Nutricellix MLM Review – A Unique Way To Lose Weight & Earn?

There are all sorts of marketing schemes that help propel sales of different companies. In this Nutricellix MLM review, you will be introduced to a very odd yet unique way to lose weight. We are not certain it is a good way to go about tending to your health issues.

Being unique or having interesting yet weird marketing strategies helps draw attention to any company. Nutricellix uses unique ways to gain attention, and it may be close to the invasion of privacy.

To find out about their unique way of marketing their products, you must continue reading our review. It unveils the marketing strategy that sets this MLM company apart from its many competitors in the health and nutrition niche.

Only a few minutes are needed to see if this unique marketing strategy will work for you and your potential customers. Please read the review carefully as it is full of vital information that you need to know.

What is Nutricellix?

Nutricellix MLM Review - The product

This company seems to have been started by Robert and Roni Short and is coming because of the fallout from the FTC investigation of Neoria or Nerium. Mr. Short was a leader in that latter company, so he is well-known in the MLM world. His wife is not so much.

Also, they seem to have started Nutricellix to protect their Neoria team from losing their income due to that investigation. It is hard to say what is really in their hearts at this time.

Their haste to keep their income stream flowing did not revamp their business strategy but moved into an MLM business model. They use the typical complicated compensation plan. They try to entice people to become affiliates and sell products or sponsor other people who will sell products and sponsor other people.

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Their twist on marketing their products comes in that they want a sample of your DNA to customize the nutrient value. In their products, they attempt to fit your DNA and give you unique advantages.

You may find many customers balking at this invasion of privacy which may cut your sales down. While the samples are supposed to be sent to certified labs, what is done with the information after that is not known or talked about. By the way, the DNA sample kit costs $100.

How Does Nutricellix Work?

Nuticellixis a typical MLM company. Mainly the founder has already spent many good years in the MLM industry. Why is change a good thing when changing companies or starting your own?

You have to sign up as usual and pay to sell their products. The cost includes the $100 for the DNA sample kit and the $59.99 membership fee. Then you may be asked to pay $39.99 for another package of items as well as $109.99 for more products in still yet another kit.

You will be out of a lot of money before you even get to your first customer. There may be even more upsells along the way. The products help you burn fat and lose weight without having to do a lot of exercise.

The purchase of the DNA kit is mandatory. You will not be able to sell without that kit by your side. The five product line levels are supposed to be a complete health package meant to slim you down and make you healthier.

These products replace meals. They are to be taken in the morning and at night and deliver to your shakes to help you reduce your weight. It is up to you to see if you get any results or not through this program.

Can You Make Money With Nutricellix?

We have already outlined the basic costs of signing up and being a member of this company. If you buy all the initial products for resale, you will have to give the company $309 upfront.

The next step is to find people willing to pay the high cost for those products you represent. This is instead of the cheaper alternatives they can get at their local stores and health shops.

The $59 fee sets you up with a sub-domain website, a referral link, and different tools to manage customers and communicate with the company. As stated before, the $100 fee is to get the DNA sample kit to use on your customers.

Getting your customers to agree to this somewhat invasive marketing ploy and lose their privacy is a hurdle you have to overcome if you want to make money. Besides the normal MLM competition in this niche, you have to deal with the cheaper competitors whose products do the same thing without requiring a DNA sample.

If you can recruit the right people, you stand a good chance of earning some money if they are as successful as you are. Other companies offer monetary incentives for losing weight. Check them out here.

Examples Of How To Make Money With Nutricellix

Making money with Nutricellix

There are 5 ways to make money through this company. Of course, there are the usual retail sales. You make sales, and for every sale, you will earn a commission. As you sell and recruit, you can move up the 14-rung ladder and make even more money.

That is the second way to make money at this company. Recruiting is always a part of the MLM brand. You will have to do a lot of it if you want to be promoted. Suppose you can recruit good people, then your hopes of making money rise.

