How To Earn An Income Selling Vape Products!

To help you further understand what niche or sub-niches you can choose, we hope that we’re able to help you learn how to earn an Income selling Vape Products.

Selling consumable products that require repeat purchases is a good and stable means of income. One of them is Vape Products which remain popular and unceasing in demand.

This time we will discover the earning opportunity from marketing your Vape products online. Moreover, we’ll dive into more detail about the methods and selling strategies that can be done by almost anyone. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more.

How to Get Started

On average, vape shops generate an estimated $26,000 in sales monthly and about $120,000 yearly. There are about 4.7 Million vape users in the US and vape users are still increasing rapidly yearly. The global Vape market is projected to hit over $60 Billion before 2025. With these statistics, we realize that earning an income with vape products is achievable.

Market Research for Vape Products

Let’s get in-depth with how many people are looking up Vape products online.

Search Volume

To help us with the market research we will be using the Wordtracker keyword search tool. We’ll use “vape products” and see what we will get as result:

How To Earn An Income Selling Vape Products - search volume

It appears that there are not many volumes of searches for the word “vape products”. Though, people may not be using broader terms but specific words when they search. We’ll try using “vape juice” which is more specific. Let’s check out the results:

keyword research with vape products

The search volume for “vape juice” shows higher results reaching 63,000+ in search volume. To add all the figures above, it sums up to more than 150,000 searches related to vape juice.

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Although you can already earn a decent income from selling vape juice alone, there are other vaping products that people will need for their vaping habits. They could be using “vape shops” or “vape stores” since it is easier to shop in one place. We’ll try to use these words and see what we can get as results:

How To Earn An Income Selling Vape Products - search volume

You can already see that based on these data results that most people use “vape shop” or “vape store” to shop around and possibly buy vape products. The other keywords used also give you an idea of what other people were searching for.

We now know that there’s a demand for this niche, but we also need to check if the demand is sustainable. We’ll be looking into that next.

Search Trends

In this part, we will use Google trends to help us identify if there’s consistency in the demand and how it is trending.

Google trends for vape products

The graph above indicates that there’s a higher trend when it comes to “vape shops”. Although it seems that it has decreased a little, it’s still frequently searched and shows a fairly strong trend.

What exactly is the niche?

We have now identified that there are demand and a good trend related to vape products. But when it comes to marketing your Vape products online, it’s not enough that you have data to support you but you also have to carefully select what will be your niche. If you go back to our keyword search results, you will be able to find related keywords which can be your niche or sub-niches like the following examples:

Vape juice – CBD vape juice, THC vape juice, naked vape juice, best vape juice

Vape shops – online vape shop, best vape shop online,

Vape store – best online vape store, vape store online

When choosing a niche, you can start with the one that you will be able to specialize in for you to be more effective when selling. There are two essential things to consider when choosing a niche:

  1. Can your niche solve a problem? – Think about it this way, one reason people go to the internet is to get a solution to their problem. You would want to have a niche that offers a solution or solutions to a problem to be relevant enough to make a sale.
  2. Are you interested in it? – Selecting a niche that you’re “somewhat” interested in may not get you far enough and could impact your income as well. If you’re deciding what niche you should do, it should be something that you’re interested in and passionate about to help yourself overcome any difficulties stopping you from making more money.

We will be talking more about how your chosen niche can solve a problem in the next part.

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What Problem is being solved?

To help you further in deciding what niche or sub-niches you can choose, try to think about how you will be looking for a solution related to vape products. You will likely have ideas from the keyword search tool results we have earlier on how most people search for a solution. Here are some examples:

  • What is the best vape juice?
  • Where to buy vape products online?
  • What is the best vape shop online?

You must be clear about what solutions you can offer. You can write about “10 best vape juice” or “best vape shops online” to offer solutions to the sample problems above. Listing down other problems related to vape products could help you get more ideas and create solutions for them.

How to Get the Audience to Purchase

You may have decided on what niche you’d like to first focus on and probably have thought about the things that you will be offering to your audience, but not sure how to convince them to buy your product. But before you can do that, you need to know who your audience is and understand their needs to be more effective in marketing your Vape products online.

Here are some of your possible audiences:

  • People with vaping habits
  • People who would like to try vaping
  • Vape enthusiasts
  • Resellers of vape products

There could be other possible customers that would come to your mind and you may feel confident that they will surely make a purchase. Sadly, this may not always be the case. You must create an approach to increase the likelihood that your customers will purchase. These are some necessary things that you can consider:

  • Prioritize your top buyers – Try to find out the type of customer who will most likely buy your products and create solutions that will satisfy their needs such as offering services to customize their vape pens, mods, or tank.
  • Provide clear and complete details – People will usually check on the specifications of the vape product to know if this is something they are looking for. This information is very important for those who customize their vape pens and mods. Also, they are very keen on the specs and features to suit their vaping habits.
  • Produce quality content – When marketing your Vape products online you must be knowledgeable about your products. Write content about your honest reviews on your products and recommend safe customization methods. Your goal is for your audience to rely on your advice and to help them find the right product for themselves without you pushing for a sale. This approach allows your audience to trust you more and not look anywhere else.
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Ways to sell Vape Products online

Here we will be discussing what are the proven ways how you can effectively market your Vape products online.

