How To Make Six Figures At Home – Buying & Selling Websites!

What I want to do in this article, is to show you how to make six figures at home using Empire Flippers as an example.

We have reviewed the Empire Flippers program a couple of months ago. You can read that here.

We are going to take this great website and show you ways you can make a 6 figure income with Empire Flippers. It is turning into the ultimate source for buying and selling websites, so I want to talk about the ins and outs of how people are really capitalizing on this site to earn over $100K a year.

Here Are Few Ways On How To Make Six Figures At Home

Buying & Selling A Business

1. Find a business you want to buy. You will be looking at the niche, age of the business, monthly profit, and the price. You can also call or email them. or Sales@

2. Refundable buying process. Put down a refundable 5% deposit on a business you want to buy. This is capped at $10K. Doing this will give you more information on the business you are buying.

3. Negotiations. Smaller purchases can be done via the ticket Empire Flippers ticket system. Larger purchases may require a conference between the buyer and seller and an Empire Flippers business advisor.

4. Purchase the business. Once you have done your due diligence and finished negotiations, it is time to wire the money. If several buyers are wiring money at the same time the one who wires the full purchase price first wins the wire race. If money wired below the full or list price the highest wire wins.

5. Migration. The Empire Flippers have a team to work through migrating businesses from the seller to their buyer. Generally, they think of everything. In more complex purchases as the buyer, you may want to be involved in the migration.

Making Money On Your Purchase

You saw something in the business that made you want to buy it. That is usually the starting point for you to making money.

You now have a chance to make money in multiple ways. Think of your new website as virtual real estate. You own a little piece of the world wide web.

How To Make Six Figures At Home - making the ultimate business deal onlineMaking money with virtual real estate is not unlike making money in offline real estate. For example.

A. Buy and hold. If the website you purchased is already making money you may want to just keep the monthly income and hold onto it.

You may want to make changes to the website so you can make more money per month. You can also just hold on to it and hope that it escalates in value.

You have equity in the site that you purchased if you bought it on a discount and it’s now worth more. There are people who increase their equity online by six figures and never actually sell any of the websites they purchase.

There are others who see potential in the sites and purchase them with the idea that they’re going to increase the monthly income. You would need approximately $8500 a month in income to earn $100,000 a year from a website.

Some people purchase more websites from empire flippers and just build their portfolio knowing that they’re going to cash out someday in the future.

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The name Empire Flippers signifies that people are buying and flipping websites here. This is another way to make six figures.

B. Buy and flip. You buy low and sell high. Just like you see on t.v with Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper there are deals to be had at Empire Flippers.

What makes it so much better than flipping homes, in my opinion, is the fact that you can so easily and quickly flip a website compared to purchasing a property off-line, fixing it up, and then trying to sell it. Of course, there is a risk involved in this as well.

The people who do really well at flipping websites are people who have the ability to spot a deal, and then make that deal happen.

Generally, flippers get started in some of the smaller deals online. As with any type of investing, you should never risk more money than you can afford to lose.

How To Make Six Figures At Home - making money flipping websitesThis means that you might be buying websites for $100, fixing them up, and turning around and trying to sell them for $200, or $300 or more. It’s easy to actually achieve a 100% return on your money and you can learn the ropes without risking a lot of money.

Of course, it’s going to be harder to achieve a six-figure income with this. What you’re really doing is trading your time for knowledge so that you can get to that six-figure income for totals quicker.

Start From Scratch

I see more and more bloggers getting into blogging with the idea they are building a blogging business. Their goal is to build a blog from scratch and turn around and sell it 30-35 times monthly profit.

If a blog is earning $5k a month it is worth potentially $150K or more to a buyer. These bloggers are in the business of building virtual real estate, quickly selling it, and repeating the process.

One of the best in this business is Chris Lee over at He has a Blog Accelerator course that teaches you how to build a blog from zero to $100K using your blog to build an email list. He recommends selling your blog at Empire Flippers which he says is the best in the business.

Of course, Empire Flippers has a course as well. How To Make Money Blogging & Create A Real Asset. How To Make Money Blogging & Create A Real Asset.

