other two programs has risen significantly.

Now you are looking at shelling out $49 per month for the Pro version and $99 per month for the Enterprise option.

As good as Jaaxy is, is it worth the cost? Not everyone has that type of money to put towards one keyword research tool every month until they get their online business profitable.

You are going to have to weigh your options and see if you can afford this tool. Keep in mind this is a powerful tool that makes sure you have the data you need when you need it.

There is a way to get a discount, and that is by signing up at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are a premium member, the cost goes back down to the original fees of $19 and $49.

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What you get with the paid memberships is as follows:

Jaaxy Pro

  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • 30 keyword results
  • 2,000 site rank scans
  • 15-letter alphabet soup results
  • Manual QSR
  • Manual domain availability
  • Affiliate program search
  • Brainstorm platform
  • 3x multi-tab keyword search
  • Site rank Tracking

Jaaxy Enterprise

You get everything the Pro has to offer with a few boosts in the following categories

  • 35 keyword results instead of 30
  • 10,000 site rank scans instead of 2,000
  • 50-letter alphabet soup results instead of 15
  • Instant domain availability instead of manual
  • 5x multi-tab keyword search instead of 3x
  • Sort Keyword Data

The good news is there are no real upsells to worry about except to upgrade to the best package offered by Jaaxy.

My Opinion On Jaaxy

They say to be careful when everyone speaks well of you, but that old saying may not apply to Jaaxy. It seems to be the perfect product for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and online businesses.

There is hardly anything negative about Jaaxy I could find. Everyone who uses it seems to like it and enjoys its results immensely.

For me, Jaaxy has everything a serious online user wants. It does good keyword searches, helps you with the competition, makes sure you know about different niches, and so on.

I will not be different from the crowd here as the only real detriment to using this research tool is its cost, but I can overcome that eventually. It is an excellent research tool for just about anyone.

Please start with the free trial to make sure it is an investment you want to make at this time.

My Jaaxy Review

Description of Jaaxy

This is a great keyword search tool that is very easy to use. It comes with an easy-to-understand interface, and it beats the competition. Plus, the results it brings are accurate, fast, and very relevant.

With tops of the line features like alphabet soup, search analytics, site rank, and affiliate finder, you can’t go wrong with the data you receive. Also, this is a top keyword search tool that anyone can use.

If you are a blogger, a business owner, an SEO pro, a website owner, or even an affiliate marketer, Jaaxy is your ally. The help it brings to you is second to none, and you can’t ask for a better resource.

This research tool does have some competitors, but Jaaxy beats them in except in the category of local search results, advertising competition, and suggested bids for ads. Then you get the tools and the training, which is a big help.

With good support, you are not left alone when you use Jaaxy, and a problem occurs. Help is just a simple contact page away. That feature also helps Jaaxy stand out from the rest of the field.

Final thoughts

Let me summarize my Jaaxy review with this; it is safe to say this is a highly recommended research tool. I will go along with that verdict as I have found that Jaaxy is superior to its competitors. Its wide reach allows just about every user to become more successful than they currently are.

Here are some key details summarized that help Jaaxy stands out and perform better than other keyword research tools:

  • Keyword search tools- billions of them at your fingertips
  • Niche finder- even those that have little to no competition
  • Competitor investigator- helps you keep track of what your competition is doing
  • SEO expert- uses site rank to let you know where you stand on the search engines
  • Domain availability finder- track down different domains to capture all the ones related to your website and more
  • It is a tool for everyone- all internet users can benefit from its services
  • Good support- you get help and the training you need to use Jaaxy right
  • Has great affiliate payouts as well- Pro-$20; and Enterprise $40

When you go with Jaaxy, you are putting the world on notice you are serious about your business. To be successful, you need tools, and Jaaxy is the top tool to use for keyword research.

Get Jaaxy for FREE when signing up with a Community that gives you plenty of support, training, websites, and access to 24/7 live chat where people are always online to help you.

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10 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review 2023 – Is it The Best Keyword Tool?”

  1. Jaaxy is the most powerful keyword tool I have used. It really gives a blog creator all they need to get ranked. I was a Market Samurai user but not anymore.

    • Glad you see the value in Jaaxy William. Kyle and Carson made it so easy to choose your keyword, and get access to your competition in one simple layout. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hey Bishop, as always great post. The information here on Jaaxy are correct. I use Jaaxy on a daily basis to look for good keywords, and am amazed at how easy and quick the results come in. It makes everything easier for me in conducting research. This product is a great product. Good review.

    • Hey, Abraham, glad you see the power of this awesome tool Jaaxy. It just makes keyword research so easy to research and help with your ranking and google. Thank you for dropping by and good luck to you on your keyword research.

  3. Rightly said Jason, once you start using Jaxxy it will make your keyword research so simple. So glad you see the value with Jaaxy. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

  4. I love the way you put it, there is no bad review about Jaaxy. I have used jaaxy for more than 1 year and it’s been excellent. From the keyword research to its alphabet soup, jaaxy is very useful. On top of it, I just discovered I do not need to write out keywords, you can save it on jaaxy, create a file of keywords and come back to it later. An excellent tool, great review.

    • The alphabet soup searches help you to find competitive keywords that people are searching for, and it shows how simple you can get rank for these low-hanging fruit keywords. Just being able to save it for life you can know all the keywords you have used in the past so that you would not create duplicate ranking articles targeting the same keywords. An important ranking factor that we ignored.

  5. I have been using Jaaxy as part of my Wealthy Affiliate membership for almost two years now, and I can highly recommend this keyword search tool as one of the best. I briefly tried Ask the Public, but Jaaxy certainly had the competitive edge. I use it on a daily basis and I would not dream of writing a blog post, without using Jaaxy, and specially to find low hanging keywords.

    • You picked the right keyword research tool for your online business. All the tools and cutting-edge research platforms in one package to get you ahead of your competitors and how to pick the right niche for your business. I have been using it for just over seven years now, and I have not looked back since.


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