Low Cost Social Media Marketing

I believe that of all the money-making tips I offer on this blog none are more important to your overall success than low-cost social media marketing.

Drive traffic to your money-making offers and watch your income go up.

If only it were that simple right!

My business model is affiliate marketing so I will focus on that. Let’s talk about a handful of low-cost social media marketing strategies you can start today in a small way and scale to as large as you want it to be.


Start a blog in a niche market. Your niche is the theme of your blog. This often is a problem you are helping solve that you can add affiliate products you sell.

The whole hub of your social media marketing approach will be focused on blogging. Consider outsourcing your blog writing and focus more on the marketing and management of your blog if you want to go far fast!

1. WordPress theme. Be sure you are using a responsive WordPress theme that sizes correctly for every device it is being searched on.

2. Plugins. My opinion is you get more with less when it comes to plugins. I personally only use a handful and those have changed over the years. Read 26 WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketers for more information.

3. Content. Once you have your blog set up you can start adding content. This will be your primary focus and content will come in articles, videos, and graphics.


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social media marketing for trafficSocial Networks

Mark Zuckerberg changed the way social networks can be used to market your business in a social way. With over 2 billion users you could focus just on Facebook social media marketing and make good money once you get established, but I will highlight 6 social networks that are the top ones at this time.

1. Facebook. 2 billion members say it all. The best source for both free, low cost and larger scale paid to advertise.

2. YouTube. Set up your own channel and post videos. Copy the embed codes and add them to your blog.

3. Twitter. President Trump has shown how effective Twitter can be in 140 characters at a time.

4. Google Plus. This is a great addition to help with Google’s organic search rankings.

5. LinkedIn. The best business social network. A good source for business opportunity partners.

6. Quora. This is one of the best free blogging platforms that has become the largest blog answering and questioning site. Read more here.

Do you need to be in all of these?

No, but if you spend 90% of your time marketing your business the more eyeballs you have on your offers the better!

social media marketing for your blogBlog Promotion

I’m going to discuss promoting your blog around two primary strategies. These consist of building an email list and promoting to your list via email marketing. The other strategy is to promote the blog posts you are making via your social networks and in other ways.

1. Email marketing. Let me say this about email marketing.

Even if your blog were to die for some reason if you have an email list you will still have a very valuable asset. The names and email addresses of people who have agreed to let you send them an email will never go out of style.

The great thing is your only fixed cost is around $20 a month for an autoresponder. Building your list can be done on your blog and that can be only the time it takes to add content and promote it.

Take a look at some of your top competitors to see what they’re doing. What you’re going to find is that some of them build their list either using a pop-up that comes up on the page that you’re entering their blog on, or on the homepage.

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Another way is to create a static homepage that only has a sign-up form to your email list on it. You could also put a sign-up form on your right-hand sidebar above the fold at the top of the sidebar where everybody can find it.

You could also create banners that encourage people to join your mailing list and add those to every blog post either at the top, middle, or bottom of the post. The primary thing is you want eyeballs on your email list offer to encourage people to join and that becomes the focus of your social media marketing.

As you build your list interact with it. Build relationships with your members by offering useful free content, so when you have something to sell you can email your list and a certain percentage will take advantage of it.

2. Bookmark your blog posts. This is a simple strategy to get a backlink to your blog post on your primary social networks.

You can use tools such as Only Wire to bookmark into multiple social networks with one click. You can also just manually do it and it doesn’t take that long to get into your top 4 or 5 social networks.

If you’re building up your network friends and followers these bookmarks are a way for people to see that you have made an update to your blog, and they can click on the link and be taken to it to read your most recent post.

social-mediaRead How To Promote Your Blog With 107 Content Promotion Tactics to come up with a really long, but good list of ways to promote your blog. This blog post was written just last month (April 3, 2017) so it is relevant today!

Low-Cost Social Media Marketing: Summary

Blogging, email marketing, and bookmarks are a very simple system that provides low-cost social media marketing. Get your blog up and focus on driving traffic to it via content marketing and building your email list!

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PS: No credit card needed!
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