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adding email marketing to your businessIn this MailChimp Review, Let’s look from the viewpoint of someone who is new to email marketing and see how they stack up for a company to partner with.

In 2017 Mail Chimp was adding 14,000 new customers a day so there is plenty of interest in them. There is a lot of competition in the email marketing space.

Many of the names you have heard of such as Aweber and Get Response. Others such as Convert Kit, Sendlane, and even GoDaddy are up and comers competing for companies business.

One of the largest by far is Mail Chimp, sending out over 10 Billion emails a day according to Wikipedia. Forbes ranked them #7 in 2016 on their Top 100 Forbes Cloud list.

What we want to do in this review is look at MailChimp from the viewpoint of someone who is new to email marketing and see how they stack up if you were looking for a company to partner with. In 2017 Mail Chimp was adding 14,000 new customers a day so there is plenty of interest in them.

MailChimp Review

Name: MailChimp
Price: 0-$225/mo.
Owners: Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

MailChimp, Product Overview

At its core, MailChimp is an email marketing service provider. People join so they have a way to send emails out to their list.

This is known as an autoresponder which is an automatic way to send an email. Think of it as a bounce-back email when someone subscribes for the first time.

You only need the approved email address of someone to start sending them emails. Businesses build large mailing lists and MailChimp makes it very easy to get started with them.

The Good & the Bad

As with any company, there are good things and there are bad things about them. MailChimp is no different so let’s look at some of those and compare them to other email marketing companies.

The Good:

Get free service for your businessPRO #1 – Free to join. In 2009 MailChimp added their Freemium option. This is their free premium option that has drawn in customers who want a way to get started doing email marketing without spending any money up front.

PRO #2 – Can build a list up to 2000 email address under the freemium program. This is more then enough for a company to see if they like email marketing and want to continue with it.

PRO #3 – Send out up to 12,000 emails a month. Basic math shows if you have 2000 members on your list you can mail them up to 6 times per month. This is more than fair considering your price is $0.

PRO #4 – Excellent template editor. Using Mail Chimp is very easy to learn. Their template editor comes with many different template designs depending on your market and what you want an email to look like.

PRO #5- Comprehensive reports. Google Analytics, geo-tracking, social media, bounce rates and so on. You will be able to analyze what is going on with your list.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Don’t do affiliate marketing. If you are an affiliate promoting affiliate products or building your own affiliate program Mail Chimp is not for you, with the exception that I will explain below. They seem to have vague rules, but they do not want their reputation ruined by affiliate marketers.

CON #2 – Automation is not easy to use. Many Internet marketers have complained and switched because managing the automation of your marketing campaigns is not easy to do.

Why MailChimp Dislike Affiliate Marketing?

Here is what I mean about Mail Chimp not liking Affiliate Marketing. From what I read, Mailchimp against affiliate marketer who buys a bulk email list, and sends them unsolicited emails, which they get lots of.

Also, some affiliate links are OK except if they were blocked by their spam filter. You can read their legal and use policy here. Hope that helps!

My No. 1 Email provider to start when wanting to get your feet wet for free for 30 days.

Who is MailChimp For?

A chimp relaxing in deep thoughtsMailChimp is a great starting place for people who are new to Internet marketing and email marketing. The free list up to 2000 members is great. Sending out up to 12,000 emails per month can be more than many companies will ever grow to.

You have the ability to grow with Mail Chimp as well.

– 2500 subscribers for $30 a month.
– 10,000 subscribers for $80 a month.
– 30,000 subscribers for $225 a month.

Mail Chimp Tools, Training & Support

Mail Chimp offers many training guides and tutorials. Pretty much anything you would want to learn is covered somewhere on their site. They do offer customer support as you would expect from a company this size.

MailChimp Pricing Option

One thing I did not mention is their pay as you go plan as well as a couple of smaller plans. For customers who want a few more features, this is a better option than getting locked into a high monthly plan.

MаіlChіmр оffеrѕ the Fоrеvеr Frее рlаn fоr uр to 2,000 соntасtѕ аnd 12,000 еmаіlѕ per mоnth (wіth ads).

The Grоwіng Buѕіnеѕѕ plan ѕtаrtѕ аt $10 реr mоnth fоr 500 соntасtѕ аnd unlimited еmаіlѕ. Thе Prо Marketer рlаn аddѕ MаіlChіmр’ѕ аdvаnсеd еmаіl marketing fеаturеѕ to your сurrеnt рlаn for аn еxtrа $199 реr mоnth.

MаіlChіmр аlѕо fеаturеѕ a рау аѕ уоu go pricing ѕуѕtеm whеrе уоu’ll just pay fоr the аmоunt of emails thаt уоu send.

Thіѕ рlаn соmеѕ with thе ѕаmе features as the monthly MailChimp рlаnѕ. But іf уоu need tо add thе аdvаnсеd MailChimp Pro fеаturеѕ, this will соѕt you an аddіtіоnаl $199.00/mоnth.

My Final Opinion Of MailChimp

There is no denying that having an option of a high-quality email marketing company to get started with for free is great. Also, many Internet marketers grow a list to 2000 subscribers or beyond, so the forever free plan may be all you need.

As an affiliate marketer, I would caution you about joining Mail Chimp. If you were to build a list where you were not including affiliate links this may be fine. For example, sending out emails to drive traffic back to your blog or YouTube account you would have no problem.

If you think you are going to build a big list and affiliate products will be featured you should look at other options such as Traffic Wave, Aweber, Get Response and so on.

