Top 10 MLM Businesses That Pay Out Huge Bonuses!

First of all, let me say right off the top here that I am an affiliate marketer and not an MLM marketer. So why this article is on the top 10 MLM businesses?

I like to stay up to date on what is going on in the marketplace. It lets me know what people are doing to make money online and it gives me ideas on social media to target my Wealthy Affiliate training program.

Here is one thing I have learned for sure.

MLM is a migration business model. What is the migration business model?

People in MLM are always on the move. Many spend as much time looking for ways to make money as they do actually making money.

They jump from one MLM program to the next. They seem to live by the mantra “the grass is greener on the other side”!

These are the people I want to come to my David Bishop Make Money Tips blog. I can help some of them.

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So what are the Top 10 MLM Businesses? Let’s go to Business For Home and look at the 2014 list published by Direct Selling News. I guess they do not have the 2015 list out yet.

  • 1. Amway
  • 2. Avon
  • 3. Herbalife
  • 4. Mary Kay
  • 5. Vorwerk
  • 6. Natura
  • 7. Infinitus
  • 8. Tupperware
  • 9. Nu Skin
  • 10. JoyMain

If you were to join any of these top 10 companies you would be joining the biggest direct sales companies in the world. I assume that they all use the MLM marketing model.

I say I assume because I admit there are some companies on this list that I’ve never heard of. I’m familiar with Amway, Avon, and Herbalife. Mary Kay, Tupperware, and Nu Skin are familiar to me as well.

I admit I’ve never heard of Vorwerk, Natura, Infinitus, or JoyMain. I would be willing to bet everyone one of them is in the cosmetics or supplement niches.

Let’s go look!

Top 10 MLM Companies By Revenue

Top 10 MLM Businesses - revenue of different MLM Business

1. Vorwerk. They are a direct sales company. I am not sure if they do MLM or not. Their homepage doesn’t talk about business ideas.

When I Google “Vorwerk Reviews” a whole page of reviews on the Vorwerk vacuum cleaner comes up. It had $3.9 Billion in revenue in 2104.

2. Natura. Natura is a Brazilian manufacturer and MLM company. They sell beauty products, household, and personal care, and more. It had $3.2 Billion in revenue in 2014.

3. Infinitus. Infinitus is an Asian-based MLM company selling supplements. It had $2.64 Billion in revenue in 2014.

4. JoyMain. The site is published in Chinese. It had $2 Billion a year in revenue in 2014.

You can look at the list to see what the revenue is of each of these top 10 companies, but they’re all multibillion-dollar-year businesses. Some of them might be a good potential MLM business to get involved in.

My advice with any network marketing company is to focus on the products first and the business opportunity second. If you like the products, chances are you can make money selling them.

With the recent $200 Million dollars fine from the Federal Trade Commission on Herbalife, more emphasis will be made on selling products to retail customers. This makes the products all that more important.

Finding An MLM Company To Join

How do most people join an MLM company? They get invited by a friend or relative who convinces them to get into the business.

That’s not necessarily as popular as it used to be, but it does happen a lot.

Another way is people just go online and start Google searching for MLM business opportunities. This may or may not be a good idea for you.

I would suggest that no matter how you do it you try to get product-focused first. Try the product out and see if you can get behind them as a distributor based on your own personal satisfaction.

Follow The Money

Top 10 MLM Businesses - cashing in on small mlm business ideas

Here’s one other idea I have! Take a look at who are the top earners in various MLM businesses.

Look at the Top 100 to see what they are making and which MLM company they are earning it with.

1. Long-term income. Consider how long the MLM has been in business to see who has long-term income.

For example, Dexter and Birdie Yeager are earning $1.3 million a month in Amway. They have been with Amway for over 40 years.

Amway has 10 names in the Top 100. Although that is good you have to wonder why there are not more than that for a 55+-year-old company.

2. New kids on the block. Look at new MLM companies and see who is making big money quickly if that appeals to you.

I know you need to be cautious of new network marketing businesses starting up and going out of business quickly. However, there are companies on this list where people are making a lot of money in interesting niches.