Finding the method that will work best for you depends on your financial resources, manpower, skills, and as well as your time.

So, it is necessary to do some self-evaluation based on these factors to be able to choose a method that is doable for you. Let’s look at what our best options are:

Affiliate Programs

This is a good path for those who want to start earning an income with vape products without too many resources or management needed. In this method, you join an affiliate program, and once accepted you will receive a unique link.

You can then promote their products on your blogs or other platforms using this link. This link will direct the customer to the vendor’s website where they can make a purchase. Your earnings will come from every click or commission sale depending on your agreement with the vendor.

Here are 7 Vape Affiliate Programs That Prove to Be Profitable

google search - How To Earn An Income Selling Vape Products

You’ll be able to find many affiliate programs using Google search. It could be quite a handful when looking for an affiliate program but to help you in selecting a good one, here are some of our suggestions:

  • It provides solutions relative to your niche
  • Has a wide range of quality and safe products for you to promote
  • Can pay you good commissions
  • Minimum payout
  • Several payments option
  • Good customer reviews

Before you can start promoting their products, you will have to join them by submitting an application and passing any qualifications they may require. If you’re promoting their products, you might want to look for a trusted and well-established company for your security as well.

One company that you can try is Vaporfi, which offers a wide range of products for all customer types with positive reviews. Here’s a sample of their starter kits:

selling vape products using dropshipping


In this method, you will be doing some management and these are processing orders, providing customer service, and after-sales support. A good thing about this method is you don’t have to do any inventory management.

To get a good picture of how this works, first, you need to find your wholesaler and agree on the price of the products you want to sell on your website. Once the agreement is settled, you can now promote the products on your website and set your price for them which is normally higher than the wholesale price.

When a customer orders the product, you send the order and shipping details to your dropship supplier and pay for the agreed wholesale price. Then they will ship the order to the customer as if it was from your online store. You earn from the difference between the wholesale price and your selling price.

Google search- How To Earn An Income Selling Vape Products

Using Google search, you’ll get a long list of results from companies offering dropshipping services. You can contact a prospective dropshipping service provider and ask for sample products, and try to do the same with their competitor as well.

Test their product quality, delivery times, and packaging. In this way, you get to experience the quality of the product and the service yourself as if you’re the customer. It also helps you in making the decision when selecting the right drop shipping service provider for your business.

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Sell your own

You may have come across videos on how to build your vape pens or mods which can come in handy if you want to have your brand of vape products. Although the process looks easy and enticing to make, you would need enough knowledge to be able to make products that are safe to use.

Otherwise, you can reach out to wholesalers who can supply you with vape products and put your brand on them. In this marketing method, you will be running your online store which includes inventory management, order fulfillment, customer service, and shipment.

How To Earn An Income Selling Vape Products- Google search on wholesale vape products

You have plenty of suppliers of vape products to choose from, by looking at the Google search results above. Contact the suppliers who can make decisions so it will be easier to negotiate a discounted price and make a bigger profit.

The same with dropshipping, try to request sample products so you can test the product quality and how fast they deliver if you will also use their delivery service.

Other potential methods of selling Vape Products

The best thing about vape products is that they can be personalized and customized according to the customer’s preferences. So aside from offering customization services to your customers, you can also make tutorial videos about making customized vape pens or mods or how they can personalize them. Customers love to choose from different designs and some would love to have some type of accessory or jewelry with it as well.

vaping businessWhat You Need to Start Selling Vape products

Marketing your Vape products online is more successful with the right tools proven to expand your audience or potential customer reach. Some of these marketing tools can be costly but there are budget-friendly tools that are also effective with a little time investment and effort. Here are the online tools you can use in selling Vape products:

Building a website on Vape Products

Creating your website gets your products to show up when your potential customers search for them. There are free and paid eCommerce website builders that you can find to help you make your website and start your online store. Your customers will also be able to bookmark your website or find your online store quickly if they want to make a purchase again.

Promote Vape Products on Social Media

Marketing products on social media is probably the easiest strategy among others. All social media platforms have a diverse and massive user database which makes them a great avenue for marketing. You can simply make a post about what you’re selling and direct your customers to your website.

On Facebook, for example, you can create your business page, post your products, and share them on your wall. You can also use Facebook Ads to target your audience and get more potential buyers.

Start a Vape Products YouTube Channel

As mentioned earlier, you can make videos on how your customers can personalize or customize their vape pens or mods, and you can upload them on YouTube. But before you’ll be able to upload, you will need to create your YouTube channel. This is a great way to show the quality of the service you provide enhancing the value of your products and services.

Join Vape Social Communities

There are a lot of groups or communities created especially for people with vaping habits. Try to look for those with more members and has regular posts showing that it is an active group. Posting your ad in these groups is a more targeted marketing strategy since they are highly likely to purchase your products.

My Final Thoughts

As we end our topic today, we hope that we’re able to help you start earning an income with Vape products. It is understandable though if you feel that you’re still not ready and don’t have that much confidence to begin your journey. You’re not alone and we can help.

There’s an amazing platform that will train and guide you every step of the way. You will also be given tools to fully equip you and can give you full-time support.

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    • It is a growing business and it’s only going to keep expanding because of the high demand for their products and the huge audience that purchasing the products.

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