How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Work Part Time

You have your reasons on how to tell your boss you want to work part time. Why do you want to work part-time to start with?

This is actually a more common problem than many people realize. It used to be that employers wanted some of their employees to work part-time to save some money on the payroll. Maybe even keep the 30-hours-a-week employer mandate for full-time employees and health insurance eligibility.

Today telecommuting has become a popular way to satisfy both employees’ need to be home more and for an employer to save some money and space at work.

Here the key thing is how to tell your boss you are leaving to work part-time.

Present your reasons as a benefit to the company first and for yourself secondly.


Solve Their Problems

The fact that you want to stay at home and work is not your boss’s problem. However, there surely are problems within the company that you might be able to solve for them.

If you’re currently working part-time now, become as valuable as you possibly can so when you present to them that you’d like to work from home on a part-time basis telecommuting hopefully you’re so valuable that they will go along with it.

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Are You The Right Person For The Job?

If your employer thinks that you may be quitting your job it’s to their benefit to keep you if they think you are too valuable to lose. Many full-time positions can actually be completed on a part-time basis with the right person.

Do you have the right skills to be that person? Try and convince your boss that you can save the company both time and money because of how valuable you are to it.

Want To Work Part Time - I am giving my all to the task at hand

Give 100% All Of The Time

One problem that the perception of part-time workers brings is of people who work part-time hours and give a part-time effort. Always present yourself as somebody who gives 100% or more whenever you are working.

This is an image that is important when you’re trying to convince your boss that you would like to start working part-time. They will already know that they’re going to get 100% effort from you and in many cases that could be better on a part-time basis than some of the full-time employees they currently have.

Everybody Wins

A win-win situation is one that is hard to look away from. If you are a good employee your employer is going to want to keep you.

Frame how working part-time is actually a win for them as well as a win for you.

How do you do that?

The obvious first one is in savings for the employer. If you are an hourly employee the number of hours that you’re going to work versus what they’re paying you, for now, is going to be saving for the company.

Consider presenting a scenario where you work on a part-time basis but are paid a salary. If your employer is convinced that you can get the job done on a part-time basis, and add a salary that is less than what they’re currently paying you on an hourly rate, this is a win-win situation for both of you.

Especially if you are an effective worker, that can manage your time and accomplish the work that needs to be done on a salary that still works out well for you if you were to calculate your payment on an hourly basis.

Present Results Not Hours

One thing you can use to your advantage if you want to work part-time is to let your employer be aware of the results that you produce whenever you are asked to do so at work. This alone can show savings in labour costs while still letting them know that you are a person that gets the job done and can do it working part-time.

Different Position

Your employer may not want a part-time person in the position that you currently have. In some cases, there may be no way around this.

An alternative for you would be to consider a different position within the company that could be a potential part-time job for you. It’s certainly something to look into and ask your boss about.

There might even be a new position that could be created specifically for you on a part-time basis that the company has been thinking about anyway and you just happen to be available for, or in the right place at the right time so to speak!

Want To Work Part Time - through jon search

I Quit

If you can’t come to a reasonable solution it may be time for you to give your notice. Before you do that take a close look at your finances and expenses to make sure you’re ready to quit your job.

Final thoughts

Do you have six months of income in the bank that will allow you to find something else part-time while still paying your expenses now? I’ve always encouraged people to create a residual income now, and save that money while they’re working, just for situations like you may be in now.

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