For example, I see a lot of people in One Coin making big incomes every month. Juha Parhiala is earning over $4 Million a month.

One Coin has 4 people in the Top 10. Are they a flash in the pan or will they be around 5 years from now? That is worth considering.

Let me just wrap up by saying that when looking at the top 10 MLM businesses you have to take a broader look than just dollars in my opinion. I have seen a lot of people lose money with Karatbars, another MLM company that offers high profits.

There are many good opportunities thanks to the Internet. Do some good research to find one that appeals to you based on the product first and the income opportunity second.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 MLM Businesses That Pay Out Huge Bonuses!”

  1. Hey. I am looking for ways to make money on the internet and I am thinking about affiliate marketing and mlm program. When it comes to mlm business, it looks interesting herbalife. But affiliate marketing is more appealing to me. I think, however, I will choose Wealthy Affiliate. Do you think it will be a good choice?

    • Hey Michael, I really don’t know you and what will be a good fit for you, that is the reason I give you choices to choose from. out of the 11 that I mention, I know of friends who are experiencing success from at least 6 of the 11.

      Is good to feel a few out without spending money in the beginning to see if is that what you are looking for. In that way you would not be spending your hard earn cash to find out if it is a good fit.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership so is something you should consider. The good thing about the community that is there, you can ask them what they think you can start to earn an income from home, cause members at Wealthy Affiliate work with many different Affiliate Programs, including Wealthy Affiliate membership as well. Hope that helps and thank you for the comment.

  2. Thanks for this article about the top mlm companies. Like you I am not a big fan of them, but I do know millions of people join them each year — so it’s always good to see what’s trending and what’s not.

    I’m surprised though you didn’t mention mobe. I’ve read many people wanting to join this — what is your take on that mlm program?

    • Hi Michael, glad you feel the same way as I am about MLM companies across the globe. Surprises that they are not leaning to Affiliate Marketing on the Internet.

      I heard of Mobe but do not have much details on them. Maybe I will do a little research and add it to my list. If yo know a little, please feel free to add it below, I would love to reveal it to my audience. Take care!

  3. Many people have the wrong view of MLM businesses and to be honest with you, sometimes, it’s the people that make it so.

    But over all, I think MLMs are a GREAT way to make money. They are not pyramid schemes because they have actual products to sell and recruiting is not the only way to make money.

    I was involved in Avon, but found that it was just not for me. I find that it takes WAY too long to build a full-time income with it and not mention that A LOT of people in my neighbourhood are doing it. So that’s a con of Avon.

    I was also in Primerica, an insurance company that prides itself on selling only Term Life insurance, helping its clients save for the retirement at the same time as paying their insurance, and their model really resounded with me.

    But I was really young, and people never took me seriously. So that’s how I had a hard time educating people.

    Thank god for Affiliate marketing, because nobody really needs to see me or meet me. I can write an article about my own experiences with a product; this in itself is a great testimonial and proof that the product is a great one (and that boosts sales). So I definitely prefer it over all other kinds of businesses, be it online or offline.

    • Reyhana, thank you for the comment and your take on Mlm. I have made a lot of money with Mlm companies in the past, but some of them has closed their doors having me to ventured somewhere else. Which has brought me to Affiliate Marketing.

      Affiliate Marketing is growing rapidly, and anyone taking advantage of it now, will reap the rewards in the future, as this business has huge potential. Glad to know you are a part of it and have the opportunity to market products that can bring in sales. Talk to you soon!

  4. Thanks for a great article.

    I found the comparison in MLM companies very interesting and informative. I think this kind of information should be available to everyone thinking of working from home.

    Have you ever tried one of these companies? I have thought about them in the past but I did not want to get scammed.

    • Daren, you are welcome.

      Glad that you can see the comparison between these MLM companies and their functions. Yes, those who wanting to work online should be told and understand the nature of these companies.

      yes I have tried some of these companies and still is partly involve in a couple of them that add to my online presence and income streams. There are a handful that are legit, but now will be a little more difficult than if you were in it at the early stage. Affiliate marketing is your best bet at this time. Hope this helps!


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