JVZoo Review – A Program For Affiliate Marketers!

Thank you for coming to my blog and reading this JVZoo review. And what you need to know. Hopefully, you will get some good out of it as this is one of the best affiliate programs on the market today for people looking for products to promote and purchase and make money with.

Full Product Overview of JVZoo

  • Name: JVZoo
  • Website: jvzoo.com
  • Price: Free
  • Owners: Chad Casselman/Nathan Green
  • Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

What is JVZoo?

JVZoo was launched in 2011. It is a platform that connects affiliate marketers with small to medium businesses/entrepreneurs.

It boasts a reputation for having grown incredibly quickly. It took the title of the fastest-growing company on the Inc 5000 list for two consecutive years.

It also features an extensive range of products that can be sold and marketed to online consumers. As can be expected, some tools and services can utilize for more effective marketing.

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The Good and Bad of JVZoo

JVZoo Review  - if you want success you have to go get yourself

While JVZoo is a fast-growing company and definitely competes with peer platforms, there are good and bad elements to keep in mind.

Let’s analyze a few of the good and bad things I have found.

The Good:

  • 1. The platform is free to use depending on what you want to do and achieve, although the platform gets a share of the profit
  • 2. You get an extensive range of products to choose from
  • 3. Both affiliate marketers and small to medium businesses can utilize the platform
  • 4. Selected front-end products come with a 100% commission
  • 5. Bonuses with higher conversion rates

The Bad:

  • 1. Many of the products sold on the platform lack quality
  • 2. Some of the sales pages are very aggressive in terms of making outrageous claims
  • 3. Vendors tend to abandon products without warning.

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Who is JVZoo For?

Whether you are interested in mastering affiliate marketing, or whether you have a product you want to push onto the market, JVZoo can be a powerful platform to work from. However, it will not be an easy task, seeing as so many of the products make incredible promises they can’t deliver on.

You will need to find the diamonds in the rough if you plan on being an affiliate. I know that many overpromise and under-deliver, and they rely heavily on a sales funnel with multiple upsell offers.

JVZoo Tools & Training

The platform provides important sales and consumer statistics, as well as a single affiliate link for all tracking purposes. Additionally, you have access to affiliate campaign statistics, which includes information on the number of clicks, visitors, etc.

JVZoo Support

JVZoo Review - giving support to members online

Even though this is a fast-growing company there seems to be a lack of user support.

This could be based on the small number of staff that make up JVZoo.

Many of the vendors don’t provide the necessary support after launching a product. Overall support could be an issue with this platform.

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JVZoo Price

You don’t need to pay anything if you want to use the JVZoo platform although not everything is free. If you want access to specific tools and software, it might require payment.

However, these are not mandatory and the platform makes money by taking a share of the profit, which is a very reasonable agreement. If you want to buy any products being sold on JVZoo these will come with different purchase prices based on what you are buying and any upsell products that come along with your purchase.

Final thoughts

Given the reputation of the platform, and keeping in mind it has been operational since 2011, there is no doubt that JVZoo is doing several things right. They offer many product options while providing additional tools and software to increase conversions.

But the lack of quality control, as well as support, could be problematic. However, many affiliate marketers, like Keala Kannae, and others, and startups find success on the platform and they continue to use it as part of their campaigns.

You will need to decide if you are a product seller, an affiliate, or a buyer. With JVZoo you have the opportunity to do all three.

Verdict: Legit/Not Legit

There is no question that JVZoo is a legit platform where loads of money can be made, but it will not be a walk in the park. Affiliate marketers have to learn the ropes if they want to make this specific platform work in their favor.

Otherwise, it can only lead to certain frustration and hopelessness. At the end of the day, JVZoo is what you make of it.

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Overall Quality



  • The platform is free
  • extensive range of products
  • Bonuses with higher conversion


  • platform lack quality
  • outrageous claims
  • Vendors abandon products without warning.
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12 thoughts on “JVZoo Review – A Program For Affiliate Marketers!”

  1. The Free  aspect of the product caught my attention cause we all know that nowadays most online business platforms always request for a catch to release their Services for you, some do this and users end up being dissapointed some end up scammed JZvoo is entirely different and a trial shouldn’t be scary at all I mean what do you have to lose except for the time you might just have put in this post was well written big ups to the publisher great writing 

    • This article came about because one of my Team members is part of JVZoo and wanted my honest opinion. After speaking with her and doing my due diligence I decided to write a Review.

      I went ahead and took the free membership to see what good could come out of it, and there were some good things that I saw. But did not have the time to explore it fully.

      Like you said, it always gives credit to a company that is offering a free membership as well, so you can make a decision if this company or product would be for you or not, before shelling out your hard earn cash.

