How To Make Money Blogging For Free

How to make money blogging for free is real. Is there anything more glamorous than being in business for yourself as a freelance blogger?

If you were to ask the average person on the street, the majority would have no idea what you’re talking about if you told them you make money blogging online.

However, many are just like you are thinking about becoming.

What’s happened over the years is millions of people have started their blogs with the idea that they were going to make money. The majority of those millions of people never made any money and abandoned their blogs.

They did this primarily for two reasons.

  • 1. Time.
  • 2. Money.

These are the same reasons most people never make any money online.

With this in mind, I want to discuss how to make money blogging for free. This can be a good option for people when they first start out, so you can find out whether blogging is something you want to do without spending any money.

After you get to making money if you find you like blogging in the future, you can set your blogs up with minimal expense on a domain name and website hosting.

Step 1: Decide On Your Blog Niche

In the world of Internet blogging, a theme is also referred to as what your blog is going to be about. Let me give you a couple of ideas to keep in mind.

I think more people would stick with their blog if they started one around a theme they had knowledge of or were already passionate about. When you think about this, you should have a couple of ideas come to mind right away.

1. Are you an expert? Often people take their existing knowledge of the career they’re currently in and use it to start a blog.

2. Do you have a hobby? This is a good way to start a blog, and you can make money writing about a hobby you have a passion for.

3. Something you were always interested in. If you’re going to be spending time researching why not make it on something that you always had an interest in, but haven’t spent much time on?

Step 2: Choose A Blogging Platform

How To Make Money Blogging For Free - being a google blogger

In layman’s terms, this means where your blog is going to be hosted.

The most common platform for starting a blog for free is

This is owned by Google and offers several advantages to a new blogger.

For starters, it doesn’t cost anything to set up an account with Google for blogging purposes. You can use the same account for an unlimited number of blogs if you find you like this and want to continue this way.

Step 3: Choose A Theme

Google will give you multiple themes to pick from. This is not the most important thing right now because you can change at any time.

However, it is fun to play around with the various themes they offer to see which one you like the best. As you begin to develop your blog you can customize the theme by making changes to things such as the background color, the layout or template, the font, and so on.

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Step 4: Make A Post

Don’t waste any time getting started. Jump in with both feet and make your first post.

Write a short article that describes what your new blog is going to be about. Don’t worry about anything at this point regarding search engine optimization, adding images, and so on.

All you are initially trying to do is get your first article online so you can see just how easy it is to do. This is one of the great things about the Google Blogger platform.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. All you do is type in your content and hit the publish button and you’re done.

Presto, you have your first article online!

Step 5: Making Money

How To Make Money Blogging For Free - making money as an affiliate marketer

Start thinking about how you want to make money.

One thing new bloggers will do is use the Google AdSense affiliate program as a fast way to monetize their blogs.

You can join the Adsense program in your member’s area where you set your blog up. Google offers to train on ways to make this more efficient, but it’s not something you need to worry too much about right away.

This is also a good time to begin looking at affiliate programs. One thing I would suggest is joining Wealthy Affiliate and getting training in affiliate marketing.

There is a cost to be in the program, so this may or may not be something you want to do. However, affiliate marketing is an excellent business model to make money when you’re blogging.

Many affiliate programs are free to join. The program provides the marketing materials you need to add to your blog.

You find relevant products on the theme of your blog and add things such as banners and text link ads. The Google Blogger platform makes this easy to do as well.

Step 6: Becoming Educated

There’re two things that you need to become educated on.

1. Getting traffic to your blog. There are several things that are doing the best, but some of the basics include search engine optimization, building a keyword list, working on getting backlinks to your blog, and understanding the difference between free and paid advertising.

As you’ve seen so far, all the things I’ve been talking about don’t cost you any money. They do require an investment of time on your part. As you become more professional, you’ll learn to value your time on an hourly basis.

2. Income streams. I like to think of ways to make money regarding income streams.

Multiple streams of income are better than having all your eggs in one basket. Also, in affiliate marketing, you may want to consider developing your products and selling them where you can keep 100% of the profits.

Learning various ways to make money online does take some time, but it is usually worth the effort.

These are some ideas on how to make money blogging for free. Again, the primary thing, at first, is not investing any money upfront until you decide whether blogging is for you or not.

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