After those two examples come, the leadership matching bonus and bonus pool are more for motivation than for practical income streams. The final example is the company’s smart save customer commission.

If a customer buys a $100 product on this program and the actual retail price is $110, you get the $10. You are looking at typical MLM compensation ideas that help the company make more money than they do to help you achieve the same financial success.

Pros & Cons Of Nutricellix MLM

There are always red flags when you begin to consider joining an MLM company. The pros and cons section is always a good place to see many of them at a glance. Here are the positives and negatives of this company for you to think about:


  • Possible high commissions to be earned
  • 5 ways to make money through this company
  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own hours
  • Seasoned MLM employer to work with
  • Highly motivated audience
  • A good niche to work in
  • Easy to get started
  • A weird yet unique marketing approach


  • Pay-to-play through the fee is moderate at best
  • Executives come from a company shut down by the FTC
  • Complicated compensation plan
  • Seasoned MLM leaders with a poor track record
  • Possible invasion of privacy marketing
  • No oversight for DNA samples
  • Recruit and recruit some more
  • Costly products to sell
  • Working in a very competitive niche
  • Too much hype
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Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

Given the company’s poor reputation and founder, it is surprising to see no lawsuits recorded against them. The products are overpriced and may not work. Those factors may create complaints but not lawsuits.

However, the requirement for your personal DNA may spark some outrage here. So far, no one has taken any steps to investigate this issue. It seems that giving strangers your DNA sample to burn off weight is a little extreme.

Plus, the fact that there is nothing you can do about that sample or where it is sent after testing leaves you quite vulnerable. You willfully gave that sample to the company, so you will be out of luck if it lands in the wrong hands.

Nutricellix Review - Is it Legit?

Other negatives, of course, come from the complicated compensation plans. Plus the strict requirements that you must meet before you move up the ladder. It will take a lot of hard work and sales to make money and recruit others to help you make money.

Is Nutricellix Legitimate MLM?

This one is hard to call. It looks like a legitimate company that uses a questionable and unique way to draw attention to its expensive products on the surface. But, and this is a big but, the history of the founder and his associates create some doubt about the legitimacy of the whole company.

Yes, you get the products you pay for. The DNA requirement and the fact that the leaders of this company come from another MLM company shut down by the FTC that was using a pyramid scheme to make its profits.

This company may be more of the same, just under a different name. Basically, this company exists to use customer reps to make money for the founders only.

 Nutricellix MLM Revie My Final Thoughts

If you think you can make a go of it working for this company, we will not stop you. There is money to be made in the MLM industry. However, there are just too many questions about Nutricellix and its leaders that make us hesitate to recommend it for employment.

The compensation plan is typical of all MLM corporations, so if you can live with that structure, then you may do well.

We will not give the company a thumbs up or a thumbs down in this Nutricellix MLM review because this is a company you have to investigate further. All is not golden at this company, and the founder’s track record proves that statement true.

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4 thoughts on “Nutricellix MLM Review – A Unique Way To Lose Weight & Earn?”

  1. Thank you so much for this review on Nutricellix, I think reviews like these are very important especially in times like these where so many online businesses and schemes are coming up and people do not know who or what to trust because scammers are also on the increase as well

    • You said it right, and when I have friends who ask me about these companies, I do my due diligence and research and see what they about. The owner of this company has a very bad history of scheming people their money. With Nutricellix is no different.

  2. It is a good thing to see a detailed review of what Nutricellix is all about here. Though I had an intention to try it out since I get to know that it is centred specifically towards individual DNA to get the perfect working product for you and not what works for everybody out there. I like the way you have simplified all these here and thanks so much for sharing with us. 

    • Love your point of view and happy you got some insight with this review. Is a very good niche to work with that meet people’s need, and maybe in the future they may change their compensation plan that more people would understand and have a chance to make some money. Although is not what I would recommend, there are good MLM companies out there.


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