LeadPages Review – Is It a Great Landing Page Platform?

In my Leadpages Review, I will discuss the importance of using this service and the reason for its high conversions when used properly.

Full Overview of Leadpages

  • Name: Leadpages
  • Website: www.leadpages.net
  • Price: $17/$199 a month
  • Founders: Clay Collins, Tracy Simmons
  • Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Leadpages Product Overview

Leadpages are drag-and-drop software used to build landing pages. Bloggers use it in various ways as a landing page for content, courses, books, etc.

Internet marketers and businesses of all kinds use Leadpages to create high-converting landing pages to build their email lists. After all, if you are going to go through the trouble of driving traffic somewhere, you may also send them to a professional landing page first.

You might also want to consider what your competition is doing by hacking their emails, so you want to consider taking a look at Mailcharts. The biggest businesses began using them and finding the service very profitable.

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The Pros and Cons of Leadpages

The Pros:

  • PRO #1 – Ease of Use. You can create a landing page in 5 minutes or less.
  • PRO #2 – Easily integrates with the top autoresponders such as Mail Chimp, Aweber, Convert Kit, and many more.
  • PRO #3 – Connects with WordPress using a plugin.
  • PRO #4 – Do not have to know any code. Leadpages can be used by even the greenest newbie.
  • PRO #5 – Fast loading time.
  • PRO #6 – Great customer support.

The Cons:

  • CON #1- Inflexible templates.
  • CON #2 – Price can be out of the range for many.
  • CON #3 – Some report bugs when setting up

After looking at review after review Leadpages is a very strong program. The templates on the standard program appear dated. Part of this is because there are so many of them online and have been for several years now.

There are of course more choices for templates in the premium program. Also, the editor is very basic in the standard editor versus the premium version.

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Who are Leadpages For?

Leadpages Review - Training with leadpages

It is definitely best for businesses and marketers who want to build a list. In my opinion, anyone who is online should be building a list, but that does not mean you need a lead page to do it.

However, if you are a professional Internet marketer having multiple templates to choose from becomes more important. Marketers in multiple niches love the options to match templates to the market they are in.

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Leadpages Support

The support offered with Leadpages is broken down into four tabs on their home pages.

– Knowledge Base. You can start off with a search for keywords to see if they can match an answer to what you are looking for.

You will also see tabs for what’s new, getting started, building, integrating, and publishing. As a new person, I would go to the get started section where you will find a guide to walk you through the six essentials of getting started steps from creation to publication.

Getting answers and watching a video on the drag-and-drop builder is great too. This is what makes Leadpages so user-friendly for people of all abilities.

Leadpages has set up links to featured articles that cover the most commonly asked-about things when setting up a lead page. One that caught my eye was setting up a thank you page which includes training on using a thank you page template.

Contact – Leadpages offers customer support as you would expect. This includes email support, A sales phone number that will lead you to a customer support number, and the ability to hook up with them via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Leadpages Price

This graphic shows a lot about the pricing of Leadpages.

Leadpages Review - using the internet for multiple services to generate leads

Here are the key things to keep in mind when it comes to pricing. Of course, how you will use it and your budget will factor in here.

Leadpages рrісіng for thе Stаndаrd plan іѕ $37/mоnth or $25 or $17/mоnth if you commit to 1-уеаr оr 2-year рlаn).

The Prо рlаn which includes AB tеѕtіng, Lеаddіgіtѕ аnd Lеаdlіnkѕ іѕ $79/mоnth, оr $49 оr $24/month whеn you соmmіt tо 1-year or 2-уеаr рlаn.

“Fоr mаrkеtіng tеаmѕ аnd agencies”, Advanced plan Lеаdраgеѕ рrісіng іѕ either $159 fоr a 2-уеаr commitment and $199/mоnth fоr аn аnnuаl рlаn. Nо mоnthlу рlаnѕ are аvаіlаblе аt thіѕ tier.

All plans іnсludе unlimited uѕе of Leadpages аnd Lеаdbоxеѕ.

Lеаdраgеѕ comes with a 30-Dау mоnеу bасk guаrаntее.

My Final thoughts

Leadpage ultimately is used to generate leads. When you join you’re going to use the lead pages and all of the options they have to accomplish your goal.

For most Internet marketers time and money are two of the most important things they lack. Leadpages can help you do your lead page set up more quickly and easily than other options once you learn how to use it.