Whether you are interested in email marketing, or just want to make more money, I can help you and you can start learning all about it for FREE!

arrow-red Become a part of a growing Community & Turn Your Passion Into a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business. Get started here. It’s Free!

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  1. Barrywesley

    A person that really wants to succeed on the internet must be focused at heart and very determined by getting the proper training that is needed. The review about the mail chimp is very useful information that is necessary for me and any other person who cares to read it. Both the good and the bad are included so it is left for the reader to make his or her choice. 

    But I like it because it is free to join and you do your marketing without spending any money up front, but won’t really be good to see that they have vague rules.

    • Bishop

      Any business that is willing to give their new members a free option to build their business, says a lot about the integrity of that company. I admire their loyalty and is a privilege to mention a company like that on my website. MailChimp has many members and they are growing on a daily basis.

      Once your business is up and running and you are making money, you can now venture into the paid option to take your business to another level. Brilliant strategy by MailChimp on their part. Although I am not an active member, will recommend their service to anyone.

  2. smshakil

    Hi Bishop, 

    I have read your article with lots of important information and guideline about MailChimp.It is an awesome article.MailChimp is a great opportunity for people to start an email marketing business online. There are many kinds of email marketing companies, but MailChimp is the best email marketing service, provider. This is an automated way of sending emails. 

    MailChimp is very easy to start the mail marketing business. They give many training guides and tutorials. It is not so expensive. I am an affiliate marketer, and I understand that MailChimp is not for an affiliate member. I hope this will be very much helpful for the people who are new in email marketing or want to join MailChimp.I will share this wonderful article. Thanks for sharing this.     

    • Bishop

      Thank you for your positive comment, and yes, they are good email marketing service providers which I did mention but wanted to do a review on MailChimp.

      I am not sure where you get your information but lots of Affiliate Marketers use MailChimp to build their list. This service is for everyone who needs people to buy their products or services.

      As you build your business and use a website to attract customers, email marketing will come a big part of your lead generation and will grow if done right to be your number one traffic source. Hope that helps!

  3. Ablati

    I’m totally new to e mail marketing, so your article was exactly what I needed- simple basic overview. Regarding the affiliate marketing, can you expand on your statement that mailchimp does not want to deal with affiliate marketers as they dont want their reputation ruined. How does affiliate marketers ruins reputation? To my mind it is an ethical and adding value business.

    • Bishop

      Glad that this article brought some new light on email marketing. Here is what I mean about Mail Chimp. From what I read, Mailchimp against affiliate marketer who buys a bulk email list and send them unsolicited emails.  Also, some affiliate links are OK except if they were blocked by their spam filter. Hope that helps!

  4. Timo

    Great review David, thanks for the rundown on Mail Chimp’s services! It appears emailing can get quite expensive if you have all the “bells & whistles” but if it is true you can make $1.00 per subscriber per month from a good list, I suppose it would be worth the price.

    One question the came up in reading your review was – What if I want to change service providers, can I take my subscribers with me and upload to a new company? You did not mention it but can you share what company you are using for emails, now that you have a successful business?

    Thanks again for your review, looks like Mail Chimp may be a great place to start!

    • Bishop

      Timo, your list is your golden nugget and once bit is built, it is priceless.

      All the email providers I worked with, yes, you can take your list wherever you go. It is important that you get an API key when you sign up to their service. That API key is what the other providers would need when making the transfer.

      I had started with Traffic Wave because of the relationship I have with the owner. He is active in support and his response time is next to none. But I use Aweber in another business of mine and I am happy with them as well. Hope that answer your question.

      MailChimp in my mind is a great email provider to start your list building.

  5. Zayac

    Thank you very much for a detailed mailchimp review just to add on through some researches since I want to start email marketing . It turns out that mailchimp is the best start for newbies.

    I tried to apply for maillerlite and they didn’t approve my account, but the story is different with mailchimp, it took just a few minutes for me to start using mailchimp! .

    Another good thing is that they have awesome step by step guide on creating a list,campaigns and landing pages, you won’t get stuck.

    Like you said they don’t allow affiliate marketing but they allow affiliate links so as an affiliate marketer you can find a way of using affiliate links without breaking their rules. 

    I am planning to start my email marketing soon and I am glad that mailchimp allowed me to use their services 

    • Bishop

      Zayac, I am happy for you and MailChimp set up process is good for beginners. You will find that they have great landing pages that you can use that are very effective and converts well.

      Good to know that you understand their stand with affiliate marketers and that it did not affect your membership, and that you can build your list within there legal rules and policy usage. All the best.

  6. Cris

    I came across this article in my research of third-party reviews, as I have been considering using MailChimp myself. I guess I’m seeing some conflicting opinions, but that’s to be expected. I’m considering starting with MailChimp because the free option definitely offers enough to determine whether you like their service and if so it’s easy to upgrade to a monthly fee service when needed.

    My question is in regards to the emails being sent, and your advice to consider another option for affiliate marketing. If the purpose of using the email service is to get traffic to your blog or website, then it shouldn’t matter if your site uses affiliate links, correct? I mean almost every website does. You just mean not to include any affiliate links in the emails themselves, right? 

    • Bishop

      Chris, the only way you will know if your business would be approved is by reaching out to MailChimp. They are very easy to work with and I know affiliate Marketers that use their services.

      One of my Team members explains it well. check his article here.

      MailChimp Legat acceptable Use Policy.

      Please let me know if that helps? Talk to you soon.

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