How To Have A Healthy Lifestyle – using the Right system

In this article, I want to look closely at how to have a healthy lifestyle that will make you a better entrepreneur to get more results.

Being healthier can have a positive effect on your business. I am going to show you how to have a healthy lifestyle and how that will translate into you being a better entrepreneur than you are today.

To build a fruitful and successful business you often need more dedication both to your business as well as your lifestyle away from it. You must work harder on both! This will push you to your limits. Living a healthy lifestyle is what many entrepreneurs overlook. Most concentrate too much on their business and not enough on being healthy.

Here is what I like as it relates to being your own boss. There are many ways to have a healthy lifestyle that will make you a better entrepreneur. We are sold on the dream of being your own boss and setting your own schedule.

However, especially in the early years, entrepreneurs have a tough schedule and often never take adequate time for a break. This can bring a negative effect on your health. Here are the tips on how to have a healthier lifestyle that will make you a better entrepreneur.

Learn to Manage And Control Your Stress

As an entrepreneur, stress can be difficult to avoid. However, this can be managed and controlled. It is important for you to learn how to manage stress because it can impact your mindset. Stresses are also dangerous when you are making a decision.

After affecting your personal health the next one is negatively affecting your business. Don’t let it. It can ruin both potential and current relationships with clients. Learn to control and manage it.

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Find A Routine That Works Better For You And Then Stick To It

How To Have A Healthy Lifestyle - finding a routine that works well for you

Maintaining and keeping a consistent schedule is great. This will help you to hold yourself accountable and stay on track. For example, getting up very early in the morning is excellent an habit many of the most successful people do. You just need to map out your day and know what should be done.

After this, you will find yourself completing tasks faster. The toughest part is just when you start to do it, but after a while, your body gets used to it. This becomes a routine as time passes or without an alarm clock.

If you are the type of person that has trouble getting started in your business every day do not fall into the trap of procrastinating. Even if you force yourself to start every day do it and you will find over time you will fall into to correct routine.

Take Time To Relax And Unplug From Your Daily Business

Running a business is stressful. No doubt about that. If you do not take the time to unplug and relax once in a while you can end up suffering. This can cause a case of burnout. I have seen many entrepreneurs who must think that working nonstop is healthy.

How To Have A Healthy Lifestyle - making exercise as part of your life

That is not true and you should know there is time to recharge and relax. Carve out time and enjoy your hobbies. Wat

ch movies, go fishing and do anything that will make you relax. Take a vacation and spend time with your family. This will be beneficial to both your personal life and your business life.

Make Exercise Part Of Your Daily Routine

Working out every day will keep your mindset fresh. This makes us happy. Maintaining a positive outlook and mindset is the captain of success.

With all the challenges and obstacles that entrepreneurs face daily exercise is needed. Before hitting the office exercise in the morning if you can.

This is a proven way to make sure you do not run out of time later in the day. Exercising several times a week will help to relax your mind and have a balanced work-life. It will also help you to improve your problem-solving skills.

Eat As Healthy Food As Possible

Living a healthy life depends largely on what you eat. It makes a huge difference in your life. For example, replacing soda with water will control your weight loss and sugar intake. Bring nutritious meals and snacks with you to the office.

Order traditional foods rather than fries and cheeseburgers. Cut back on carbs and sugar. Your body will thank you and you will find you sleep better and have more energy for your business the next day.

Enjoy Nature

Because my blog here appeals mostly to bloggers and affiliate marketers I know you are sitting in front of a computer, tablet, or smartphone just like me. This can be a very bad trap to fall into and get away from.

Here is one thing I started doing several years that has really helped me be a better entrepreneur. I am much more healthy because of it. What is it? I get up 3-4 times a day and go out and take a short walk. If you are someone who likes to enjoy nature already and hike or bike I congratulate you. What if you are more like me?

Taking a short walk is both helpful physically as well as mentally. It will help you recharge your batteries. As your energy level increases, you will eagerly look forward to getting back to work and you will get more done when you are working.

becoming an healthy entrepreneur

Final Thoughts

Having a healthy lifestyle will make you a better entrepreneur. Just like your business, you are 100% in control of your health and how you go about improving and maintaining it. Follow the tips I have laid out in this article.

