10 Linkedin Marketing Business​ Strategies – To Profit From!

LinkedIn marketing is a great strategy for affiliate marketers to employ for a number of reasons. In this article, we will look at 10 Linkedin Marketing Business Strategies and explain why if you are in affiliate marketing you are missing out if you are not using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a very excellent way to do marketing for all types of online businesses and social media networking. In recent years more businesses of all kinds are marketing and advertising online and you need the best platforms for many users to make your goods and services known to the customers.

Today a large percentage of people own gadgets like smartphones or tablets making online platforms easy to access. LinkedIn has over 400 million users around the world giving you a great platform to make your brand known to potential customers.

working from home onlineWhat are effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Affiliate Marketers?

The LinkedIn platform can be of great help to help your business grow but only when you know the marketing strategies. The strategies are as follows;

1. Create a LinkedIn company page. The first step is to come up with a LinkedIn company page on the platform and make sure you customize the page with images, content, and colors to make your page stand out and more attractive.

You should treat LinkedIn as your business website, or like any other social media account, the business has. Next step you should upload the goods and services you offer with a brief description, graphics, logo, or cover photo.

2. Keep your customers on track. The best way to keep customers on track with LinkedIn is by updating your company page on a regular basis.

These updates will enable potential customers to always know about the goods and services you offer, and in case of any new brand developments, they will still have the information. You can link the LinkedIn page with other social media platforms so that once you make an update using any social media page it reflects on your LinkedIn page.

Remember to respond to customer comments to make them feel valued. Your smartphone should help in this regard.

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3. Make employees marketing agents.

Do you have employees or use outsourced workers? Train them on ways to come up with content that is in line with your LinkedIn plan and the brand.

Ensure they create profiles themselves on LinkedIn and participate actively in your page content. The employees help in ensuring regular updates on your page and improve your company’s contact with the customers.

4. Employ all LinkedIn community features.

The platform has various community specifications that help in reaching out to other LinkedIn users which include the creation of groups that offer support in building your customer target circle, as an alternative to online marketing.

The customer circle may grow with time thus increasing your customer base. Also, you can create a company page that has a feature to enable you to look for other companies that you can work with or get vital information about your business rivals.

 Linkedin Marketing Business

5. Creating business relationships.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to link up with other business owners.

This will help in building business relationships and connections that may be helpful in the future. For your affiliate business to survive you will need friends and good relationships with other companies or affiliate marketers.

6. LinkedIn Analysis.

LinkedIn is now an excellent source of leads as you get to know who is following or reading your content by showing the location, interest gender, and profession.

7. Blogging.

Make a blog post and bookmark it to your LinkedIn account. Your blog should be set up with social media marketing buttons that include LinkedIn and make it easy to click and bookmark.

I would suggest you hire a freelance blog writer to help you with this. Hire one that not only writes but one that goes the extra step of publishing and bookmarking.

8. Who viewed your profile?

LinkedIn will show you the number of people who viewed your profile.

This will show you who your profile viewers are. Depending on the number you may have to try LinkedIn Premium for free to see the rest of the list.

9. Try LinkedIn Premium free.

From an affiliate marketers’ perspective, there are 2 main reasons you should give this a try.

First of all, from an affiliate business standpoint, you can grow and nurture your network. This helps you focus on contacting the right people.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for business and not as much for friends and followers as Facebook is. You can promote and grow your business better here.

Secondly, you can use the LinkedIn Premium service to unlock new sales opportunities. LinkedIn can be a good source of leads for your affiliate products and business.

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10. Reach out and connect.

When you invite people to follow you, you are asking them to connect with you.

This is where having a strong profile comes into play. Include a link to your blog or affiliate pre-sell page. People will visit this before they decide to follow you.

linkedin as a social media platform to build your businessfinal thoughts

As you can see LinkedIn provides many great marketing strategies to build your brand and online presence if you are an affiliate marketer. It makes me wonder why affiliate marketers do not use LinkedIn more often.

I understand there is a time element here and you can not always be 2 places at once. However, I think a strong case can be made for why LinkedIn is the number one social media platform to use if you are an affiliate marketer.

You will develop relationships with other business-minded people. These can become your partners and customers in the future.

Plus when you develop a large following you can always tap into it them any time. By that, I mean to contact them with any new product or service offerings you have going at that time.

Knowing other Marketing Strategies other than Linkedin is a great way to spread your Network so that your reach would be huge. My advice to you is to join a community that teaches where is the best place to showcase your business or even build yourself one.

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6 thoughts on “10 Linkedin Marketing Business​ Strategies – To Profit From!”

  1. Great tips David.

    I do agree with you that LinkedIn is a great place to promote business info. Since it was designed for B2B marketing, LinkedIn naturally supports business and blog content.

    I think it is also important to note to brand your company page with similar images from your website or other social media profiles. You want visual consistency, to be visually recognized from one site to another.

    Hope others get value from this as I did.



    • Hey Kim, thank you for your comment and kind words. Glad that you can give some insights on why LinkedIn Marketing is good for your business and a place to brand yourself and promote your business. It has worked for me in the past and is still working for me. 

      Glad that you get some value here, and if ever you need help with anything concerning building a business online, feel free to contact me, I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same success. Talk to you soon.

  2. Hey there,

    I read this post and just felt I had to comment, even though I don’t this quite often.

    I have been marketing with linked in for a good while now an I have seen the profile views and sharing content there convert fairly well for me.

    The new tips you offer seem even more rewarding as they work towards understand the way the platform works and leveraging the few chances there are.

    I will put them into practice and then let you know how I found them. Cheers.

    • Hey Dave, thank you for the comment and glad that you get some value here using Linkedin marketing in your business.

      Social media marketing is a good way to drive traffic to your website and Linkedin is one of them. I would focus on one social media at a time before going on to others and be careful on the time that you spend there cause it can really use up some valuable time if you are not focus.

      Content marketing should be the forefront of your business, cause if you do it right the rewards are long-term and can serve as a major part of your traffic. Hope that helps!

  3. I believe that it is time for me to move forward within a social media platform with a more aggressive strategy, certainly, your post reveal’s more of what I have been told, in which is LinkedIn is perhaps the most beneficial of all the platforms. I am a very young blogger and I have been told by the best that social media is critical, however, I have never been into any of it, certainly, this is the time. Your post has given me the knowledge and motivation to move forward David. Once again thank you for the great knowledge within your post, sincerely, Jack

    • Hi Jack, thank you for your comment and kind words. Glad that I was able to bring some value to you with my Linkedin post. Getting into social media is a good way to drive free traffic to your offer, but please approach it like you offering value information to your audience and not spamming.

      Is good to dabble a bit on a few of them but try to master one before you move on to another. Social media marketing can very well use up most of your time so please don’t get caught up too much with it. Content marketing and building your list is what will work for you long term and prove to be more profitable. Take care.


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