How To Improve SEO Ranking In Google For Better rankings

Do you suffer from a lack of rankings in Google? In today’s online world, it can be very challenging to rank in the search engine. But with some simple guidelines, it is entirely possible. Let me show you how to improve SEO ranking in Google, and your blog ranks by using search engine optimization, or SEO for short. SEO is a growing and critical area of Internet marketing and advertising. 

You may find that odd statement to make when you consider that search engine optimization has been around really since people begin to build websites, and certainly since the world of blogging has taken off in the last ten years.

With so many different ways to market a website, much of the emphasis has been promoted recently on social media marketing. However, many bloggers have been unable to move the amount of traffic to their blogs that they want through social media marketing alone.

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This has led to a movement back to Internet marketers looking more into SEO and how to do it effectively. The practical part is harder today than it used to be, yet it is still attainable with a little bit of knowledge and effort.

Improving SEO ranking is major in advertising. The current recommendation is for every company to engage in SEO to increase traffic and drive sales.

There are several ways to improve the results of your SEO process.

Know Your Keywords

Every blogger should have a comprehensive keyword list that they strive to include in various ways on their blog. One way you can build a keyword list is to use the Google keyword planner, a free tool provided by Google specifically for their customers to target keywords for Google Adwords.

However, you can do the same thing for your blog whether you’re doing an Adwords marketing campaign or not. This is a good starting point because you can build a very comprehensive list and begin to see the most commonly searched keyword phrases related to the theme of your blog.

The list is great because it shows how much competition there is for a specific keyword phrase rated from low to high. You can build a keyword list of short to longtail phrases that number in the hundreds or even thousands of words with minimal effort.

This allows you to target a specific keyword phrase for each blog post you make. You can also include variations of them as they sound natural in the articles you write.

Content is Everything 

The recent changes to Google’s algorithm that determines the page rank for each website have undergone many changes over the last decade. The most recent of these changes is to reduce the importance of keywords and increase the volume of the actual content of a website.

The short version is not how many words you have on your site or the number of strategically placed keywords. What matters is if the actual information the visitors read has value. This does not eliminate the necessity for keywords, but keyword density is no longer a primary factor in determining page rank.

One strategy would be to write longer articles of 1000, 2000, or longer articles and sprinkle multiple keyword phrases. Over time your goal would be to build an authority blog.

An authority blog ranks for many keywords in the organic results of Google. One article could rank for hundreds of keywords.

how to improve SEO ranking in Google - blogging online

Authoritative Connections

Another way to improve your SEO process is to link to other websites considered authoritative by the search engine. This is an outbound link on your part.

For example, if your website uses The Wall Street Journal site as one of its information sources, the algorithm for considering your site to have a greater content relevance and a higher page rank.

Google likes to see outbound links to other authority sites. Part of this stems from the fact you are attempting to give the best user experience to your readers, and Google appreciates that.

The same holds for getting backlinks to your blog. A high number of low-quality links is not very helpful and can hurt your ranking on Google. You are better off getting one backlink from a quality site. There are strategies for this.

Here is an excellent article to read: How To Ask Websites To Link To You, And Make Them Say Yes

Brian Dean writes about the Skyscraper Technique here:

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Web Site Design 

Though website design has been an essential consideration for every business, the search engine algorithm looks for how easy the information is to access and how the information is presented and organized.

Many designers suggest using a Q&A (Question and Answer) format in presenting the information. The web crawler can identify the simple design that delivers information in an organized style that is easy for visitors to read.

Headline tags help organize your content. The use of bullet points is also recommended as a straightforward way to display information.

From a broad perspective, what separates the best sites from the average site is the unique and authoritative content available. This includes daily updates that present video information and blogs. One of the critical factors in moving up in page rank is how recent is the data presented.

While some content is likely to remain unchanged, much of the content should be revised to reflect changes in the industry or current events. Pursuing a flexible and evolving SEO strategy focusing on these elements are ways to improve your SEO ranking.

And That’s How To Improve SEO Ranking In Google

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16 thoughts on “How To Improve SEO Ranking In Google For Better rankings”

  1. I do believe you’re right there. Having valuable content is worth more than a website that just spams its keywords throughout. When you engage an audience they are more likely to like, share and comment on your works and browse several pages rather than bouncing off one page.

    I think if your website had a high bounce rate then perhaps Google would deem it lower authority? I am only guessing here though. 🙂

    Nice site. Lots of browsable info thanks 🙂

  2. David,

    Thanks for this post. I found it really interesting.

