7 Profitable Vape Affiliate Programs That Make You Money

Alternative products are a good niche. If you want to broaden your affiliate marketing appeal, you should check into these top 7 Vape affiliate programs. Even though vaping is an alternative product, there is still a market and an audience out there wanting to know more about the subject.

They also want to know where to get the best vaping tools so they can quit their real smoking habit a lot faster and easier. Not every affiliate program has to be popular with traditional products to make money.

To find out which are some of the best vaping affiliate programs around, just keep reading our article. It has the scoop on some of those top programs. Getting the right information will lead you to the right program for you

7 Top Vape Affiliate Programs

1. Vapor4Life

Vape Affiliate Programs

Not everything has to be about making money selling vape products. Sometimes you can combine your affiliate marketing business with a good program that helps others. This vaping product helps people stop smoking for real.

That is a good cause to work with when you want to branch out and introduce people to good products. The commission is only 5% per sale, but that is still good as your cookie lasts for 90 days, and you should be able to get repeat customers.

Not only are you helping people break bad habits, but you are also making a little extra money on the side. Do some research to see if this program will work for you.

Vaping may not always have the perfect result, but neither does smoking. At least here you are doing some good and stopping the smoking result.

Update: Vapor4Life is no longer active

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2. Hometown Hero

Partnering with a company that supports a veteran’s charity is one way to look good. It advertises well and helps you bring in potential customers to your website’s content. Along with e-juices, your customers can also purchase vaping accessories.

Those products give you a big 20% commission on every sale. That means it is possible to make $12 on every purchase you send this company’s way. With a 60-day cookie, that can translate into some big bucks for you.

There is a big opportunity waiting for you, and that large commission rate is nothing to sneeze at. Check out the company and the affiliate program at this link to see if this is a match made in heaven.

You never know which affiliate program will be the key to your success. Even alternative ones like this one can do it for you.


The purpose of this company is to tap into the stealth market for those people who want to try vaping but not be bothered with coils and refills. The cartridge is pre-filled, so you do not have to worry about refilling them and making a mess.

This is a company that is interested in helping other people stop smoking. Their affiliate program runs through Reversion if that makes a difference to you. Once you sign up, you are eligible for a 20% commission split.

The amount you make per sale may only come to $5, but that is still enough to jump-start your affiliate career. The cookie only lasts for 30 days, so you need to be on the ball and make many sales.

This is where quantity trumps quality except in the content department. Even a little bit helps. Please press this button to get to their affiliate program.

4. EightVape

Vape Affiliate Program

They say not to put all your eggs into one basket. This company follows that advice by specializing in selling a variety of products for vaping. Having lots of products to sell means there is ample opportunity to make money.

The good news is that they are willing to work with new affiliates. The bad news is this company’s affiliate program is very new. So things may not be perfect, as their commission payment. It runs at 10% per sale, which is neither good nor bad.

The cookie for this program expires after 45 days giving you lots of time to convert people into paying customers. Check out their program by clicking on these words. There being new may be a blessing in disguise as they will be faster to overlook your mistakes.

They may also be open to raising that commission split once you prove yourself. You never know…

5. Relx

Working with professionals makes affiliate marketing a lot easier. You can count on the company to have the right materials for marketing their product and be able to answer your questions.

The only real drawback to the products sold by this company is that they are very exclusive. Your customers have to buy their products only if they want to enjoy the Relx vaping tools. Some people may not be happy with not being able to use generic vaping juices anymore.

Their 15% commission may erase any doubts you may have about working with this company. Also, the 90-day cookie is just what you need to improve your sales. The company uses the Shareasale affiliate platform, and they are in the top 120 top performers.

To find out all the rules and regulations that come with their affiliate program, click here. It is a good opportunity if you can arrange your content the right way.

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6. Vape Chemist

Be patriotic and buy American. Those are two good pre-selling points, and this company takes advantage of those facts. They make their e-juices in California. Plus, they also use natural ingredients that taste very good. They should, as the mangos they use, come from the Philippines.

Great-tasting products always help make sales go faster. Then for additional motivation, you get 20% off every sale you make. That much money adds up quickly, especially when you hit that motivated audience that likes natural flavors.

Their cookie lasts for 90 days, giving you lots of time to make all the sales you need. Hit this button to make sure you investigate the criteria and know what you are getting involved in.

Help boost your country’s economy, help people stop smoking, and make some money. That is a great combination for anyone that helps any affiliate live with themselves.

7. EC Blend

This company produces what they call artisanal e-liquids. It is a label no one has ever heard of, but from Oregon; it is expected they would elevate their product to artist levels. With coffee and tea flavors, is it easy to see why they have that attitude?

Vape Affiliate

With over 400 flavors for your customers to choose from, it is too bad that variety does not apply to your commission. There is no word on how much you make per sale, and make that your priority.

Another drawback is their 7-day cookie. For being one of the better affiliates in Shareasale, you would think they could do better than 7-day cookies and unknown commission payments.

Check them out and see for yourself. Just click on this button to get to their affiliate marketing page. Maybe you can find the commission rate and negotiate for a longer cookie time.

Vape Affiliate Programs Honorable Mention

If you do your research, you will find more than just 7 top vaping affiliate programs you can sign up with. This last company represents those top companies and lets you know you have a wide vaping industry you can make money.

eJuice Connect

One way to stand out from the crowd is to do something different. This company has lots of e-juice and vaping accessory competition. So what do they do? They sell their products at wholesale prices. Your customers can save between 25 to 40% over standard retail pricing.

Bringing a good deal to your website’s visitors is a great way to convert them into paying customers. And they offer you a better cookie duration and commission split than the previous company. Those items stand at 30 days and 10% respectively.

Check them out at this link and see if what they offer you is worth your time and energy.

Vape Affiliate Programs: Vaping Benefits

If you are having trouble justifying making a move to a vaping affiliate program, then maybe these top benefits will help convince you it is the right move to make. Here are those benefits:

1. It is healthier than smoking- vaping contains far less than the 24 cancer-causing chemicals that regular smoking has

2. It’s a clean habit- there are no more yellow fingers, smoke stains, or cigarette smell

3. Adjustable nicotine levels- you can cut down your intake of nicotine and break the smoking habit

4. Second-hand smoke is less harmful- with 0 tar and smoke among lacking other chemicals, the second-hand smoke from vaping is safer to breathe in

5. It is cheaper than smoking- this one goes without saying, but if you were a pack-a-day smoker and you quit through vaping, you can save about $1200 a year

6. More flavors- instead of just one flavor, you can get hundreds of different flavors and make vaping an enjoyable experience

Some Final Words

There is more to the 7 vape affiliate programs than meets the eye. These programs are geared up to help others enjoy smoking while they are quitting the bad habit.

With the variety of flavors available, you have a great selling point if you sign up. Check out the different programs and see which one is a good fit for you.

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