Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? – LinkedIn Job Search 101

My goal is not to sell you LinkedIn Premium. What I intend to do is take an honest look and then you can decide for yourself, whether is LinkedIn Premium worth it or not.

Fair enough?…

We all know the best way to sell something to someone is to find a need and fill it, or create a desire and satisfy it.

That is how I view LinkedIn Premium.

With products like this we all have a need, but often do not even realize it. Plus we do not even know we want it until we are sold.

Before we get into the specifics let me define what LinkedIn is because not everyone is a member there, or has a profile set up.

I like to think of LinkedIn as a social site for professionals. It is a place where professionals go to network with other professionals.

This is a business social network because employees find jobs on LinkedIn and business people sell products in a variety of ways.

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Is linkedin Premium worth it for marketingWhat Is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a membership program for people looking for jobs, people looking employees, and sales professionals as well.

It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes so to speak. The basic membership starts at $30 a month and runs up to $120 a month.

The big benefit comes in your ability to email, known as InMail, anyone regardless of whether they are a connection of yours or not. This gives you immediate access to people who you have an interest in talking to right now.

On the $30 a month plan you can send out 3 emails. In the $60 a month plan that jumps to 15, and goes up to 30 InMails on a $120 a month plan.

Let’s talk about other benefits and advantages.

Why LinkedIn Premium Is Worth It

Many people start out with the free version of LinkedIn and then upgrade to the premium version. Some go back to the free version while others continue to pay for the upgraded LinkedIn premium membership because of the specific benefits.

1. Advanced search. With LinkedIn premium, you can search in ways that you can not with the free version. You can also reach people that you can’t with the free version.

2. Unlimited visibility. LinkedIn Premium gives you visibility to your extended network. These people can see you at all times regardless of their Linkedin version.

3. Automatic candidate tracking integrated hiring. This is especially good for recruiters who are looking for a specific candidate, and they can track that person and hire them right off of LinkedIn premium.

Recruiters will pay for the $120 a month plan and stick with it more often than not. They appreciate the ability to search the entire LinkedIn database.

When you think about how many hundreds of millions of members LinkedIn has now you can see why that’s a tremendous value at that price.

The idea that you can quickly send out Email messages to candidates that might be interested in the job you’re looking to recruit for makes LinkedIn Premium a very valuable tool for recruiters.

There are more reasons I’m sure, but to me, it seems like from a recruiter’s standpoint LinkedIn Premium is a no-brainer.

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linkedin premium worth it

Why LinkedIn Premium Is Not Worth It

LinkedIn Premium is generally considered not to be worth it from the job seekers’ point of you. Many people don’t feel like they really get their money’s worth out of it and are not going to be that active and sending email messages anyway.

Getting yourself on LinkedIn where professional recruiters can find you is worth it, but you don’t need to be a premium member to do that.

What About Internet Marketers?

If you market things on the Internet would LinkedIn Premium be something you should pay for? In my mind you probably shouldn’t, but if you really think you’re going to be active having direct contact with the right type of person, then this linkedin marketing membership might be worth spending between 30 and $120 a month.

I would say it’s something that you should really track and monitor to determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth or not.

What I found for people such as affiliate marketers a network marketers is having a professional profile can really go a long way in attracting you to potential business partners.

However, I should warn you that building up your contact or connections list will open you up to potentially being contacted a lot by the same type of people who are looking to do for their business exactly what you’re looking to do for yours.

In the way, everybody’s contacting the same pool of people. In another way that’s probably never going to totally happen because LinkedIn continues to grow and the great thing about it is it’s a network of people, you can interact with socially that are business-oriented.

For this reason, it’s worth establishing a profile, and being visible in a variety of ways more so than it would be on other social networks including even Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Let me just summarize whether LinkedIn Premium is worth it or not by saying if money is an issue this may not be the best way to spend it. If you have additional money that you can use in your marketing plan or recruiting budget then this is definitely worth a try.

There’s no doubt that social media continues to dominate online today, and LinkedIn is not going anywhere. It is the social network of choice for business-oriented people. If that includes you then you need some sort of visibility there whether it’s a free version or a premium version.

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