Make Money At Home Ideas: What Are My Online Options?

Since my blog provides tips on making money at home ideas for building a business, I will focus on ways you can make money that involve using the computer in one way or another.

These will include being in business for yourself, working remotely from the comfort of your home for someone else, and just logging online and making some money doing things.

So, here we go……

Get Paid To Programs

A get paid to program where you are paid to perform a particular action. Examples would include getting paid to take surveys, read emails, do data entry, etc.

Taking paid surveys for cash is searched millions of times on the Internet every day. This is easily the most popular get paid to a category. Check out Cash Crate to get started for free.

Another lesser-known way to make money at home is to perform human tasks that computers can’t do. Join Amazon Mechanical Turk for this.

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Working a job from the comfort of your home has become a popular way to make money at home.

This is known as telecommuting, and thousands of employers are looking to hire people to work for them from home.

Here are three popular telecommuting sites you can look at to get started telecommuting.

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Sykes Home

Flex Jobs

We Work Remotely

Be sure and understand that these are real jobs, and you must be qualified to apply for them. However, if you want to control your schedule and work unsupervised, telecommuting is a great way to make money at home. Many of the jobs come with a guaranteed hourly rate, celery, and paid benefits.

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Provide A Service

Someone will pay for you to turn that into your own home business if you have a specific skill. For example, freelance blog writing is viral right now.

Blog writing is a fast way to start making money at home, writing articles for other people’s blogs. To comprehend what a great opportunity this is, you need to realize millions of blogs online. They need somebody to write content for them. Every second, a new blog is started somewhere in the world, so you’ll never run out of customers.

People will pay you to do all kinds of things for them, some of which you may not have even thought of. You can also look at sites such as Gigbucks, Zeek, and Round Shelf, to name a few.


You are the retailer selling a product on the Internet. When you make a sale, you ship the product from a manufacturer directly to your customer, bypassing yourself.

You make your profit on the difference between the retail price you’re selling and the wholesale price you purchase it for.

There are many benefits to making money at home by doing dropshipping. Read this article from on how to get started in dropshipping.

Join A Business Opportunity

1. MLM is a popular way to do this. Get involved in direct sales through a network marketing company.

On this list published by Business For Home, 87 direct sales companies are doing over $100 Million a year in business. There are some excellent home business opportunities out there in MLM,

making money with an Affiliate Program

2. Affiliate Marketing. This is my personal favourite and a great way to make money at home by joining a business opportunity.

You can look at big-ticket programs such as Empower Network, Tim, and MOBE if you want to earn significant commissions on one sale. This can be done primarily online and, at times, using your telephone for follow-up.

I want to suggest that you join a program such as Wealthy Affiliate and take their online course that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing. When you upgrade to the paid membership, you will not only learn specific tips on how to make money in affiliate marketing, but you can also sell their premium membership and earn residual income from it.

People who treat affiliate marketing as a business make more money than those who treat it as a hobby. Let me give you an example of how big the numbers can be.

There are millions of people earning big money in affiliate marketing all around the world. They do it in various ways, including pay per click with Google AdSense, cost per action within affiliate merchants such as Max Bounty, and pay per sale selling affiliate products for retailers like Amazon or Clickbank.

Numerous people are earning five and six-figure incomes per month. Some even ramp up their business and earn a seven-figure annual income, although that is not the norm.

Making Money at home Ideas Final thoughts

What I have tried to do in this article is to give you some options on the various ways there are to make money at home using the Internet. You could probably spend the rest of your life just researching all of the different programs and products you can use to make money at home.

Find something that appeals to you, and please gives it a try. If you’re not sure what that would check out Wealthy Affiliate, and we can work together to get you going with your own online home business.

If you are really interested in creating your own home business, check out my #1 recommendation on building a successful business, where you can get access to hundreds of training videos, 24/7 support, professional consultations, private access to my training guide and much more.

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