Conclusion On How To Make 6 Figures At Home

Yes, you can make a 6 figure income at home with Empire Flippers. As I have shown you there are multiple ways to go about doing this.

Ultimately selling the websites you buy is the end game. However, in between, there are many ways to make money including monthly income and creating an asset that appreciates in value as you improve it and make it worth more then you bought it for.

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10 thoughts on “How To Make Six Figures At Home – Buying & Selling Websites!”

  1. Very interesting topic, people will buy and sell anything, until recently I never realized that includes websites as well!

    I can only dream of having a website that someone wishes to buy from me. 

    Why though do people sell their website if it is making them an income? I suppose they reinvest the money in other websites the same as any other business.

    All the best


    • Hey Louise, there are a lot of people who know that the website would diminish if they leave it to their loved ones, so this is one way why they see the need for selling.

      Some are tired with the work and need to travel with their loved ones and enjoy life, so they see need to sell. while others have many websites available and just want to focus on one. Sometimes is their passion and want to take it to another level. Hope that answer your question.

  2. Hey Bishop,

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t read the previous review about Empire Flippers. But here I received the opportunity as a link and read it. Furthermore, from today’s review, I can learn a lot how much money can be earned through Empire Flippers at home. I can’t imagine that it is possible to earn a huge amount by buying and selling goods. Of course, it needs a proper platform and right way of business. Thank you sincerely for such a valuable and informative review.

    With Regards,

    • Thank you for the comment and for taking a look at my Empire Flippers Review. In building a successful business and earning a six-figure income, you need time and if is something you don’t have, then you need money. People are clinging to the latter because of the inconsistency of the stock market. They find it better to invest in websites, and Empire Flippers Company is the best place to do so.

      Thank you and all the best.

  3. This piece is indeed loaded, highly informative and resourceful. I work from home and would like to make six figures from home. I’ve heard of flipping business but haven’t been involved in any before. I help people with content writing as a freelancer but have somehow been lazy in developing my website talkless of monetizing such and eventually selling such to make a profit. This post has encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and develop my own blog that I can start from scratch and resell for a profit.  

    • hey Tolu, you are not alone. Some of my Team members had made the switch and went on creating a successful Blog, with full of content with huge rankings on the search engines. So feel free to make that step.

      I would recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, cause it will give you the ammunition in creating a successful Blog and having the opportunity to rub shoulders with a community that is willing to help and interact. Plus will have my help as well to answer all your questions and lead you on the right path.

      Although the training would show you the step by step process, the community is available at your fingertips. Look forward to seeing, and working with you to help you accomplish your dreams.

      Talk to you soon!

  4. Hi,

    Buying a successful website at Empire Flippers is a great thing, but if you do not have the knowledge of maintaining that website, you can see that very same business deteriorate over time.

    This article shows how to make six figures at home using empire flipper. IKt will be very helpful for them who don’t want to do the hard work but can very well lose that income if they do not know what to do. If I do not know anything about SEO and writing quality content to continue to get traffic, how then can I maintain that website? 

    What would you suggest that person do if they are going to buy such a website? Thank you for letting me know that this is possible.

    • That is correct, not having the skills in Internet Marketing can cause you to lose money. This is the reason I recommend anyone to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and gain all the knowledge you will ever need about online marketing. 

      They not only going to teach you how to build an online business from scratch, but you also would have the skills to maintain a successful one, if you decide to purchase a website at Empire Flippers.

      That would be my advice to them. hope that helps!

  5. Great job on your review on how to make six figures from home.  I think every business oriented individual must read your article as it contains vital information on how to make more bucks. I will love to engage with empire flipper so as to make another source of income too. This article is loaded with the right information needed. Am glad I found it. I have bookmarked this page to share with friends as well. Good job!

    • Hey Brent,

      Thank you for your comment. It can serve as an additional income if you have the money and would serve even better if you already have the knowledge about online marketing.

      I am definitely going to take a look at Empire Flipper’s website list and purchase one in the near future. They also advise you on the best ones that is a good fit for you and the skills you already posses. Wish you all the best as well.


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