Many members are amazed at how fast they have a landing page online and how much time this has saved them compared to what it might’ve been. The other thing that’s important is when you drive traffic to a landing page you want to convert as much of it as possible.

You can go to the lead pages website and take a look at all of the data they provide you in terms of converting customers. They have many years of data to prove it.

One other thing that I didn’t mention earlier and want to say now is your ability to split test if you’re a pro member. Split testing is an important part of conversion because how will you know what’s going to convert if you’re not comparing it to something?

Ultimately Leadpages is an outstanding program that explains why so many people use it and it’s lasted as long as it has in the marketplace!

Verdict: Legit

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10 thoughts on “LeadPages Review – Is It a Great Landing Page Platform?”

  1. While much has been written on the review of landing pages, your article expresses both the positive and negative aspects of this important topic, without taking an emotional stance on either side of the issue. From all what I have read on Leadpages, I feel this is a beautiful platform that will help to get targeted leads for a blog. Thank you for your thorough research, I really find it educative and interesting.

    • Yes, your thought and conclusion are exactly why others are using Leadpages, to get targeted leads to their blog and offer. If you are now starting out and have the funds is the best way to go.

      If you want to build your own landing pages and do not have the funds, you can join Wealthy Affiliate and get the resources to do it on your own. Thank you for the feedback.

  2. Hello Bishop!
    You did a great job sharing this article.. I  am getting to know about leadpage through your article and I agree with you that landing page is essential for all Internet marketers as you have rightly said. Well, I am a newbie in online marketing, still undergoing a training, I think I will consider using leadpage to crêtes a landing page as it is user-friendly for a newbie like me. This article is really informative and helpful. Good job!

    • You mention that you are a newbie so if your website is new, I would focus on creating quality content first without getting your feet wet with Leadpages.

      It is designed for building a list when you have some traffic coming to your website, or if you decide to try paid advertising on Bing, Facebook or Google. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Leadpages I had heard about but did not dig deep into it. After looking over your post, it gives me a new insight that is something I have to consider using in the near future.

    Any platform with such a high conversion rate has to be considered. And any smart marketers should be taking advantage of this for their business. At the very least, it should be tested.

    Your article was an eye-opener for me, cause I am not receiving the conversions that I would expect. so fine tuning my ads should be my next step and using Leadpages to split test would be my primary goal.

     I have benefited greatly by reading your article. I had a desire to know about this for a long time and I got to know about Leadpages here. Your tips on this issue were very helpful. Thank you very much for sharing this.

    • If you are not involved in a company as I am with wealthy affiliate, then Leadpages is for you. If you have the money and already have your autoresponder set up, then you should invest with this platform because it converts well.

      Writing beautiful landing pages is good to get people to your list, but that should not be your main focus. Understanding how the internet works and keeping up to date with the changes should be your main priority.

      I am still an advocate for writing quality content to your audience on a regular basis, and being involved in a community to help you along the way can be very helpful. Glad that this post had given you a better understanding of the prime reason for using Leadpages. best of luck.

  4. Great review of Lead Pages.  It looks like something I want to explore once my website is getting clicks.  I was happy to see that there is a WordPress plugin to interface with Lead Pages.  For now, you are right, the price is prohibitive.  Thanks for the info.  I will definitely take Lead Pages under consideration!  Rhonda  

    • Thanks for that, Rhonda. I have asked them a few times if they ever think about just doing the membership on a monthly basis and they said no. The yearly plan is what worked for them and there is no deviation from changing.

      But as you said is something to consider down the road when your website is getting the clicks for you to go that route. Great insight on your part. Thank you.

  5. Hi Bishop,  thank you for a positive review of Leadpages. The first time I heard about it was in a conversation with my up liner. She advised me to make use of lead pages if I’m serious about generating traffic to my blog, I should firstly create a worthy landing page. This piece came at the right time because I was about to search for information on Leadpages tonight. This is more than all I could ask for from its review. The pricing isn’t that bad too.

    thanks for the detailed information

    • Leadpages are in a class by themselves, and if you are not using it you are leaving high converting landing pages that your competition may grasp their hands on.

      I guess my timing was the right one for reviewing this program. Glad that you are going to use it in your business to build your list. The conversion rate is pretty high. Please feel free and drop me a few lines on your experience with it. Thanks for the comment.


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