5 Strategies For An Affiliate Marketing Business

In this article, I will show you strategies for an affiliate marketing business, and the different routes you should take. Then I will present my #1 recommendation that is still working for beginners and seasoned business owners.

Show me the money! RIGHT? That is why Affiliate Marketing Business has become so popular and is growing daily among people all over the world.

In my opinion, there is nothing better online today when it comes to making money which is why everyone needs to start affiliate marketing business opportunities today.

As an affiliate you control what you do, what programs you join, how you market online when you work, and so on.

Here is the problem for newbies as well as old-timers who are not making any money. Affiliate marketing can be confusing.

As a business model, it has progressed almost to the point of being too slick, or too fancy if you prefer. I don’t like that so this article will get down to the basics of affiliate marketing in a nutshell and what you should be doing to keep it simple to make money!

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My 5 Strategies

How To Start an Affiliate Marketing Business - Start a blog1. Start A Niche Blog

Use your blog to set up unique pages for products to promote. Think of this as pre-selling.

Do not directly promote the affiliate website you were provided because it’s a replicated website. Everybody is promoting exactly the same website.

Use your blog to presell specific affiliate products and then link to your affiliate website or sales page. This is a simple concept, but it does take effort and that probably eliminates 90% of all affiliates right there.

Do you want to cut down on your competitors? Do things a little bit better than them and correctly, and this is a good start.

The other thing along these lines is to write product reviews for items you are selling, The best way to do this is to buy the product and try it personally.

I hate re-hashed product reviews that all say basically the same thing. I want to learn something new. This is who I will buy from!

2. Offer A High-Quality Free Report

Where are you going to find a high-quality free report and why do you need one? This is the start of building your brand and setting you up as an expert in your niche.

Years ago I learned a very valuable lesson. Everyone who comes to your website is going to leave.

You want to capture as many email addresses as possible so you can get back in touch with these people in the future. Chances are unless they bookmark your website they’re never going to come back to it so email marketing is a way to make that happen.

A high-quality free report is a good way of getting them to sign up for your email list, and the best email list to use is Traffic Wave. If you’re unsure how to write a high-quality free report consider hooking up with either a professional freelance writer or someone who is already an expert in that niche.

Interview them and create your free report from that. It doesn’t have to belong to be high-quality, but it should offer insights into the niche you’re in that are not commonly found somewhere else.

How To Start an Affiliate Marketing Business - work on your SEO

3. Aim For Targeted Traffic

In Hollywood, they used to say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I would say that when it comes to affiliate marketing that is not necessarily the case.

You don’t want to put yourself online where anybody can come to your website unless it’s somebody that is going to be interested in the information you are providing them. Your goal is to not necessarily create an interest, but rather to develop the interest that is already there.

You do that by pre-selling them with information that leads them to a buying decision. There’s a skill to doing this.

However, I would say that just in traffic generation alone you should be focusing on developing targeted traffic and not just any old kind of traffic. There’s a skilled at doing this and my Wealthy Affiliate 10-part training course can help you with that, and it’s FREE!

Want to learn how I earn my passive Income working from home?

Click here right now for our review, my personal help, and instant access to our free training videos where we'll show you exactly how we did it ourselves starting out as complete beginners without ANY prior knowledge or experience in marketing online whatsoever!

4. Use Outsourcing

I don’t see this talked about as much as it should be. In my opinion, you should do what you like best and outsource the rest.

This way Internet marketing and affiliate marketing will always be fun for you. Plus you don’t have to become an expert on all of the different facets of doing affiliate marketing.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with understanding the basics, but when it comes time to implement them may be spending some money on hiring people to do work is a smart approach.

A good example of this is blogging. The Internet is full of blogs that started with excitement and are now dormant because the blogger grew tired of writing articles.

Hire a blog writer and let them do it for you. Consider doing paid advertising and hiring somebody to manage that for you.

Find someone to run your Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns. You can have professional traffic generators placing your ads and getting people to your site right away without waiting for months or even years to develop meaningful traffic.

Outsourcing is an investment, but when done correctly is one that’s more than worthwhile!

concept of finding the right product for your affiliate marketing business5. One Good Product

Have you ever been on somebody’s website and it’s just nothing but a bunch of banners flashing in your face? I have and I quickly leave and move on to something else.

If you put the focus of your site on quality content people are going to stick around. Then you want to find the one really good product you promote to make money as an affiliate marketer.

This is probably going to be one that you use yourself because you believe in it. You also have confidence that it’s going to deliver value to the person who buys it from you.

In my case, I promote Wealthy Affiliate. This is a free 10-part affiliate marketing training course.

Ultimately a certain percentage of people purchase that and I earn a residual monthly income. You can find products like this and then zero in on one.

Get really good at selling that product and making it easy for your visitor to buy because you’re not confusing them with multiple choices just to make your website look busy.

final thoughts

This is my take on starting an affiliate marketing business in a nutshell. If you focus on doing these things you’re going to be successful.

Success in our business is measured by how much money we make. Affiliate marketing is a great business model for anybody to make money.

However, most fail because they overcomplicate things and ultimately quit out of frustration. Don’t let that be you.

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6 thoughts on “5 Strategies For An Affiliate Marketing Business”

  1. Hey there,

    I am very new in the affiliate marketing world, am not quite as techy as I need to be to create success within the online world, and I have been considering doing outsourcing very much.

    However, I am confused on what I should start with.

    Should I start with outsourcing articles, or SEO, or advertising? I could really use your help here.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Dave, we all were there at one time and some of us have certain passion and others fail in certain areas but still want to have success online, and that is great as well, cause you can outsource.

      If I were you I would join Wealthy Affiliate and go through the entire course. They have one of the best platform to build your website. Study how to do keyword research, cause that would be your groundwork and key for building a successful business that would last for a long time.

      Start outsourcing articles to your website by you choosing the keywords of searches over 100 and competition below 50 by using Jaaxy within Wealthy Affiliate. Do that a minimum of twice weekly and stay consistent. Share your posts throughout social media on every three post you made, be careful and not spam your followers. Feel free to contact me within WA. Talk to you soon.

  2. Hello!

    I am currently working on my own website / blog and I started publishing my first own courses in the educational area.

    I really can recommend building an own website for everyone who wants to be more flexible at work.

    I can agree with the points you mention in your article, and personally, I think it is most important to find a niche that you love writing about.

    You should have passion for what you are doing and this way, you will also reach other people more easily =)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Mia, thank you for the comment and kind words. Glad that you see the importance of building your own website and the need to follow your passion. Is always good to follow or build a business on the things that you love. Thank you for your input and all the best with your course that you are promoting.

  3. Hello there! I found out that affiliate marketing business is a great way to earn money. After I read your article about it and it is really informative and helpful. I don’t know much about affiliate marketing and luckily I read your article about affiliate marketing. I will surely try to join the community, wealthy affiliate so that I could start with affiliate marketing. I really appreciate your time and effort sharing this informative article.

    • Hey John, thank you for the feedback and glad that this article was helpful to you. You have made the right choice deciding to join this community. Once you are inside I will reach out to you to get you up and running. Also the owners Kyle and Carson would would direct you on where to get started.

      Affiliate Marketing is working for me and it will do the same for you as you follow the training and take action of all the tasks in each lessons. Talk to you soon and congratulations on making the first step to your online business.


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