Website ATM Review – Money Making Push Button System?

With this Website ATM Review, you will see that they claim that you can make money with just a push of a button.

Many of the things around us are easily operated by buttons. Imagine if there’s a system that can build websites for you with a simple push of a button. And then each of these websites can generate a profit of $500 a day.

Is Website ATM really can do that in exchange for a small fee? It’s like having an ATM inside your pocket, hence the name Website ATM. Is it a real system? Or is it another scam? Let’s find that out in this review.

Full Overview Of Website ATM Review

  • Product Name: Website ATM
  • Founder: Nick Harvey (allegedly)
  • Product Type: Fake website affiliate system
  • Price: $47 initial fee, then many upsell offers
  • Best For… None

The Website ATM is a website builder system that claims to create websites with just a push of a button. The websites created are not just any websites because they are high-ranking websites in Google search engines supposedly. And because of this, you can earn as much as $500 profit per day from each of the websites created for you.

  • Ratings: 0/100

What is the Website ATM?

The Website ATM is a website-building machine developed by Nick Harvey, an ex-accountant. He was laid off from his job and met Sergey Popov, who taught him how to make money online. He then developed the Website ATM and claims that you can earn instant money by simply pushing buttons with this system.

This story is a familiar one. It is very similar to the story of Willy Handcock, who founded the Money Sucking Website. Both the Website ATM and the Money Sucking Websites are very much alike in that their websites look alike too. Both these systems share a lot of similarities, even the names of the kids of each founder are the same.

Well if you haven’t caught on, Nick Harvey is not real, and his story is a reused plot from Willy Handcock, who is also not real. The Website ATM is the previous version of the Money Sucking Website.

The real people behind the Website ATM are unknown. Most likely, they are the same people who made the Website Profits Pro, another similar scheme to Website ATM. There could be other websites that they made using the same schemes and recycled marketing materials still going around on the internet today.

How does the Website ATM work?

The Website ATM is supposed to work as a done-for-you website builder. When you sign up, you will get access to ready-made websites with high rankings in Google search engines. And because these websites have high rankings, they allegedly can earn a profit of up to $500 caped per day each.

The Website ATM can even let you earn $1000 per day from one website alone. But to stay low and avoid the attention of the authorities the profit is capped at $500. Remember, it was supposed to be a secret?

Still, the $47 payment for a $500 profit is almost 5x the return on investment. And that’s $500 per day for one website only, for a month that’s $15,000. The Website ATM supposedly makes many websites. So for example, if it made 5 websites for you, that’s $74,953 profit for you each month.

The reality is, that no system makes your websites instantly rank high on Google search engines as soon as they were built. Once you sign up, you will only receive access to video tutorials on how you can make your own website.

Then for you to unlock the other video tutorials, you need to pay first, these are the upsells which cost $297. Furthermore, the website does not rank in Google at all.

This is very far from what they advertise. It is not a done-for-you website builder and definitely does not rank in any search engines at all.

The narrator of the promotional video says that it is a secret money-making system and there are only 300 slots available. If you don’t grab the opportunity, there might be no more slots the next time you visit. But if you revisit the ad, you will get the same message, the same countdown timer, and the same remaining slots.

Can You Make Money with Website ATM?

No, you will not make any money with the Website ATM. The idea alone raises a lot of questions and doubts. But since their marketing ad is very convincing, it’s not surprising that many people were lured into purchasing the non-existing system.

How To Make Money With Website ATM?

Unfortunately, there’s no way that you can make money with the Website ATM. This is simply because of the following facts:

  1. Websites cannot be built automatically. These days you can find free website builders that can help you create your website in just a few minutes but not instantly. Building websites still needs user intervention to select layouts, designs, and most especially the creation of the content which will be uploaded to the website.
  2. Ranking in Google and any other search engines require SEO skills and years of establishing authority. This involves writing quality content regularly, marketing your websites using different methods, engaging with your audience, creating strategies to reach out to more people, etc.
  3. The bottom line is, that higher rankings are a result of your hard work and perseverance and definitely not because of some kind of push-button system.

The Website ATM claims to work as an affiliate program as well. Don’t get me wrong, you can indeed make money from affiliate programs. But it is not like how the Website ATM described it to be.

Affiliate programs are not a quick get-rich scheme. It involves learning the right affiliate marketing skills, using the right tools, constantly strategizing, putting in a lot of hours, and also spending money to maintain your website and other fees.

If you have persevered and worked hard enough, your website could build a passive income with affiliate programs.

The Pros & Cons Of Website ATM

All my reviews have pros and cons so to be fair we will also have one for the Website ATM.


  • Huge profits from a small investment, allegedly
  • Teaches you how to make websites


  • There are better website builders
  • Fake claims of Google ranking
  • No return on investment
  • Fake testimonials, reviews, income reports, and news articles
  • Owners are unknown
  • Plenty of online complaints
  • Related to other online scams

Any Negatives? Beware Of Lawsuits

After checking on the internet for hours, I found no lawsuits filed against the Website ATM yet. This is a problem when it comes to these kinds of schemes. The owners are unknown as well, you don’t know the person or the group of people who took your money. Which makes it more difficult to file any lawsuits. You must put the exact name of the person on the paperwork before submitting them in court. Without this information, there’s a possibility that your case will not be accepted.

Since people making these online scams are good at hiding themselves, it becomes challenging for the authorities to take them down. And if they are finally caught, they have already taken huge sums of hard-earned money from a lot of people.

Although there are no lawsuits, you will find a long list of complaints everywhere online. The victims are still hoping to get their money back.

And based on the reviews, when they called the Website ATM phone number to request a refund, they were only promised 50% and this doesn’t sit well with most of the victims. Some were able to dispute the charge with their banks and got their money refunded.

Is the Website ATM Legitimate?

No, it is not a legitimate system. It is another scam similar to Money Sucking Website and Website Profits Pro, and other similar schemes promising high gains from a small investment.

All the too-good-to-be-true money-earning opportunity always raises a red flag. But most of the time, the ads are just too compelling and it becomes hard for anyone to ignore.

The marketing style is the same, they are generally overhyped, with baseless claims, and with fake reviews and testimonials.

I have to say that the testimonials are quite effective because you see real people sharing their experiences and the thousands of dollars they claim they have earned from the system.

But just like the other scams, they hired people from gig platforms to do a fake testimonials for them. Unknowingly, for a few bucks, they become accomplices to many scams today.

In the video ad, you will also notice several pop-ups showing people sharing their income reports. These are real people, at least their photos are. The images are from stock photos while the names are probably made up. And if that’s the case, then the income proofs are all fake too.

Final Thoughts

The Website ATM is not a legitimate system that can automatically generate money for you except for the owners themselves. When someone promises you something this good, take your money and run. It is most likely a scam. Don’t allow yourself to watch their marketing ads further as you may be lured to sign up in the end thanks to their deceptive methods and scarcity tactics.

As a friendly reminder, please always do your research when you encounter these quick-get-rich schemes. There are so many of them online. And they come in different kinds and different marketing tactics. But one thing is the same amongst these scams, their only goal is to gain profit from you.

You can find other legitimate money-earning opportunities online. In fact, I have reviewed some of them and I have come up with my #1 recommendation.

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Website ATM






Overall Quality



  • Huge profits from a small investment
  • Teaches how to make websites


  • There are better website builders
  • No return of investment
  • Owners are unknown
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