      I decided that it was not for me at the moment, but if it works for others, then go full blast and build an income that would sustain you and your family. Thank you for leaving a positive comment on my JVZoo Review.

  2. Hi, I do work with JVZoo lately and can confirm that the platform is an interesting place for affiliate marketers to find new products.

    I can also confirm that it is a good idea to do some research about the products before buying or reselling as an affiliate.

    I run over much low quality if not scammy products sold on JVZoo, I strongly advice everyone to check out reviews.

    Yesterday I applied for the affiliate partnership with the first product, I’m excited to see if I got accepted 🙂

    • Great Stephan, As I said, I have no problem with this company, and like all companies and people, there are good and bad. Once we focus on good success can be easily achieved along with relationships.

      Good to see that is working for you and wish you all the best with your Affiliate Partnership application. please let me know how it goes and keep me informed of your progress. I am still a free member. Thank you for your insights and positive comment.

  3. The JV Zoo marketplace is a lot like Clickbank I reckon, but I find most of their products to be highly expensive and also tend to lean towards online tools and marketing software. So it’s more appropriate for people in the make-money-online and traffic generation niche.

    One thing I like is that they released weekly top sellers list, so it provides a good reference – and save you time from researching – on what is best to promote. I don’t think Clickbank has that and you have to manually look through each merchant’s gravity score to gauge their performance. 

    • Hi Cathy.

      Thank you for your insight and comment on my JVZoo review. You are right about saying that some of their products are highly expensive and they focus more on the make money niche.

      Their updates and best selling products are released regularly saving you time, which is very good on their part. This makes it easy for the new person that is coming on board. one of the positive aspect of their business. I may take a second look at them in the near future to supplement my income once I have the time.

  4. Hi David, thanks for this review. It gave me a good enough insight into how it works. It has some good points, but what turns me off a little is the “promises that they can’t deliver “. I am also concerned about the lack of quality products associated with JVZoo. It was a good read and provided valuable information. It’s good to know pros and cons of each of these programs. best wishes.

    • Hi JJ, Great that this Review clarifies your understanding about JVZoo and how it works. Like other companies that have their pros and cons, people have to their due diligence when joining a company. I always advise my audience to read reviews and come up to their decision. Thank you for the comment.

  5. Hi David,

    I have heard of JVZoo, but I must admit I have never used the platform. I do use clickbank and use several of there products. I wonder if you can tell me if JVZoo is a similar platform? I do know that all the tools are free, but the site support is similar to what you describe, not very fast or helpful. Do you know if JVZoo removes products that the vender is no longer promoting? I have found a few at other platforms where the product is still advertised, but you can not contact the vender because his links no longer work. That is annoying! I actually had some ads put on my site, but the vender quit! I just wondered if they all do that?? I may have to check into JVZoo and see what they have to offer! Thanks for a very in-depth review.


    • Hi Chass, Clickbank is a bigger platform and handles their products much better being around for so long, since 1998 and by 2011 hand 1,500,000 Affiliate Marketers with a wide range of products.

      JVZoo does move products that are not supported, but because of their small staff, they do take some time in moving products that are no longer supported. Companies that handle their own support within JVZoo that no longer available in which the problems occur. There is a delay in moving these products away because of JVZoo first have to find these products.

      There are Affiliates who are very successful in JVZoo, just do your due diligence when investigating products and reach out yo Affiliates who are already promoting these products and come up with your own decision if it is a good fit for what you looking for. Hope that helps.

  6. Hey, Bishop thanks for the review. It sounds like JV Zoo is a platform for affiliate marketers trying to start out. I took a look at it after the review and seems like a site with a bunch of bells and whistles, a shiny object store galore. I also took a look at the platform you say works for you and will be looking further into, Wealthy Affiliate really seems legit and has all the bells and whistles built into it. If I ever developed a product I’d definitely get with JV Zoo to help out. again thanks for the quality review and glad I stopped by here before buying from there or any of there affiliates. 

    • Hi Jason, thank you for the positive comment on JVZoo. Yes, for someone who starts out in Affiliate marketing can start with this company and get their feet wet a little. It is the best place to start today with the Internet that keeps changing, I would not advise as to the best move.

      The reason I suggest is not the best place to start is because vendors abandon products without warning and that can discourage a new person who trying to get their feet wet with affiliate marketing. My personal decision on not going forward is because many of the products sold on the platform lack quality.

      The best place I suggest to start is built yourself a website that you own, and learn Internet marketing so that you keep ahead of the changes on the internet so that your business would be around for a long time making you a full-time income from home. glad that you took a look at my no. 1 recommendation. 

      Moving forward let me know if you need help understanding Wealthy Affiliate and how to make it work for you. I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same success. thank you for your comment and I will talk to you soon, all the best.


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