Marketing To Moms On Facebook – Watch Your Traffic Skyrocket!

In this article, we will go over marketing to moms on Facebook. Why would you want to do that?

If you have a business you are running that relies on the digital space for marketing, you should know that targeting is one of the most important strategies that will help you reach your goals faster. Those marketing on Facebook understands this well.

The platform has been offering great tools to help marketers specify the target audience they are looking to submit their ads to. If your target audience is moms, you could use any of the following ideas to target them and get conversions

Provide A Solution To A Common Problem

Moms, like everyone else, are also looking for ways to make their lives better. These are people who run busy schedules and it would be awesome if they got something that would help them get an answer to questions they have been posing all along.

One way to ensure you, target moms, specifically is to address their most common queries in your ad submissions. Tailor the content of your ad towards giving solutions to their most common problems and you will much easily reach them.

Facebook uses cookies and a sophisticated algorithm that collects information about the preferences and needs of users so when they are showing ads, they only get content that is related to their interests. Therefore, when you design your ads to contain only information that relates to the questions they search most, it will win placement to the target audience much more easily.

marketing to Moms on Facebook - give discountsGive Discounts Exclusive To Moms

You need to gain the trust and love of moms to get them to buy from your business. This could be achieved in several ways including giving them exclusive discounts.

Make them feel exclusive and important and in your pitch show that you have the interest to help them shape their lives for the better. This is more about appealing to their psychology.

With time you will realize they will be referring their friends to join this program that is giving away awesome goodies to moms. Word of mouth advertising is great because in many ways the sale has already been made for you.

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CAT Targeting

Facebook gives you a Power Editor that allows you to use the Custom Audience Targeting features. On the Power Editor, you need to click on Audiences and navigate to create your audience with the “Create Audience” option.

Proceed to “Custom Audience” and this will help you to reach customers who bought in the past 90 days. Export this information through a CSV file and head back to Facebook and hit the “create similar audience” button.

Note that the information you upload in this section should be related to the searches and interests most exhibited by your target audience.

marketing to moms on facebook so that they can spend time with their ne bornMake Navigation Seamless

As pointed earlier, moms are busy and will more likely want to navigate through a smooth buying process. One of the things you want to ensure is that after clicking on the ad they are directed to the buy page.

Once there the process should be simple and prompt. Bounce rates are your worst enemy when targeting online markets, so optimize your system to provide a seamless shopping experience ideal for moms.

Target Moms With Money

This is a great idea when you have a product, or sales funnel of products, that require financial resources to afford. Facebook can help you with that.

You will find a tab under demographics you want to click on. View the drop-down menu and look for “Financial”. Hold your mouse over it and you will see Income, Net Worth and Liquid Assets.

Liquid Assets is under Net Worth. As an example, if you were to market a big-ticket item of $2K or more, to moms on Facebook knowing their net worth helps you target moms who could possibly afford what you are selling.

Target by Generation

I have always loved this feature on Facebook. You can target Moms who are Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials as a way to zero in on a more narrow market. If you are marketing a business opportunity that appeals to a certain generation over one another you can target them directly in your Facebook ads.

Look At Home Value

This is another cool way you can target moms on Facebook. Home values are included in Demographics under Home Type in the subcategory Home Value.

If you offer premium products or services you can look at home values of over $1 Million and target it directly. You could also combine this category with another one to create a set of ads.

Market Your Testimony On Your Blog

Are you a mom yourself? Here is an idea you can try when targeting moms on Facebook.

Run ads that contain a link to your testimony page or post on your blog. This gives you a chance to pre-sell to other moms based on your personal experience.

This could end up being the most visited page on your blog, so you want to do it right. Consider building a keyword list of the most common searches on Google relating to what you sell.

Weave those into your blog post. Add a personal video for moms so you can watch to help build your credibility and begin building relationships.

Offer the chance to subscribe to your newsletter full of tips especially for moms. This mailing list could be the most valuable asset you have that results from the Facebook ads you run.

Marketing To Moms on Facebook so they can spend time with their teenager

Summary: Marketing On Facebook To Moms

These are a few ideas on how to target mothers on Facebook. Targeting is always a good way to take a broad market and narrow it down.

As you can see Facebook provides some great ways for you to do that. The last thing I would say is to test and monitor what is working and what is not. This is the only way to make your advertising dollar pay off in the best way.

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4 thoughts on “Marketing To Moms On Facebook – Watch Your Traffic Skyrocket!”

  1. I have never really considered marketing on facebook other then sharing posts on occasion. You explained it very well and now I am considering trying it out. Targeted marketing gives a much higher success rate. Great info on how to keep your bounce rate down also.
    Wish you the best success,
    Jim (wolf)

    • It took me awhile to begin marketing on Facebook, but a good friend of mine, Kim Roach, twisted my hands and it paid off. Now I am going to introduce this same strategy to my new affiliate website, hoping to get the same or even better results. I may even dip into some paid advertising as well and see what happens.

      I will be posting my results so stay tuned and look out for updates here. Wish you great success with your business and thanks again for your comment and kind words.


  2. Hello DAvid, it is amazing how FB has become such a space for marketing . I am amazed at all that can happen there. Thanks for showing us how to do it. Great article, In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Ariel, exactly. It started off with people sharing what they have done or working on and now it has grown into a marketing phenomenon. You would be surprised how much time Moms spent on Facebook.

      So is always good to market to where your audience is hanging out, and Facebook is definitely one place you should, after all, it is rank number three after Google and Youtube. Thank you for the comment and kind words.


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