Technology Profits Confidential Review – Earn With Investments!

People can earn big from small investments. This is what Technology Profits Confidential is offering its subscribers. It claims that it can help you multiply your investments using their program which will deliver first-hand information about the best companies to invest in.

This in-depth and honest review will reveal whether Technology Profits Confidential claims are true or not and if their subscription is worth your time and money. Let’s find out.

  • Product Name: Technology Profits Confidential
  • Founder: Ray Blanco, Editor of Agora Financials’ Seven Figure Publishing
  • Product Type: Invest in Technology Penny Stocks
  • Price:
    Level 1: Technology Profits Confidential / Basic Plan
    $199 annual subscription with automatic renewal every year
    Level 2: Technology Profits Confidential Pro (To be released on Nov. 30, 2020)
    $495 for new subscribers
    $99 for current subscribers
  • Best For: Investors
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Technology Profits Confidential is a newsletter that discusses penny stocks investments and how you can gain more from the small money you invested in. It also provides you with the lists of tech and biotech companies that are projected to rise in the future.

Technology Profits Confidential also advises you when to invest and sell your stocks to increase your chance of gaining more profit. Aside from this, you can also get useful information from the other newsletters you will receive which are included in the subscription.

  • Ratings: 50/100

What Is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a publication by Ray Blanco that provides you with recommendations on what penny stocks to invest in. It promises to deliver insider information about what are the rising Biotech Industries and other helpful information about getting high returns from your small amount of money investment.

Ray Blanco has several other publications namely Ray Blanco’s FDA Trader, Penny Pots Profits, Breakthrough Technology Alert, and Seven Figure Prime. He also contributes to Tomorrow in Review. Perhaps before his publications, Blanco has worked as a network technician and systems analyst for public and private companies.

He has also worked in a private wealth management firm managing network infrastructure and design. His role includes technology management for big trading and investment firms. The company is managing over $30 billion in assets.

Blanco’s strong background in technology, financial and stock market allowed him to join Agora Financial in 2009. In 2010, Blanco became the editor of the Seven Figure Publishing which is one of the publications of Agora Financial.

He is always on the lookout for the next groundbreaking and industry-crushing technologies and the information is compiled into paid subscription newsletters such as Technology Profits Confidential.

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How Does Technology Profits Confidential work?

Technology Profits Confidential provides you with an insight into tomorrow’s leading technologies and teaches you how you can make a profit by investing in penny stocks. Its goal is to tell you when is the right time to invest usually in the tech and biotech field. These industries are the pioneers of health and wellbeing advancements as well as future technologies.

According to Blanco, the tech and biotech industries are very tricky to invest in. He said that if you’re too early you may lose money but when you’re too late, the money has already been made. So, he will guide how you can get into the respective “hype cycle” of these companies and learn when to invest and sell at the right time to earn multiple returns from your investment.

You can subscribe to the Technology Profits Confidential subscription via Seven Figure Publishing or you can also call their customer service team. Once you have started your subscription, you will receive the following:

  • Monthly Technology Profits Confidential Issues – Delivered during the first week of the month
  • Weekly Model Portfolio Updates – May include market analysis, new trade recommendations, and more
  • Full library of Technology – Profits Confidential Special Reports
  • Free daily subscription –  To the 5 Minutes Forecast, The Rundown, and the Technology Profits Daily
  • Access to many resources – on the Seven Figure Publishing website
  • Customer Support Team – To address all concerns

If you subscribe or upgrade to the Technology Profits Confidential Pro, you get the following as additional:

  • Pot Timer Pro – Insider’s look at pot stock timing
  • Hype Cycle Insider – Information about breakthrough technologies
  • Private Inner Circle Meetings – Receive an exclusive invite to a private meeting to discuss the biggest and latest breakthrough trends. Blanco will also answer your questions.

 technology profits confidential - Trading with stocksCan You Make Money with Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a good way to learn about when and where you can invest your money and possibly multiply your investment. However, penny stocks are known to be a risky investment since many factors could result in losing your money. There are no guarantees for an average person to get high returns or be able to trade higher.

There could be more chances for you to gain money in smaller trades than investing in the next big hit. Smaller trades add up over time which most of your earnings would come from but if you get lucky then you could win big.

Technology Profits Confidential tells you what companies they think would make it big time in the future. You are purely relying on their advice which could be the right thing to do to increase your investment but there’s also a chance that you will lose money. This is a fact that everyone should keep in mind before becoming an investor.

