How To Search For A Word In A Website – Researching 101

Nowadays, no matter what your profession is, at one point or another, you will want to know how to search for a word in a website. Whether you’re a student gathering data for your thesis, or a blogger curating his next blog post, it would be best if you knew how you could do it efficiently. That is why in our post today, I will share with you the techniques that will make your word searching simple and easy.

Can you search for a specific word on a Website?

Yes, you can search for a particular word on a website. You can also search for similar words and search for multiple words or phrases at the same time. Even if you forgot the exact terms you’re looking for; there’s a way to search for it too. There are several methods that you can use to do this. And this guide will provide you with easy step to step instructions on how you can do them.

Why do you need to search for a word on a website?

There are important reasons you need to search for a word on a website. Sometimes you don’t even realize how it will help you and lighten up your workload a little. Here are some of the reasons why you need to search for a word on a website:

  • To save time – Cut to the chase and get the information you need by searching for the exact keyword in a website or a webpage. No need to scroll down and scan through the pages that could take hours. So stop wasting valuable time and work smart. In this way, you can turn in your work before the deadline and have more time for other important things.
  • To get results faster – Whether you want to find the keyword on your website or from the website of your competitor, you can get the results faster. Instead of crawling page by page which can consume an undetermined amount of time. If you have several competitors, checking each website could be a hassle.
  • You have a new brand name – If you have changed the name of your business or if you have acquired a new website, of course, you also need to change your brand’s name everywhere on your website. Although this task may sound daunting at first, if you do it properly, you’ll find that it’s easy to do.
  • You rebranded your products – Same as with a new brand name, if you have renamed or rebranded your products, you would also need to update their names on all the articles and web pages they were mentioned.
  • You’ve changed your business contact info – If you have changed location or you have a new business number, you need to update your information everywhere it was mentioned.
  • To find internal linking – You have added a new page and would like to link it internally on all pages that mention it or on pages that are related to it.

So now that you know why this guide is important, here are the most effective ways on how you can search for a word on a website:

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The “Search and Find” keyboard shortcut

Perhaps the easiest way to find the specific word or words you’re looking for on a website is to use the “Search and Find” keyword shortcut. You may already be familiar with this method, as it is commonly used by many and even taught in schools.

  • On your PC: Press CTRL + F
  • On your Mac: Press Command + F

The downside of this method is that you can only search for one word on one web page at a time. You can also search only on the visible HTML on the web page. This means that the hidden fields may not be included in the search. This method is ideal for scanning one small website with only a few web pages.

The “View page source” method

If you know a bit about website coding, you probably know about the “View page source.” You right-click anywhere on the blank space of the web page and then select “View page source” on the menu.

This will load another website tab, and it will display the source code of the web page. You can then use the “Search and Find” keyboard shortcut to scan the source code for a more in-depth search.

Similar to the first method, you can only search for words on a single web page. This method is also ideal for small websites with few web pages. If the website is too big, it would be better if you find another search method that will be more convenient.

The Search Bar of the website

The primary function of the website’s search bar is to find contents that include the keywords that you would like to find on the website. If your website has this, that’s good because you can maximize its function and make searching easier for you. Most websites have a search bar. So if you are on another website, try to look for its search bar first. If you’re using a mobile phone to search, the search bar will come in handy.

The search bar is usually placed on the top portion of the website’s home page, but sometimes it is on either the left or the right side. Although this method works most of the time, it depends on the configuration of the search bar tool.

Most search bars will only search for words in blog posts and not on all web pages. Sometimes its search function is limited to the post titles only and will not provide you with results from the body copy of the web pages containing the words you’re looking for.

The Site Search Google Command

The Site Search Google Command is perhaps the most powerful way to look for a specific word in a website. All you need is the Google search bar and enter: “earn money”

Ensure that there is no space after the colon, and you have placed quotes around the specific words you want to find. This lets Google know you are looking for the exact words and not related terms. A helpful tip is to check your spelling before you hit enter.

Google will then show you all the pages on that website with the words “earn money” on their titles and the body of the posts. You will also see the number of results, meaning the number of pages where the words are found. So if there were 100 results, that would mean you have 100 pages to visit.

Aside from searching for a word using Google search, you can use it for other queries too. There are tons of advanced search techniques you may find useful in the future. Some of these are:

  • Exclude a specific word

If you would like to exclude a specific word when doing your word searches, you can use: earn money -membership

In our example, we’re looking for pages or content that have “earn money” words in them but without the term “membership” if you would like to find ways to earn money without having to pay for membership fees.

  • Include multiple keywords

You can also search for multiple words and phrases by just adding “OR” in between them. For example: “earn money” OR “work at home”

  • All in text

If you want to find a page where all the words you are looking for are there, you can use the in-text method. all-in-text: earn money at home

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  • Words in the title

Similar to the “All in-text” method, you can also search for specific words used for titles. all-in-title: earn money at home

  • Words in the URL

Like the previous one, you can also search for the specific words you want to find in the URL alone. all-in-URL: make money

  • Forgotten word

If you can’t remember the exact term to look for, you can use a related word and then put an asterisk “*” before it. Google will show you its best guesses which could be what you need. * passive income

  • Synonym search

If you would like to get results with related words too, you can add “~” before the word as shown below: “income” ~opportunity

related search - How To Search For A Word In A Website
  • Related Site Search

You can also look for websites that have similar content by using the related site search. Put the term “related” at the beginning like the following example:

  • Define Words

You can use this if you want to define a word and get search results from different online dictionaries only. Type “define,” colon, and then the word you would like to the meaning.

  • Find links

If you are looking for links to another website, you can use the find links method. In this way, you will find the page citations and links that lead to the other website. These are also called outbound links. link: affiliate

  • Search for a file

If you’re looking for a specific file, you can use it to search for a file method. However, you must know the exact filename and the file type as the example below: “earn money” filetype: word

  • Phonebook search

I think all of us have experienced receiving a call from an unknown number. If you want to know who called you, you can use the phonebook search method to look it up online. You can find relevant information such as the caller’s name, address, or other data.

Phonebook: 123-456-7890

Use the Jaaxy Keyword Search tool

Using the Jaaxy Keyword Search tool allows you to identify if the keywords you are looking for are good for SEO writing. For example, you would like to know if you thought about a good topic to write about. Before you gather the information relating to the topic, like searching the keywords on your website, check it with Jaaxy first.

All you need to do is to create an account with Jaaxy to use it. You can take advantage of the free starter account with 30 free searches included. Enter the keywords and hit enter. Jaaxy will then show you if the keywords rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

It will also let you know if the competition will be tough or not by showing colour-coded statuses based on vital matrices. Apart from that, you can also use Jaaxy for related keywords search, site ranking reports, refining your niche research, and many more.

Final Thoughts On How To Search For A Word In A Website

I hope this guide has helped you in any way. I think this is useful, especially when you’re pressed with time, and you need to get results ASAP. If you’re a marketer, you will find this very helpful for your work. There are other affiliate marketing techniques you can learn to enhance your skills.

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