Top Direct Sales Company | And My #1 Recommendation!

If you base the top direct sales company solely on revenue, in 2015 Amway is the winner with $10.8 Billion in sales. Avon is second at $8.9 Billion according to Direct Selling News.

86 companies have revenue of $100 Million or more.

So if you want to join the top direct sales company you want to join Amway correct?

Maybe, or maybe not…..

Let’s consider the big picture as you can not always base everything on annual revenue.

selling online to earn moneyWhat Will You Sell?

Direct sales is a business model where products are moved from the manufacturer out into the marketplace through direct selling. When you join a direct sales company you become a sales rep for them, or more often you are setting up your own independent business with the ability to sell their products.

So let me ask you a question, do you like Amway’s products? Do you like them enough to sell them to the public?

Amway has long been known to have high-quality products, so there’s no problem from that standpoint. That doesn’t mean they are the company you should join!

I’ve always said that you should be a user of the products that you’re going to sell. You may already be using products from another direct sales company that you like so it might make sense to join them as a rep and start your own independent business.

Often times people are approached by a friend or relative to join a specific business opportunity. The products are presented as great and many times the person doesn’t even try them before they join the business opportunity.

What I see in instances like this is if somebody drops out of the business opportunity down the road they stop using the products because they were never that attached to them, to begin with. That’s why I say try the product before you decide to sell them because you need to be sold 100% outside of the business opportunity.

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What Is The Compensation Plan?

Many of the top direct sales companies use the network marketing business model. This means that you’re going to be looking at compensation plans that include words such as Binary, Uni-level, Matrix, Stair Step Break-a-way, Pass-up Plan, Hybrid, and possibly others that I am not aware of.

Some of the new top-tier business opportunity such as TiDom and Empower Network uses a compensation plan that’s a combination of affiliate marketing and network marketing. I guess you could call them a hybrid compensation plan.

What Is The Best Compensation Plan?

Top Direct Sales Company with the best compesation plan

You’re going to get different opinions depending on who you talk to.

One of the advantages of direct sales is the ability to earn higher commissions because you bypass the brick-and-mortar store aspect of sales.

You are a retail sales outlet.

For this reason, you can earn higher commissions on your personal sales.

In network marketing, you’ll also earn commissions on revenue generated through your downline. This gives you the incentive to not only sell products yourself but also personally sponsor people and work in depth.

What I would encourage you to do is really understand your compensation plan and figure out a way that you can easily explain it to potential prospects. It’s always been amazing to me that many people cannot do this because the compensation plans are too complicated for people to want to take the time to learn.

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Anything Else

Thanks to the Internet it is now possible to be involved in direct sales without ever touching the product you’re selling. If you have a physical product you no longer have to inventory it because it can be directly shipped to your customers by the company you are in.

The same thing is true if you’re building a network marketing business. No longer do you have to give up space in your garage to inventory products, or go out and rent a warehouse somewhere?

Another thing to keep in mind is there are many direct sale opportunities where the products are Internet-based. This means there is no shipping at all because the product is accessed 100% online.

I mentioned big-ticket opportunities such as TiDom and Empower Network. Their product line is training courses and videos on Internet marketing, running a business, and personal development.

Top Direct Sales Company - Wealthy Affiliate

I sell a membership to Wealthy Affiliate and earn residual income on it.

Once a person pays they can access all of the membership materials directly online so as the retail seller of the product I get my commissions without being directly involved in product fulfillment.

That may seem kind of odd to consider that you are in direct sales, and you do not directly handle the product.

In most cases, you don’t even directly sell because people can purchase from your website, off of your email list, and so on.

You might be involved with them via email, online chat, or even using Skype, or a smartphone. This is the closest you come to direct selling because you’re not actually in your customer’s homes making the sale.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing and network marketing are two of the most common forms of direct sales on the Internet today. The top direct sale company does not have to be the one with the highest annual revenue, but rather the one that you’re most comfortable making money selling the products for.

If you approach it this way you can make money in direct sales and be proud of the products you represent. You can also provide a useful service in the marketplace where people do not have to directly go to a brick-and-mortar store or the mall to purchase your products.

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2 thoughts on “Top Direct Sales Company | And My #1 Recommendation!”

  1. Hi David. I was a member of Amway for close to a year. I loved their products and I think all in all Amway is a decent company. Recruiting however is a diffrent ball game. I feel approaching strangers in shopping Malls tried to drag them to a meeting so that they may see the ‘big picture’ as we used to call it is totally outdated.

    I would rather go with affiliate marketing any day. Thanks for your post.

    • So true Leonard. the idea of selling something to your audience has long pass. instead we should be educating our customers and let them decide if the offer is for them or not.

      Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. It has so much advantages to it that would most people succeed online today as oppose to the old way of marketing. Thank you for leaving a comment and good luck to you with your online business.



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