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keywords for SEOThis is my unbiased Jaaxy Review, which I consider to be the best keyword tool on the internet today. This software will put your Keyword Research on Steroids.

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When making your presence online, finding your niche and having the best keyword tool, like Jaaxy Enterprise, is the most important aspect of your business. Choosing a keyword to target is arguably the most important part of the whole Website Building process.
Choose the wrong keyword, and right off the bat, you’ve limited your profitability or worse yet, set yourself up to make no money at all online. Now, it doesn’t‟t matter what market or niche the keyword is in because with a couple of hours of research you can write about just about anything.
My No.1 Recommendation is The Jaaxy Enterprise.
Three criteria when searching for a keyword I focus on are:
1. The keyword must make sense 
2. A number of searches or traffic it gets
3. The amount of competition the keyword have
We want one that brings HIGH profits (not pennies) through a high volume of targeted, ready to buy visitors. What attributes are we looking for in our main keyword?
1.  A niche you can monetize (make sure they’re products related to the keyword).
2.  A keyword you can monetize.
3.  Anything that gets a good amount of searches per month according to Google.
4. A level of competition we can compete with.
 Now, let’s look at each of these factors in more detail, because it‟s absolutely crucial that you can tell the difference between a keyword that meets one of our four attributes than one that doesn’t.
Creating different articles with an unbelievable amount of keywords makes it possible with Jaaxy. It uncovers certain criteria that cause you to get a better ranking that no other keyword tool is able to give you.

1. A Niche You Can Monetize

There’s no point spending all that time creating a website about something you can’t make money from. You need to be able to monetize your niche so make sure it‟s got products to promote and desperate buyers. I’m talking desperately here, and I don‟t mean it in a negative way, think of it like this. Not people who are looking to just solve a problem, people who are willing to PAY for the solution. A great way to see how profitable a niche could be is to do a search for the term on Jaaxy and check the QSR.

2. A Keyword You Can Monetize.

 We’ve looked at it from a market or niche level which would be things like affiliate marketing, approaching women, make money. Notice I said stuff like approaching women instead of men‟s dating advice. Not too general but not too specific either. Now we need to look at it from the keyword level, which is more specific to our site. This is one of my little nuggets of gold and is something that many marketers miss.
Okay. Just because you’re getting free traffic through this system it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t scrutinize how profitable that keyword actually is. Here‟s an example of a keyword phrase that applies to almost any market that‟s got all the elements of the equation except buyers. The individual keyword you’re targeting should not be a browsing keyword like „cameras‟, instead, it should be more closely linked to buying or a specific problem.
keywords are key for better seo
  Or another example, a keyword like “how to lose weight fast” would be a good one to use because the searcher clearly has a problem that they want to solve. And it’s a problem they’ll pay to solve too (since weight loss is massive billion dollar market).
Also, remember that you’re very unlikely to be able to rank for a broader keyword like “cameras” or “weight loss” anyway, you‟d have way too many competitors, so stick to quite specific terms. Here are the three keyword rules:
 1. It must be related to buying or targeting a market that needs (problems) are closely related to what the product offers.
2. Long tail, usually. Why? Because the shorter keywords probably won‟t be buying keywords and more importantly you won‟t be able to rank for them. Broad keyword terms are the realm of authority sites. So usually go for keywords with 3 or more words. 

The Rule of 2,000 Searches

Now, it‟s important to note that this is my personal figure I came up with and is by no means set in stone. Only you can decide what‟s an acceptable number of searches. It‟s simple really: More traffic = more money. And obviously, more searches will mean more visitors, which means more potential customers, and, therefore, more money.
The rule of less than 2,000 or at least over 1,000 searches per month is just because quite simply, I don’t see it as worth my time to pursue any keywords with fewer searches than that. I don’t want to fight over pennies, and you don’t need to either.
So What’s an Acceptable Level of Competition? Well, that depends on the keyword. And because of that, this is an area that many guides leave out since it‟s something you’ll only really learn from personal experience…
But I wanted to come up with an exact system that you can use so that you’re not at too much of a disadvantage over the more experienced guys. But remember that there‟s no substitute for real experience and you may get it wrong the first couple of times. Anyway, here are my competition guidelines:

Competing Pages

First of all, let‟s talk about the number of competing pages. Now, this is probably the most inaccurate way of doing things. I recommend that you follow my other guidelines as well, which involve researching the top results in detail since that‟s who you’re competing with – Not the thousands of guys on pages 2 – 50. But anyway, it does help to give you an initial „feel‟ for a keyword.
Now, this will vary from keyword to the keyword but, as a rule, look for no more than 13,000 competing websites when you put your keyword in phrase marks. So, if you’re keyword lose weight really fast you would type into Google “lose weight really fast” and see how many pages are identified as a result.
(The section where it says displaying 1-10 results out of #number, where #number is the number of competing pages). I prefer, however, to analyze all the top ranking websites in a bit more detail and try to gauge if I’ll be able to outrank them.
So here are some tips on that: Forum topics – If there‟s forum topics high up on page one (I don‟t care how many views and replies they have) it‟s usually a pretty good sign. Not just because you will outrank them, but it shows a general lack of competition for that keyword.

what can Jaaxy do for your business

 Why use Jaaxy for your business? 

Jaaxy narrows it down to a science, with Jaaxy you are looking for searches less than 200 and the QSR of under 500, this means less than 500 competing pages in google. Then we have the KQI: (Keyword Quality Index).


Here you get quick visuals which allow you to quickly scan a list of keywords and see the ones that are more likely to be more competitive keywords. Keyword Quality Index is based on the volume of traffic, competition and estimated ranking results, which gives you a quick way to interpret keyword lists.

Get the full potential by seeing Jaaxy in action in this simple to follow video.

Join me in a community that is eager to see you grow your online business with step by step videos tutorials.

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  1. Jaaxy is the most powerful keyword tool I have used. It really gives a blog creator all they need to get ranked. I was a Market Samurai user but not anymore.

    • Glad you see the value in Jaaxy William. Kyle and Carson made it so easy to choose your keyword, and get access to your competition in one simple layout. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hey Bishop, as always great post. The information here on Jaaxy are correct. I use Jaaxy on a daily basis to look for good keywords, and am amazed at how easy and quick the results come in. It makes everything easier for me in conducting research. This product is a great product. Good review.

    • Hey, Abraham, glad you see the power of this awesome tool Jaaxy. It just makes keyword research so easy to research and help with your ranking and google. Thank you for dropping by and good luck to you on your keyword research.

  3. Rightly said Jason, once you start using Jaxxy it will make your keyword research so simple. So glad you see the value with Jaaxy. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

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