Profit Point Autonomy Review | Can This App Make You Money?

In this Profit Point Autonomy review we will show you if it is possible to make money as they advertise on their website when you join.

Imagine having a secret app that automatically generates money for you and you can get up to $500 in income daily. And you only need to pay a small one-time fee to get this app.

It is such a special app that’s why it is only limited to a small number of people. This is the Profit Point Autonomy app and we are going to take a closer look at this money-making system that promises big income with just a push of a button. Is this app legit? Are these claims true? Let’s find out.

  • Product Name: Profit Point Autonomy
  • Founder: Mason Brown
  • Product Type: Autopilot Business App
  • Price:
    $47 one-time fee
    $100+ for upsells
  • Best For No-one

The Profit Point Autonomy is a special app that creates money-making websites with just a push of a button. This app does everything for you and you can make up to $500 a day or 15,000 in a month. You just simply have to sign up, pay a small registration fee, activate it, and wait for the money to come rolling in. This business opportunity is only limited to 300 people.

  • Ratings: 20/100

What Is Profit Point Autonomy?

Profit Point Autonomy is an application or a system that is marketed by Mason Brown. It is an automated system that helps websites generate money and you can earn $500 per day. All you need to do is to pay the registration fee to access the app and activate a done-for-you money-making website. You will earn without doing any work since the system is on autopilot.

Brown was previously an accountant and while working in this job he met a client that introduced him to this secret app. His client is a Russian programmer and has been using this app which earned him millions of dollars. The client was able to make $24 million in a year. After this meeting and after testing the app himself, Brown decides to share this amazing app with the first 300 people who join the Profit Point Autonomy.

How Does Profit Point Autonomy work?

According to the video of Mason Brown, the person advertising the Profit Point Autonomy app, the registration is very easy and simple. You just have to go to the Profit Point Autonomy website, enter your email address and phone number, and pay the $47 registration fee to receive your account.

Once you have received your Profit Point Autonomy account, you can now download the app and begin making your website. You do not need to build a website.

The only thing you need to do is to enter your business name and choose a domain name for your website. The websites are already created for the members. After these, the website supposedly will generate its own customers for you. Apparently, you will then start earning up to $500 per day. Aside from that, it is also mentioned that you can also promote the Profit Point Autonomy app to earn commissions.

Profit Point Autonomy Review- can you make money hereCan You Make Money with Profit Point Autonomy?

Unfortunately, no matter how good this opportunity is, there’s no way that you can make money from the Profit Point Autonomy app. You can even lose more money other than the $47 registration fee. What really happens after you register is different from what has been advertised.

After your registration, you will only receive a website with some basic information about affiliate marketing. Then you will be presented with tons of upsells that cost around $100 or more to supposedly help increase your earnings.

The Profit Point Autonomy uses the concept of Affiliate Marketing to make people believe that it is a legitimate business that will earn them money. But it is just a disguise to lure in unsuspecting victims. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn money online. Sadly, its concept is always used to cover up what is going on behind the scenes.

To earn money with affiliate marketing, you need to have a strong commitment and invest plenty of time, money, and hard work. You also need to build a business website and promote or market it to find your customers so you can make money.

It is very far from what the Profit Point Autonomy claims that with a push of a button, you can start earning money. No, it doesn’t happen that way. Simply take Amazon, eBay, and many giant eCommerce online businesses as an example. Even with billions of dollars in revenue each year, they still spend a lot of money to advertise and promote their businesses.

So, when the Profit Point Autonomy says that it will generate its own customers so you can earn money, think about it for a sec. The simple answer is no. It doesn’t work that way therefore you will not earn any money, and that’s the reality.

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The Pros and Cons Of Profit Point Autonomy

Although, the Profit Point Autonomy screams scam, looking at the pros and cons gives you a better idea of why you should stay away from it.


