Team National Review – Club Memberships For Sale?

In my Team National review, we see a multi-level marketing company that sells savings club memberships. In simple terms, joining the company allows you to access products at a discounted price. Members are set to receive rebates around the United States as well.

  • Name: Team National
  • Website:
  • Price: $795/ $2195
  • Owners: Dick Loehr
  • Overall Rank: 90/100

What is Team National About?

The company was founded in 1997 by Dick Loehr but is currently run by his daughter Angela Loehr. It has stood the test of time against several complaints about its business and management model.

In recent years Team National has plateaued at about $1B annually. They have received multiple awards, such as the South Florida Top Workplaces award in 2019. In terms of its legal framework, the company is registered with the US chamber of commerce, DSA, and DSEF.

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Team National has three main opportunities:

1. A savings club membership allows you to join other people to create strong buying power. For instance, this will enable you to get massive discounts on cars, furniture, etc.

2. A direct sales program where members can sell discounted products to consumers.

Team National review - cost to join

3. A recruitment opportunity where current members can earn a commission for signing up new members.

The company tends to brand itself as a buying club, but it still portrays many features that warrant it to be a full-blown multi-level marketing organization. That said, there are two sides to a coin.The Pros and Cons of Team National


Governance by the Direct Sales Association: The company complies with the DSA Code of Ethics which sets the following rules for distributors: keep private information safe.

Document all present and anticipated future sales in a solid sheet.
Honesty in the review and comparison of products.
Put in writing your terms of the contract with a company.

Charity: Team National spends some of its proceeds to support multiple charitable courses such as Gateway for cancer research, Girls Club of Broward County, and Lakes Burn Camp.

Transparent income earnings: The company publishes an income range chart based on its independent director portfolio.

This is helpful information for prospective members to estimate their returns on investment. From the look of things, the chart has modest figures that can be trusted.

The ability to work from home: when you get the drift, you can pay your bills entirely from home.

Great networking opportunities: In this line of work, you must constantly close sales. This means you have to continually meet new people and get good at convincing them to come on board every time. Since you belong to the same club, such relationships can open windows to more robust possibilities.


  • The high cost of membership: Although the package is decent, the upfront cost might turn off many people.
  • The high volume of sales required to make money: the current threshold to get a check is 10 points; this translates to the equivalent of selling ten 2-year packages or two 2-year packages plus three-lifetime packages.

Keep in mind that convincing people to come on board is quite hard, especially with the bliss of e-commerce, where people can always get similar or better discounts.

Limited refund policy: You only have three days to get your money back after purchasing a package.

Poor website content: Not only is the Team National website content unclear, but it is also sketchy and you are unable to learn before signing up. This can limit your decision-making material.

Lack of transparency with the company information: To learn anything substantial about the company, you need to speak to a third-party representative. Questions on membership processes and terms, the amount of money to be made, and a breakdown of services offered are not clearly outlined.


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Who is Team National for?

Team National is for anyone who wishes to discount purchases without doing a little online research. People with great marketing and practical interpersonal skills can also be good candidates for this venture. All in all, it boils down to a person who can adequately navigate the turbulent world of network marketing.

Team National Tools and Training

Team National offers a training program on its website upon sign-up. However, it might not be assistive in getting any traction at all. The other option is finding a mentor, which you have to request and wait.

More training content is available only for distributors who purchase a $10 personal website. In general, significant private investment is required to succeed with Team National. Aside from your marketing abilities, you will need the following tools:

Computer to access the internet: This is meant to manage all your marketing platforms.

A lead capture page is meant to direct people who land on your adverts to your business. This could be from Google or social media ads.

A strong mentorship circle: This could be your fellow distributors who can assist you in sharpening your marketing skills as well as help you overcome obstacles they have met before.

Team National Support

There is little support offered by the company directly. However, there are several local communities you can join within your area.

There are also many social media pages and forums you can learn from. Smaller groups tend to be more effective in rallies and seminars.

Team National Price

Team national states that becoming a distributor is free. However, there is minimal benefit to this.

For significant returns, the following are their two main packages:

A $795 standard membership package: A two-year offer gives you and your household access to savings on purchases you make through the platform.

A $2195 premium membership package: A lifetime membership that supports your entire family and up to five of your employees.

All members enjoy similar discounts regardless of the package they pay for.

What Does The BBB Say About Buying & Saving Clubs

To me, the most common ideas of a buying or saving club would be Sam’sSam’s and Costco. You join a company like this because you want to save money buying in bulk. With a low yearly fee, you get access to shopping that people, not members, cannot reach.

Because this is low risk, and the membership costs are minimal, even if you don’t have a lot, you probably will come out ahead.

Is that the case with Team National? I thought I would look at this from the point of you of the Better Business Bureau.

Comparison Shop

Team National shopping

If you have to get a membership in a buying club, you need to compare the prices and services of other retail outlets or equal business opportunities. They give examples that could help you determine whether it’s worth joining the club or not.

Generally, this is based on the discount that you get. An example the BBB gives is if you spent $500 to join the club and get a 25% discount on purchases, you would need to spend $2000 to break even. Anything you pay above that has you coming out ahead.

They tell you to always look at catalogs that have prices if the buying club is unwilling to let you see those before you sign your contract, don’t.

Team National Rates High With The BBB

The BBB says that Team National has been in business for 22 years, which checks out. They give it an A+ rating which is outstanding for this type of business.

This carries some weight because people file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, then track how the company handles those. They also look at other things such as…

– a type of business
– time in business
– transparent business practices
– failure to honor commitments
– licensing and government actions

And more…

They also look at any advertising issues, such as false advertising. Team National has done very well from all appearances and is a network marketing company that can be hard to do.

In other reviews, network marketing has had a black eye in the past because of the low failure rate. However, people who complain the most often join a business and expect to get something for nothing. That certainly isn’t the case in MLM programs such as Team National.

My Final Opinion

The entire idea behind the company is good, but it lacks in the amounts of returns you get as a representative compared to what Team National gets. The limited amount of information directly from the company raises eyebrows all over the internet. You might want to consider all your options before jumping on board.

Team National At A Glance

Team National is an MLM that promises to earn you discounts when you hit the correct number of sales. On the other side, the company fails to paint a clear picture of its value proposition, resulting in a mixed reaction to its business model.

final thoughts

This has been a reasonably enlightening Team National review for me. I was not aware of the company.

The fact that they are a $1 billion company in network marketing shows how many companies are doing this type of direct selling. Team National is different from other health and essential commodities MLM companies. That might be something worth looking at if you are interested in direct sales, buying clubs, and multi-level marketing.

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