These are not just theories. I follow these myself and have become a healthier entrepreneur because of them. It is not always easy, but just like building a successful business I often say….”no pain no gain” and have found the pain part does get easier.

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10 thoughts on “How To Have A Healthy Lifestyle – using the Right system”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. As much as I love working for myself, I find that I have a hard time relaxing.  I can work anywhere, anytime. What happens is I work everywhere, all the time. Not good.

    I definitely find that if I write down what I want to work in a schedule, and plan to take breaks and exercise, I tend to stick to it. 

    Its kind of a snowball effect, work, stress, no time to work out, more work, more stress…

    I clicked that link on the bottom and read your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I belong there too, it is a great community. I learned and continue to learn so much there. 

    • When starting out working for yourself would be very challenging, and you may not get the rest you need, but once you hit main stream with your business, adjusting your work hours should be priority. I too had this problem in the beginning.

      Writing down my schedule works for me as well, although sometimes i tend to go off track a little. I think it is normal, especially if you have a family.

      Glad to see that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, all that you need to know to build a successful business is at your fingertips. Hope to see you around the community from time to time. All the best.

  2. Your a real wealth of information Mr David Bishop. I do find it hard to stop obsessing about being a successful entrepreneur and find myself getting a little stressed quite often, and forgetting all these fine thing in life you have pointed out having a healthier lifestyle. Which is what its supposed to be all about.

    Right On Brother. 🙂 Cheers Rob 

    • Great to see that you keep coming back to my website and leaving such positive comments. glad I am able to bring value to you in the marketplace. We all go through a little stressed in our business but setting goals and joining a community like Weal;thy Affiliate is what will help you through these stressful times.

      You can also work with others to hold you accountable and to keep your consistency level up, that is the reason why a community is so important. If ever you need help, please let me know, would love to work with you.

  3. Very good advice you give there. I think the most important at least in my opinion is to find a routine that suits you but also one that will not be stressful too much. If you can manage to find a balance between making enough work but not too much that can put pressure on your everyday way of life I think is the best course of action. Other things are also important like good diet and exercise but I think that the most important is to have a schedule that you are able to follow. If you manage this then success is almost certain.

    • Stratos, thank you for such positive feedback and input on why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for your business. 

      I agree that having a schedule that you are able to follow would be your best bet. This is the difference of failure and success to the online marketers. That you for such informative advice.

  4. Hello, you have tackled a very important aspect most working people neglect most, that is their own health and family. 

    Many a time entrepreneurs tend to forget to look after their health claiming to be very busy either to come home early for a warm home cooked meal. 

    Some going to see a doctor, they only do it when they can’t get going on anymore, fearing the doctor would book them in and not be able to work of they are bed ridden. It is very important to know that maintaining your health should in fact be a number one priority to avoid getting sick in the first place. Also giving enough time to the family is important as if the family is not happy that in itself is stressful for everyone and the business will be affected too as you may find yourself not treating your customers well or not producing quality results due to stress at home. 

    • Glad that yo see how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle and what it can do for your business.

      You touch on some very important points here which I see causes many entrepreneurs to quit before giving their business time and juggling with it between their families. I too have paid the price back then. if the home is happy, everything falls into place and success will be achieved. Thank you for your insight here.

  5. Hi David. I wish I could have read your article about 8 years ago. I went through a very stressful time with a Company I worked for and it ended up with me on stress leave for two years. I have moved on since then and I now run two business’s, one online, one off. I love the online one but the off line pays the bills. However, it’s a very physical job and I can’t wait to end it. I need to relax more, eat healthy and excercise . Thank you for reminding me of this. Jim

    • Hey Jim, we all can get carried away building a business for our family that we often forget our well being. Here in New York, I have seen tons of people are making this huge mistake because of their commitment to their 9 to 5 job. I was one of them and had to find a way out before I get seriously ill.

      I did cut back on my hours and started to change my diet and find time to go to the gym. While doing all of that I was looking for a way to leverage my time at work by building a business online so i can spend more time with my family and get to the gym more often. And that took about two years. Hope it work out for you as well.


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