  • Low price for a million-dollar return
  • Done-for-you website
  • Fully automated
  • No skills required
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Hyper promotion
  • Done for you websites are not unique and do not rank in Google
  • Spammy website design
  • You have to pay for your own website traffic
  • You do not own the website, Profit Point Autonomy does.
  • Profit Point Autonomy has been shut down, the websites are also inaccessible
  • The Contact Us is a website which is another scam
  • The refund policy states they only refund when you cancel the order before confirmation
  • False scarcity and testimonials
  • Shows people who purchased the app using stock photos
  • No other information was found about the founders or developers of the app or the marketer Mason Brown

beware of lawsuitsBeware of Lawsuits

Although there are no lawsuits against Profit Point Autonomy and the person behind the hype, you can find several complaints online. Some of these complaints are about being unable to get their refund after not earning anything or being unable to access their website anymore.

They were trying to reach out to anyone using their support phone numbers or website but to no avail. This usually happens when scammers have already stolen people’s money and run off. Moreover, whoever was behind it didn’t leave any trace behind.

When you search for Mason Brown, you can’t find anything about him aside from other reports that the Profit Point Autonomy is a scam. Perhaps the name is not even real and the person in the video is a hired actor.

We really can’t confirm the person’s identity. This is the very reason why their business is not registered on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

The person or people behind Profit Point Autonomy has hidden their identities very well to make sure that they will not be caught. You can’t find their website on the BBB website so nobody can file any complaints or leave a review. Unfortunately, other people believe that having no records in BBB means that the company is legitimate.

That is not the case. Businesses are not obligated to register with BBB. They pay a fee to be accredited by the BBB. So, if the Profit Point Autonomy can’t be found in BBB, then the person or the people behind it simply did not register their business.

Profit Point Autonomy App Making You Money_Is Profit Point Autonomy Legitimate?

No, it is a scam. Although their concept is similar to affiliate marketing, it is just a disguise to make people believe that it is a legitimate business. No app can help you make an easy $500 daily without doing any work at all. There’s no such thing as a secret money-making website or a push-button app that will create income for you.

The marketing tactics that Profit Point Autonomy uses such as saying that there are only a few or limited positions left are just a way for people to register on impulse. The testimonials are also manufactured.

You can search the photos of the people in stock photos or other scam websites. You may have also encountered the Profit Point Autonomy being featured on a trusted news site such as AP News.

But this is a paid publication. And it does have a disclaimer that it is a paid publication and that AP news staff is not involved in its creation. So basically, Profit Point Autonomy is not being endorsed by this news site.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, the people who were victims of this scam have yet to receive their refund to this day. Some of them have purchased the upsells which caused them to lose more money. The Profit Point Autonomy website addresses, just like any other scams, they often change. Now, you can no longer find the Profit Point Autonomy website.

If you have an old link to their websites you will only receive an error message. And I think their phone numbers do not work anymore. This is kind of ironic because according to the experience of some people when they got ahold of your number you will get many messages and phone calls trying to get you to continue your registration or purchase upsells. And now, you can’t get a hold of anyone from their company.

The Profit Point Autonomy is a scam, that’s why it disappeared just like that. I think our takeaway from this review is to always have a keen eye on any “too good to be true” business opportunity. Always be cautious and never jump on the bandwagon without doing some research about it. You never know what you got yourself into until it is already too late.

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  1. This is a very good post on this platform and you did well to try to tell us if this is a good platfrom to join to actually make profits just like the name suggests or not. I think it is important to check reviews like this online before deciding to become a part of everything. I like this good information. Thanks.

    • Jamie, thank you for the feedback and yes, reviews pay an important part of educating someone about a product before they dive into it not knowing the true value. In todays society more and more people are reading reviews that is the reason certain companies would pay to heve them written.

  2. Thank you for the detailed Profit Point Autonomy review. A friend of mine had pitched the money-making magic App to me but my sixth sense told me to search for some reviews. l am glad l did. This is certainly a glorified scam masquerading as an affiliate marketing opportunity.  l feel sorry for people who did not exercise their due diligence before paying for this good for nothing App. There is no explanation on how the App generates money for you. Keep up the good work, you saved my hard-earned money.

    • Great that you found this review in time, and I hope others do before they shell out they hard earn cash. Is amaizing the amount of scam is on the internet today. We have to conditioned ourselves that making money online is not an easy task, and stay away from the companies that says it is. This Profit Point Autonomy app is no different and people need to know that.


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