Technology Profits Confidential Pros and Cons

The subscription Technology Profits Confidential will indeed provide you with heaps of materials for you to start up with penny stocks investments. However, there are pros and cons you must consider before you decide to subscribe to the newsletter.


  • The author shares his expertise in penny stocks investment
  • Refund is offered within the first 3 months from the date of purchase
  • Upgrade to Pro entitles you to receive more actionable recommendations


  • Plenty of complaints online
  • Negative reviews
  • No specific procedures to follow
  • Risk of losing money
  • Beware of LawsuitsPossible fake testimonials (stock photos were used)
  • High earnings are very unlikely

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

Although there are no lawsuits where Ray Blanco or Technology Profits Confidential is involved, Agora Financial has one back in 2019. Federal Trade Commission sued Agora Financial about a couple of their publications namely The Doctor’s Guide and Congressional Checks.

They claim that these publications are deceptive and misleading. The Doctor’s Guide is a set of modules discussing the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes without pharmaceuticals. While the Congressional Checks or also known as “Republican Checks” basically provides subscribers with lists of companies where they can receive higher dividends. Agora Financial files for a motion to dismiss but was denied and FTC won the case.

Aside from that, Agora financial has about 269 complaints lodged in the Better Business Bureau as of this writing. The majority of these complaints are about the “Problem with the Product or service”.

And in these types of complaints, subscribers are complaining about the product not in accordance with the offer or getting charged more than what their subscription is supposed to. There are also complaints about subscribers being moved to another publication they do not want because the previous publication they were subscribed to and paid for has been discontinued.

Some of the recent complaints talk about being automatically charged to their card with high subscription prices. Most of these complaints led to refund demands and cancellations of subscriptions. Out of these complaints, there were about 46 closed in the past 12 months.

Is Technology Profits Confidential Legitimate?

Technology Profits Confidential is a product of Agora Financial which is a legitimate company. Although it is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it doesn’t mean that it is a scam.

You will indeed receive the newsletters and other materials that are included in your subscription. In the event that you have issues, they have a customer service team number to call.

Agora Financial has been operating for about 19 years, while there are many negative reviews, you can still find positive ones from people that are satisfied with their program. If they were a scam, there could be more complaints alleging the company to be a scam and the company could have been shut down a long time ago.

Technology Profits Confidential: Final Thoughts

If you have little to no experience in penny stocks investment, it would be better to look for another way to invest your money. The penny stocks are very unpredictable and you may lose money most of the time.

Definitely, this kind of investment is not for everyone. If you don’t have the money that you can afford to lose, then investing in penny stocks may not be a good idea. As of this writing, nobody has come forward to prove that Technology Profits Confidential has helped them increase their wealth aside from the testimonials from the newsletter’s ads that could possibly be fake.

Your $199 could be better off somewhere. Not including the amount of money that you invested in penny stocks which probably be higher than your annual subscription. And you may be enticed into subscribing to the $495 Technology Profits Confidential Pro too, which is an awful lot of money for a newsletter if you ask me.

However, if penny stocks sound like a good choice for you then there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. But at least learn some important things about penny stocks investments such as penny stocks fundamentals, the risks involved when investing in it, the factors affecting stocks, and so on.

There are free tutorials online about it which could be time-consuming. But by doing this, you would have more knowledge and a better chance of making the right decisions where and when to invest or to sell stocks with or without subscribing to newsletters.

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Technology Profits Confidential






Overall Quality



  • The author shares his expertise
  • Refund is offered
  • Upgrade to Pro entitles


  • Plenty of complaints
  • Negative reviews
  • Risk of losing money
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4 thoughts on “Technology Profits Confidential Review – Earn With Investments!”

  1. Getting a very good means of investment is well appreciated and this is a very fine line of making money as an investor but you’ll need to read more about the risk factors that are involved so you can know if it’s something you are willing to risk. Technology profit confidential is a great idea and its annual registration fee is nice but the many risk factors are discouraging. 

    • Investing is always a risk, that is why for the average person is not a good idea. The best approach is to build a business and use a percentage of your profits and invest it. Usually, 10-15% is a good start. In that way, you would not feel that bad if you lose, but never use that strategy to develop a passive income so that you can walk away from your job.

  2. Wow…Thank you for sharing this review. This is the first time I am hearing about this opportunity. Technology Profits Confidential is one publication that I have really shown interest in already going through this article. I will advise no one to just go on to penny stocks investment because it’s too risky. It’s just best to go through Technology Profit’s confidential. 

    • I respect your take on this, and if you do have the money and willing to take the risk, that is what success is all about. Please keep me inform how you doing so that I can send the information to my audience. Best of luck to you my friend.


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