    You spoke about linking to other authoritative websites and I’ve been a little confused about that myself. I’ve read in many different places that its good to link to other websites because it shows that your confident enough in your website that you can link to other websites.

    I’ve also read that linking to other sites shows that your website doesn’t have good enough therefore you need to link to a website with more reliable information.

    Whats your opinion on this?


    • I heard that as well Robert, but I found out that is not the case. google like websites that give value to their audience, so if there are valuable information out there with other sites, why not provide that information to your readers?

      This shows that you are not bias, and your whole intent is to educate your audience, so if you really want to improve seo ranking, linking to other sites that have valuable information, is a good and professional way of doing it. Thank you for your honest feedback Robert, and I wish you great success with your online quest, and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

  3. David,
    Great write up on improving SEO rankings. I often wonder what the Google monsters are up to with their spiders and such. Through the use of linking I can understand how this could increase your standings or authority. I know a few years ago it was all about those back links, I have heard that you need to be more careful now days though. What do you think?

    • Hey Marc, as I mention in my article, how to improve your SEO rankings, some are proven, some are controversial and others are SEO nerd speculation. One of the factors that contribute to a website being “important” is the number of links pointing to that page. If your page has 50 quality links pointing to it, it will be ranked higher in Google than one that only has 15.

      And these links have to be quality links from other pages that are popular in Google’s eye. This is where you have to be careful. The search engine has other factors that determine how quality are your links. Hope I give you some light on how to improve SEO ranking. Take care.

  4. Some useful tips and information – thanks. I’ve been creating content for my site for a couple of months now and during this time have heard the catch phrase ‘content is King’ many times. This makes sense as people want to get value from visiting websites, and fits right into what you’re saying.
    So keywords are important, and good valuable content is crucial.
    I didn’t realize that having links to authoritative sites could help with ranking too – thanks for the tip.

    • Hi Grant, yes, content is king. Back in the days website owners us to stuff keywords all over their article and get rank for it, not now. Google has a team of well-educated people working for them, and the days of keyword stuffing is all over. Your website has to give value to its audience and has to make sense. writing good quality content is key on how to improve SEO Ranking. grant good luck with your business and thanks again for dropping by.

  5. Writing high quality content regularly can indeed impact on SEO ranking. I personally write my blogposts almost every day. People tend to forget this and veer off their path. Thus they keep wondering what have gone wrong. Another thing that can boost our site rank, is by sharing it to Google plus. Although the owner didn’t admit it will, but many of experience marketers believe that this top social media platform plays a certain role in SEO.

    • I agree on sharing our content with Google plus. I have gotten on the first page of Google by using this social media platform. Regular content writing is key, and should be our main focus. Giving value to your audience should always be our main goal.

      Great that you get some value with this post Edy, thank you for your comment and good luck with your online business. Best wishes.

  6. Hey great read. I love learning about SEO and the many tactics there are out there. Your article is a great summation. I was wondering about one of the last paragraphs in the article. It says that daily updates to your blog is great for SEO. So I was wondering if you could answer this: all things being equal, would daily blog posts to a site as opposed to say one blog post a week give you 7x greater search engine ranking by the algorithms?

    • Christian, thank you for your feedback on this post about how to improve SEO Ranking. Yes, a daily post will always help in your ranking once you are giving value to your marketplace. Hope that helps.


    • Nathan, thank you for such kind words on how to improve SEO ranking article. Is always a good practice to link to other sites by sending your readers to, if you need to elaborate on your article. Google loves that.

  7. Indeed content is the most valuable asset when it comes to creating a website!

    Audience engagement is the most important aspect here i believe. They are more susceptible to share and comment.

    It’s an interesting concept, the authoritarian approach to advertising, sometimes it can come across as too pushy, and can actually put people off your product!

    Great site and great article.


    • Mark,

      Thank you for your comment on how to improve SEO ranking on your website. I love the way that Google is looking for quality articles that provide value to your audience. You are right when you say that some advertising come across too pushy which causes people not to get involve with whatever you are offering.

      It seems that you have knowledge about what is working today in order for someone to gain rankings in the search engines. Please feel free to elaborate anytime, this is my focus so that others will have a positive approach when building their business. I appreciate you and thanks for the input.


  8. Ranking has always been a problem for my blog and it seems to be getting worse the older it gets (and I thought it would get better!).
    I think my choice of keywords is a little bit newbie at the best of times. How would you get around this? What tools would you recommend?


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